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BRUSHWORKS by Silk Road Weaves


Silk Road Weaves

Himalayan wool and silk, with raised silk accent lines 100 knots Shown - draped Overall design is same as Connections - Memory. Design increases in size with scale.
LOOPY: Vineyards by Silk Road Weaves

LOOPY: Vineyards

Silk Road Weaves

Shown: 12"x18" sample design section. HOWEVER: this also can be used as your entire rug design. see LOOPY Ripple for over all design layout. 100% Himalayan wool, 100 knots per inch.
FLORA:GraphicSpring by Silk Road Weaves


Silk Road Weaves

A large scale graphic version of Herbal Toss- this in 100 knot Himalayan wool with silk. Shown: 24"x36" sample section, but as with all of our designs it can be made as the entire rug, in a larger scale to suit your needs. This is one of our most popular colorways! The silk-filled light colors areas and design lines create a softly metallic luster.
FLORA: Falling Leaves-rectangle by Silk Road Weaves

FLORA: Falling Leaves-rectangle

Silk Road Weaves

See other Falling Leaves entries for more images. Shown: Closeup of the 5'x7' rectangle shape of this design, created as a pair. See 8' octagon. 100% Himalayan wool, the only kind of wool used in Silk Road Weaves Tibetan rugs.
FLORA: Falling Leaves - octagon by Silk Road Weaves

FLORA: Falling Leaves - octagon

Silk Road Weaves

Falling Leaves in 2 designs. NOTE: despite how it might look, the colors in both are the same. Refer to octagon for the more accurate view. Shown: 8-foot diameter octagon for use under a round table. 100% Himalayan wool, 100 knots per inch. Some areas loop texture.
BRUSHWORKS: Drifting Bronze by Silk Road Weaves

BRUSHWORKS: Drifting Bronze

Silk Road Weaves

Luminous Liquid Bronze - silk in multiple colors appear as a softly metallic glow. See full scale design in Brushworks I. Himalayan wool and silk. 100 knots per inch. Shown: 24"x36" design section but you can have this made as shown, in a larger scale for your entire rug.
BRUSHWORKS: BrushStrokes DiveInBlue by Silk Road Weaves

BRUSHWORKS: BrushStrokes DiveInBlue

Silk Road Weaves

Moonlight over rippling water! Shown: 12"x18" sample section. NOTE: THIS CAN BE THE FULL RUG DESIGN, in larger scale. Himalayan wool and silk, 100 knots per inch. See swatch for alternate wool/silk colorway, Drifting Bronze
BRUSHWORKS: BrushStrokes I by Silk Road Weaves

BRUSHWORKS: BrushStrokes I

Silk Road Weaves

Shown: 5'x7'. 50 knots per inch, 100% Himalayan wool. Deeper pile at 50 knots, a great piece for the less formal space. Background "tweeded" for a salt-and-pepper appearance. See SWATCH for views of other colorways in this group. You'll see the very different looks that result from different colors, fibers, knot count. Swatch images are 12"x18" sample sections
BRUSHWORKS: Drifting Bronze by Silk Road Weaves

BRUSHWORKS: Drifting Bronze

Silk Road Weaves

Luminous and luxurious, Drifting Bronze is shown here as 24"x36" sample section. A lot of silk in this makes a wonderfully soft metallic look, depending on the light!
BRUSHWORKS: Blockworks III by Silk Road Weaves


Silk Road Weaves

Blockworks III: 100 knots per inch, Himalayan wool with silk. OVERALL DESIGN: see Blockworks I. Fully customizable. Shown: 24"x36" sample size.
BRUSHWORKS: Connections/Memory by Silk Road Weaves

BRUSHWORKS: Connections/Memory

Silk Road Weaves

Connections: Memory. 80 knots per inch. Himalayan wool, silk, Allo plant fiber. Silk areas are the chocolate brown shapes, rust color lines. Allo is the eggplant/purple lines. The background and other design lines are wool. Shown: 5x7. Swatch image is another version of this same design.
FLORA: Herbal Toss/Springing II by Silk Road Weaves

FLORA: Herbal Toss/Springing II

Silk Road Weaves

Herbal Toss: Springing II. 80 knots per inch, Himalayan wool, with silk lines and light colored filled areas. Shown: 5'x7'.
BRUSHWORKS: Blockworks I by Silk Road Weaves

BRUSHWORKS: Blockworks I

Silk Road Weaves

Shown: 5'x7', 50 knots per inch. 100% Himalayan wool. Also available : modified colors (no green), 100 knots, wool + silk, as Blockworks III. See scale in the Swatch image.
LOOPY: Meandering by Silk Road Weaves

LOOPY: Meandering

Silk Road Weaves

Meandering: shown 8'x10'. 100% Himalayan wool, lines are loop texture. Fully customizable. Note: swatch is a closeup of the rug.
LOOPY: Sunset Serenade by Silk Road Weaves

LOOPY: Sunset Serenade

Silk Road Weaves

Sunset Serenade: 80 knots per inch. Shown 5 x7, Himalayan wool, Allo plant fiber, silk design lines Swatch: shown with Connections/Memory.
LOOPY: Ripple by Silk Road Weaves

LOOPY: Ripple

Silk Road Weaves

80 knots per inch, Ripple is made of Himalayan wool and undyed Allo plant fiber. Shown in 5'x7. Order as shown, or customize: size, shape, color, yarn type, knot count.
LOOPY: Sea Glass by Silk Road Weaves

LOOPY: Sea Glass

Silk Road Weaves

80 knots per inch, wool background and design lines, with silk filled sections. Himalayan wool and silk. Shown: 5'x7'. Order as shown or customize: size, colors, shape, yarn type, knot count.

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