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Tone Levers by Turnstyle Designs Ltd

Tone Levers

Turnstyle Designs Ltd

Two new door levers have been launched by Turnstyle, to co-ordinate with the recent range of Tone cabinet handles, designed by Christina Roberts. Simple and bold, the designs are deliberately larger than normal door levers to make more of a statement whilst still working ergonomically. The Panini is a soft square edged graduating block, finishing with a rounded concaved end. The grip is made from Turnstyles` Composites and available In all eight finishes, this works off a square edged base and rose of brass. Available in a range of plated finishes. The Cone is a simple cone shape grip, with convex end set on a barrel base and round rose, again composite grip and plated brass body and Rose. Simple, contemporary and a sure to be classics for the future
Leather Pulls by Turnstyle Designs Ltd

Leather Pulls

Turnstyle Designs Ltd

Continuing to diversify with styles and materials, Turnstyle Designs have introduced a luxurious range of English, hand stitched leather furniture handles. Made by a Master Harness maker, each handle is hand stitched using Vegetable dyed English tan leather with beeswaxed twine. The range comes in three styles, Bow, Flat faced D, and Knob, 6 leather colours available Tactile and enduring the handles will outstay fashion trends to become classics, Lifting and improving any furniture that is lucky enough to wear them! All orders are made to order with a lead time of 6-8 weeks.
Groove Twists and Spots by Turnstyle Designs Ltd

Groove Twists and Spots

Turnstyle Designs Ltd

Hot on the heals of Turnstyles new range of Recess composite door levers and door pulls, come a comprehensive range of furniture handles to compliment the designs. Simple brass end sections, with 128mm centres married with five distinctly different grip designs in Turnstyles eight standard composite finishes, including the recently introduced Cocoa Designs include Rough Cut, Ring Tail, Spot, Groove,Twist and the recently added Shagreen. The range of furniture handles also include T bars, Knobs and Cup Handles (shown here in Alupewt ). The wide range of finishes and designs offer the designer broad pallet to work with for any type of furniture in a breadth of styles.
Ski by Turnstyle Designs Ltd


Turnstyle Designs Ltd

Flat, Curved and Round …. just some of the adjectives used to describe Turnstyles latest door lever and pull designs. Full of contradictions and yet the Ski has had an overwhelming vote of confidence by the design community. Available in the Solid form or with simple recess for either Leather or Timber Veneers, with a Square or Round rose. The options of choice is, as always with Turnstyle, extensive.
Hardware from the Ocean by Turnstyle Designs Ltd

Hardware from the Ocean

Turnstyle Designs Ltd

The subtle beauty of shell has been used for centuries on many applications including jewellery and musical instruments. Turnstyle Designs have introduced a range of natural shell inlaid into door levers and cabinet handles that are bound to cause a stir. Mother of Pearl and Paua are currently in stock with new shell inlays being introduced soon, all inlays come from sustainable sources in keeping with Turnstyles strict environmental policies. Available in the Ski and Recess ranges, in a full choice of metal plated backgrounds, the new range offers a rich and luxurious alternative.
Is it Leather? by Turnstyle Designs Ltd

Is it Leather?

Turnstyle Designs Ltd

Turnstyle Designs is renown for its extensive range of beautiful hand stitched door, cabinet and bathroom hardware. Turnstyle has a reputation for its innovative use of materials including, pewter, timber, and its own unique composites. It seemed only a matter of time therefore that it blended two of its best selling lines, the Leather Range and the Composite range to create a new line “The Leather Composite.” For some people, they will always want the genuine article, with all the character that real leather brings. However, some people and applications prefer the composite leather, that does not age or change in the way that real leather does. The Leather Composite range is a stand-alone range and many of the ten new hand-stitched masters, would not be practical to make in leather on a production level, casting them is the only way they can be offered. The level of detail from the silicone mould is incredible, every crease in the leather and detail of the stitch is crystal clear to a point where one cannot tell if it is real leather or not …The brain is even tricked into believing the product is soft like leather. Available in two new finishes Mocha and Espresso, the handles are in stock and are hot to go.
Leather Square Straps by Turnstyle Designs Ltd

Leather Square Straps

Turnstyle Designs Ltd

Turnstyle Designs have produced a new range of simple leather Strap handles, based on their very popular Strap with Button fixing, the new range has a simple but effective Square metal end fixing, transforming the range to a much more contemporary style. The thick bridle leather have polished and inked edges to extenuate The clean lines, the range is available with or without stitching detail and the square end fixings are available in four different plated finishes. Three standard lengths for the pull handles plus options for custom lengths, Plus a simple tab or loop handle for a single point of fixing.
Leather Weave by Turnstyle Designs Ltd

Leather Weave

Turnstyle Designs Ltd

Woven leather is normally associated with luxury brands of handbags and designer belts, you can now get the same level of luxury and craftsmanship in a new range of door levers and door pulls made by Turnstyle Designs, the English manufacturer of design lead iconic ironmongery. Specially commissioned woven tube made in Italy especially for Turnstyle is carefully bonded to plated brass door levers and pulls. The leather, as with all Turnstyles` products, is strong and durable and will age beautifully with use. Initially stocked in a dark brown leather, there is a far larger collection of colours available to order with a small minimum order level. Door pulls are stocked as 300 and 400mm centres but can be made to order up to 1.5m long. The full range of metal finishes are available with the woven range.

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