Tanmatra Lighting

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Spire by Tanmatra Lighting


Tanmatra Lighting

Sporting a sleek and streamlined structure, dawned in polished brass, the spire sconce pierces the conception of the traditional wall sconce to add it's own bold aesthetic to any space. Two brass diffusers reflect and guide the light with either patinaed or polished brass.
Lamson by Tanmatra Lighting


Tanmatra Lighting

The Lamson Chandelier hangs decisively creating an open atmosphere of sleek transparency. A crystal clear glass diffuser encircles the structure acting as a gateway allowing guests and patrons to peer into the soul of the piece.
Roma by Tanmatra Lighting


Tanmatra Lighting

Inspired by the humble beginnings of traditional folk art, the Roma table lamp serves to bring a congenial accent to any living space, intimate or formal. Carved from walnut and stained in a deep espresso veneer, this fixture recalls a bygone era of classic American rusticism with a contemporary edge.
Madison by Tanmatra Lighting


Tanmatra Lighting

Channeled and spun from an acute temperament of stylized geometry, the cone lamp funnels it's inspiration upwards towards the apex of reflective symmetry. Precision spun in selected bronze, this fixture offers the option of linear perforations along the body to add a striking breach in the finished exterior.
Crown by Tanmatra Lighting


Tanmatra Lighting

Regal in nature and proud by design, the crown chandelier surrounds the now timeless tradition of contemporary majesty. Squired in bronze and robed in a radiant blonde halo of murano glass, elegance attains a pinnacle previously unreached, herald by the dawning craft of TANMATRA.
Godet by Tanmatra Lighting


Tanmatra Lighting

With an exquisite earthen appeal, this absorbing piece boasts roots in the art of structural symmetry and organic appeal. Canvas collects and contains a well of light which brims and spills forth, channeled through the oculus, submerging its surroundings in an illustrious warmth.
Cartesian by Tanmatra Lighting


Tanmatra Lighting

From an intimate foyer to the most lavish of reception halls, the Cartesian Chandelier accents a room with the acute glow of classic conception and cutting-edge design. Suspended from a fine mesh cord, this dynamic piece swells with a striking dignity, flooded in a warm canvas and effused by the cooling edge of antiqued bronze.
Vero by Tanmatra Lighting


Tanmatra Lighting

Illustrated in illumination, the Vero's light pours through the Murano glass saturating its surroundings in the silken sheen of heightened elegance. Light scatters and divides only to re-align and collide in construct of an ethereal focus steeped in pattern hues, blissful and serene.
Winsor by Tanmatra Lighting


Tanmatra Lighting

Inspired by the distinctive hallmark of simplicity's grace, this piece reinterprets and directs the sentiment of its own classical elements infused with the essence of modern design. Sand blasted glass surrounds to diffuse the light, held by the bronze arms extending from the center structure, balanced perfectly in the accumulative aesthetics of the piece.

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