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Toba Pellet Stove by Wittus - Fire by Design

Toba Pellet Stove

Wittus - Fire by Design

A new generation of fashionable heating, the Toba pellet stove is smart and sophisticated. The top and back are a black cast aluminum with black steel sides. The front panels are available with a choice of red, white, black, or Bordeaux hand-made ceramic tiles or soapstone. Other features include: Comfort Air technology, a remote control and timer that is pre-set with 60 daily and 10 weekly programs. This smart digital touch programmable control system allows for easy operation and higher efficiency (over 90%).
Cosmo 971 by Wittus - Fire by Design

Cosmo 971

Wittus - Fire by Design

The Cosmo 971 is diverse with cladding options of: steel, sandstone or soapstone. And elegant, contemporary stove that can be used in many desing scenarios. Special features include a "cool handle" which positions the handle below and away from the firebox and uniquely hidden "finger top" control that allows for fine tuned heat adjustment.
Cosmo Pedestal by Wittus - Fire by Design

Cosmo Pedestal

Wittus - Fire by Design

The Cosmo Pedestal in black or grey steel is an ideal choice for well designed interiors. The firebox measures: 15"w x 13"d x 17"h and is available with top or rear venting. The sleek cast iron door has a curved, tempered glass viewing window. The airwash system discourages build up of smoke residue on the window surface.
Cosmo 1147 Sandstone by Wittus - Fire by Design

Cosmo 1147 Sandstone

Wittus - Fire by Design

An elegant, contemporary stove, the Cosmo is the ideal choice for tasteful, well designed interiors. Available in ten style variations, this stove is a designers dream. The sleek cast iron body with its large viewing window allows for maximum heat output and viewing pleasure.
Heckla Cook Stove by Wittus - Fire by Design

Heckla Cook Stove

Wittus - Fire by Design

This attractive fireplace is functional and efficient. The baking compartment can reach temperatures up to 500 degrees F. Made of highgrade steelin gray or stainless steel finish, the Heckla is designer friendly.
Atlantic Biofire Wall Unit by Wittus - Fire by Design

Atlantic Biofire Wall Unit

Wittus - Fire by Design

The Atlantic wall hung biofire unit is well designed and practical. Fuss free with no venting necessary, these units are the best choice as a super effective secondary heat source. Easily added to a room that yearns for the ambiance of a fire.
Twinfire Wood Burning Stove by Wittus - Fire by Design

Twinfire Wood Burning Stove

Wittus - Fire by Design

Designed by Two German engineers as an efficient burning method, the Twinfire has a life of its wn as a remarkable, hand-made woodburning product that more than exceeds industry standards. The unique doublechambered combustion system renders this unit 93% effieicnt, one of thehighest ratings for wood burning. See the brochure for model options.
Etna by Wittus - Fire by Design


Wittus - Fire by Design

The Etna was awarded the 2007 top Platinum Adex Award for Design Excellence by The Design Journal Magazine. With an upward flourish, the impressive Etna commands attention with its curvaceous, organic architecture flanked by wings of soaring sculptural tiles. These tiles are manufactured using a highly advanced manufacturing process and are designed to retain and then slowly release heat into the room. It measures 58” high x 39” wide x 23” deep and weighs about 850 pounds. Etna has a huge 19” x 15½” fire window that glides effortlessly up and down via a silent counterweight system. A push-button finger latch releases the door outward for ease of cleaning. A slide out storage drawer below to house wood, tools, kindling. High-grade steel housing in gray. Ten tile color choices. The Etna heats up to 38,000 BTUs; 1,900 square feet. Top or back vented.
LDF fireplaces  by Wittus - Fire by Design

LDF fireplaces

Wittus - Fire by Design

Hypnotic, linear flames are the focus of the LDF Series flush, direct-vent gas fireplaces. Zero-clearance landscape-style units enable you to enjoy the warmth and drama of a truly contemporary hearth just about anywhere you choose: frame it in the wall for a serene minimalist look, make a commanding hearth of marble or stone, or install it into an existing wood fireplace to convert it into a more efficient heat source. The LDF fireplaces come with a bed of multi-textured glass pebbles that reflect and refract the light from the flickering flames. Also available in multicolor or black onyx. You can also add optional ceramic “beach stones”.
Flatfire  by Wittus - Fire by Design


Wittus - Fire by Design

The direct vent Flatfire can be rear vented. Propane or natural gas. Comes with a multi-function thermostatic remote control. Available either with a black or silver gray steel frame (42” wide x 30” high), and it heats up to 20,000 BTUs; about 1,000–1,200 square feet. For further specifications refer to the Flatfire Catalog. The Flatfire direct vent gas fireplace has a new landscape shape, well appointed options, and a wide window for viewing the mesmerizing fire.
Optifire fireplace  by Wittus - Fire by Design

Optifire fireplace

Wittus - Fire by Design

The Optifire fireplace inserts are as beautiful as they are powerful…heating up to 50,000 BTUs. The Optifires can either be installed into an existing masonry fireplace or (since they are zero clearance) can be incorporated into new construction. They are available either with a sleek “flat screen” door or a convex style curved door that broadens your viewing area (this is especially nice in a corner installation). Fronts measure 34” wide by 28” high and is 19" deep with the frame in rich anthracite gray. The automatic thermostat can be used for regulating heat output. A variable-speed fan system for increasing circulation is also available as an option. You can also add on up to four venting channels to create a wood-fueled central heating system.
Vesuv  by Wittus - Fire by Design


