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Glass stairs with wood by THINKGLASS INC

Glass stairs with wood


A bold and beautiful mix of material: Thick glass treads with polished edge & Wood treads. A wonderful mix for a unique glass staircase. The addition of LED lights make the whole even better. Thick glass treads with no lamination and polished edge are an innovation by ThinkGlass.
Glass bridge with color bubbles by THINKGLASS INC

Glass bridge with color bubbles


Fascinating glass bridge or glass walkway with blue colored bubbles trapped in the glass. This durable and innovative glass bridge is a unique creation. Using the natural luminescence of the glass and the beauty of the texture, the bridge stand out in this SPA.
Artistic Glass Countertop by THINKGLASS INC

Artistic Glass Countertop


Unique artistic glass countertop by Mailhot and ThinkGlass. Durable 1.5" thick pure glass for the kitchen. The natural luminescence of the glass will change during the day, offering a different and spectacular glass masterpiece all year long.
Glass Walkway by THINKGLASS INC

Glass Walkway


Thick glass floor tiles for an amazing looking glass walkway or glass bridge. The 1.5" thick glass is textured and durable. Innovative texture in the glass makes it non-slippery.
Glass Stair Treads by THINKGLASS INC

Glass Stair Treads


Glass treads with no lamination lines, no glue or chemicals. Durable and fantastic looking. You can add LED lights to the glass stairs and have a gorgeous luminescent glass stair case with polished edge glass treads
Condo Comfort by THINKGLASS INC

Condo Comfort


This inspiring glass table top is on display in a model home for a luxury Toronto condominium project. Designed to create a smooth, sleek transition between the kitchen and living area. Architect / Designer: Xandra Kendall Year: 2009 Dealer: Gracious Living
Warm & Inviting by THINKGLASS INC

Warm & Inviting


The resident of this contemporary Florida home was looking to connect to the outdoors. This was achieved with a spectacular glass table top, using a simple rectangular shape, with color and texture alluding to water. Year: 2009 Photo Credits:Thinkglass
Elegant Entertaining by THINKGLASS INC

Elegant Entertaining


"We're done and it looks FANTASTIC ! We've had nothing short of rave reviews from everyone who has seen the kitchen. Thank you for all your help.'' This 12' long raised glass bar top was the finishing touch for this Florida resident! Year: 2007
Custom Curves by THINKGLASS INC

Custom Curves


This curvaceous glass countertop, accented by a stainless steel vessel sink and trendy faucet, beautifully complements this transitional bathroom. Year: 2009 Dealer: Crawford Renovation Photo Credits: Thinkglass
Organic Forms by THINKGLASS INC

Organic Forms


With its organic forms and environmentally friendly materials, this master bathroom is a true work of art. This glass countertop was the perfect material which enabled the homeowner to achieve the bathroom of her dreams! Architect / Designer: Julie Thibodeau Year: 2009 Artist: Mailhot
Sleek & Chic by THINKGLASS INC

Sleek & Chic


This glass vanity countertop makes a strong design statement by using 1.5" and 3" thick glass. With its straight, sleek lines, this bathroom complements the contemporary style of the home. Year: 2009 Photo Credits: ThinkGlass
Boat House Bliss Bar by THINKGLASS INC

Boat House Bliss Bar


Aesthetically pleasing, functional, long lasting and most importantly providing visual interest were the features required for this boat house bar area. Incorporating a variety of materials including a glass countertop were the required elements for this Connecticut resident. Architect / Designer: Nick Geragi Year: 2009 Dealer: Klaffs
Pool House Bar by THINKGLASS INC

Pool House Bar


This stunning glass countertop takes on an organic shape that promotes the flow of movement in this uniquely designed pool house. A combination of textures and the feeling of water was exactly what this Pittsburgh resident set out to achieve in using LED lit glass as the main feature. Architect / Designer: Brad Steigerwalt Year: 2007 Dealer: Cabinet Sales Plus Photo Credits: Nate Weatherly
Impressive Design Backsplash by THINKGLASS INC

Impressive Design Backsplash


True style is defined by the personalized integration of each component. In this kitchen, everything was custom designed to the homeowner's specifications, and the result is nothing short of spectacular. Year: 2009 Artist: Mailhot
Breathtaking Backsplash by THINKGLASS INC

Breathtaking Backsplash


Designed with careful attention to style, layout, size and finish, a glass countertop and matching backsplash created the dream kitchen environment for this Vancouver resident. Architect / Designer: Landsend Year: 2010 Dealer: Austin Custom Kitchens
Private Residence – New York by THINKGLASS INC

Private Residence – New York


This mural is perfectly set in this home by the sea. It brings the ocean even closer to home! With 1-inch thick glass, these textures stand out even more. Year: 2009 Artist: Mailhot Dealer: MCKB Photo Credits: Client
Outdoor Touch by THINKGLASS INC

Outdoor Touch


Beautiful design by a renowned architect. Glass brings light and lightness to this otherwise massive stone walkway. At that thickness, glass attributes are nearly the same as stone and, as glass is made of sand, glass slabs can perfectly be incorporated to any type of outdoor design. Architect / Designer: Jacques Parent Year: 2008 Photo Credits: Architect



Jean-Philippe Patisserie – Las Vegas Copper and glass combine perfectly to create a rich and light impression. Architect / Designer: NODA Year: 2005 Photo Credits: Client



Ring-like designed table with the glass wrapping the gem resting on sprongs.” - Mailhot Project: Private Residence-New York Year: 2009 Artist: Mailhot Photo Credits: Bill Couture
Ultimate Countertop by THINKGLASS INC

Ultimate Countertop


This design savvy Montreal client has embraced glass throughout her home. While keeping the design sleek and simple, the glass countertops in her kitchen were exactly the wow factor that she was looking for.
Island Beauty by THINKGLASS INC

Island Beauty


This glass countertop, softly textured with sweeping lines is the starring role which elevates this kitchen out of the ordinary. Architect / Designer: Tony Mullet Year: 2009 Dealer: Mullet Cabinets (showroom)
Colorful Glass Countertop by THINKGLASS INC

Colorful Glass Countertop


Magnificent Glass Island by THINKGLASS INC

Magnificent Glass Island


A bright idea for your kitchen, these unique glass countertops, enhanced with lighting, transforms the ordinary to extraordinary! This oversized island is the piece de resistance in this elegant California contemporary kitchen. Architect / Designer: Ginger McGann Year: 2006 Artist: Mailhot
Sea of Glass by THINKGLASS INC

Sea of Glass


In order to further enhance the feeling of water surrounding her home, glass kitchen countertops were the natural material of choice for this seaside Florida resident. Year: 2008

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