Wittus - Fire by Design

Spacious lofts and grand living spaces come to life when a fireplace like Vesuv takes center stage. The elliptical Vesuv is available in 10 tile colors. The body and face is made of high-grade steel in gray. The custom crafted ceramic sides and top plate serve to absorb heat from the firebox, and then release it steadily into the room. The firebox itself is tall and impressive — a viewing area 19” high by 15½” wide. To load the fire just slide the door up; it glides easily on a smooth system of counterweights. A push-button lever allows the door to swing outward for easy cleaning. There’s a roomy drawer below for hearth supplies, as well. Vesuv measures 58” high x 32” wide x 23” deep and weighs 630-850 pounds. It heats up to 38,000 BTUs; about 1,900 square feet. Top or back vented.
Saba  by Wittus - Fire by Design


Wittus - Fire by Design

The subtle sophistication of the Saba wood fireplace/stove is evident in the smooth, recessed styling and the different ways to combine colors and textures to truly make the stove unique. The body is made of high-grade dark gray steel, and there are 10 tile color choices plus natural serpentine stone. Special recessed spring handles enable ease of use and provide an artfully finished look. Underneath is a drawer for storage. The Saba measures: 47” high (48” in the stone version) x 22” wide x 19” deep. Weighs 412-436 lbs. depending on the cladding. It heats up to 38,000 BTUs; about 1,600 square feet. Top or back vented.
Stromboli  by Wittus - Fire by Design


Wittus - Fire by Design

The oval Stromboli floats on a pedestal and gracefully turns so the panorama of flames can be enjoyed anywhere in the room. It is available in 10 tile colors or in natural stone with high-grade dark gray steel. Stromboli is also available in an all steel version. It measures 42” high x 26” wide x 19” deep and weighs about 385 pounds. Stromboli heats up to 38,000 BTUs; about 1,600 square feet. Top vent only.
Klassic by Wittus - Fire by Design


Wittus - Fire by Design

The original Klassic stove fireplace was first developed in 1970 by the renowned Danish industrial designer Bent Falk. The initial concept was based on the antique stoves from Europe that had multiple functional compartments such as raised fireboxes, convenient wood storage beneath the fire, and also a baking and cooking oven above the firebox. Wittus first brought these Klassic stoves to the United States in the late seventies and today, these technically updated unique stoves are proudly made in the USA under the guidance of Bent Falk by skilled, educated steel fabricators using heavy gauge ¼" American steel and ingenuity for a handcrafted quality product. The heart of each stove is a modern EPA approved large firebox with a self cleaning glass door that easily accommodates standard log sizes up to 24" in length. The outer shells are then riveted together to form the outer shells. Exposed rivets and clean lines are apparent throughout the design, and even the back of the stove has details that allow the unit to be free standing and enjoyed from all sides. Each of the heavy double steel doors comes standard with heavy stainless steel handles and inner back panels, which can be optionally painted in exciting various colors (black, red, orange, yellow, green, and blue) to match a particular décor setting. With the doors closed, watch the exciting flames though the specially made star cut outs on the doors, or fold them away conveniently flat on each side of the stove, leaving only the large view of the fire. The upper compartment can easily become a convenient baking or roasting oven by flipping the two louver handles at the back top to close the louver vents. The oven area comes with a thermometer and a natural 2" thick Brazilian soapstone baking liner for heat retention and consistent even baking. Attention to detail is a must. The door hinges are made so that when the doors are in the open mode, they fold flat around the side of the unit, leaving the unique view of the back panels as part of the design. The “stars” that have been incorporated into every unit allow a unique mystical peek. Bold and robust is the essence of these unique contemporary fireplace/stoves. The Klassic heats up to 45,000 BTUs; about 1,500 square feet. Top vent only. It measures 60” high x 32” wide x 25” deep and weigh about 520 pounds.
Troja by Wittus - Fire by Design


Wittus - Fire by Design

Fifteen hundred pounds of magnificent Finnish Tulikivi soapstone surround the Troja fire box from top to bottom and front and back. About five feet tall, the Troja is destined for greatness in any number of settings: an airy contemporary loft, rustic beachfront retreat, a traditional home surrounded by polished wood and leaded windows. The simple proportions and sculpted shaping enable the Troja to comfortably establish itself into a multitude of settings. And, since the Troja is fully surrounded in satin-finished soapstone, placement in the center of a room is a beautiful option to consider. Available in gray or matte black steel, it is 25” wide by 20” deep.
Shaker Wood Burning Stove  by Wittus - Fire by Design

Shaker Wood Burning Stove

Wittus - Fire by Design

w/ short bench:
Suite Air Pellet Burning  by Wittus - Fire by Design

Suite Air Pellet Burning

Wittus - Fire by Design

H530 Wood Burning Insert  by Wittus - Fire by Design

H530 Wood Burning Insert

Wittus - Fire by Design

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