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Watch Hill Dining Table, Top by Rob Hare Furnituremaker

Watch Hill Dining Table, Top

Rob Hare Furnituremaker

Book Matched Wood like this is very rarely seen in solid wood. Usually it is limited to veneer with all the inherent problems of veneer. (Don't scratch it because it cannot be repaired!) This extraordinary top is made from rare tiger figure Ash Wood planks that grew immediately adjacent to one another in the log. The table is 7 ft. long by 4 ft. wide and easily seats 8 for dinner. Please see Watch Hill Dining Table for more information.
Watch Hill Dining Table by Rob Hare Furnituremaker

Watch Hill Dining Table

Rob Hare Furnituremaker

This elliptical table is deceptively small looking. At 4 ft. wide by 7 ft. long it will easily seat 8. The chair (Des. Pat. #344.195) and its 7 companions, as well as the table, are all made with rare tiger figure Ash Wood from the same log. The legs are hand forged steel. The design allows chairs to be placed at any point along the edge of the table. The solid wood top is book matched, please see "Watch Hill Dining Table Top" The price shown is for the table only. Please see Side and Arm Chairs for chair pricing.
Contemporary Secretary by Rob Hare Furnituremaker

Contemporary Secretary

Rob Hare Furnituremaker

This is designed to meet the needs of contemporary homes in contrast to the large voluminous secretaries of the past. The work surface has 2 hand cut dovetail drawers on full extension wenge wood slides. The upper cabinet has easily accessible storage with 3 shelves. All the highly figured cherry wood is cut from the same log to ensure continuity of design and color. 3 ft. wide by 2 ft. deep by 7 ft. high. Feel free to contact me for more detailed images and a video showing assembly.
French Curve Dresser by Rob Hare Furnituremaker

French Curve Dresser

Rob Hare Furnituremaker

Designed as a continuation of a bedroom set including my Sleigh Bed and Bedside Table this piece has a fullness of form that communicates its purpose. The fully tapered hand forged steel legs are a counterpoint to the implied weight of the cabinet work. Various drawer sizes hold everything from pants to keepsakes. 5 ft. long by 4 ft. 6 in. high by 2 ft. deep.
Bow front dresser by Rob Hare Furnituremaker

Bow front dresser

Rob Hare Furnituremaker

I no longer remember which movie it was, but I do remember a dresser in one scene that appeared impossibly long. That one quick vision was the kernel that led to this design. At 7 ft. 6 in. long and with 14 drawers this is no doubt a big dresser. However, the long thin forged steel legs and subtle bow front bring impart a human scale so it doesn't overpower a room. The hand sawn book matched rope figure cherry veneers add detail to the front keeping it from becoming a simple large boring surface. Strangely, years after completing the dresser I saw the movie again and the dresser wasn't actually very big at all. Who knows where ideas really come from.
Nightstand by Rob Hare Furnituremaker


Rob Hare Furnituremaker

This was designed with my sleigh bed in mind, but the design will work with any bed.The lamp is wired directly through the table leg on which it pivots (you can't catch a wire or knock it off of the table). The front curves toward the head of the bed to allow better access for making the bed and reaching the contents of the drawer.
Sleigh Bed by Rob Hare Furnituremaker

Sleigh Bed

Rob Hare Furnituremaker

I was particularly concerned that the angle of the headboard would be comfortable to lean against when talking, reading, or eating in bed. We have found that the footboard also offers similar support. With 8 large drawers some clients forgo a dresser.
Formal Exterior Door by Rob Hare Furnituremaker

Formal Exterior Door

Rob Hare Furnituremaker

Designed and built to match existing doors further in the building and replace temporary storm doors at the formal entrance to the Café and Hotel des Artistes, a landmark building at 1 West 67th Street in New York.
Side and Arm Chairs by Rob Hare Furnituremaker

Side and Arm Chairs

Rob Hare Furnituremaker

The secret is in the seat and back angles! Everyone says, "Surprisingly comfortable!" Available in most hardwoods. Design pat. #344,195. These are also available as desk chair with casters. (See the Bowed Drop Front Desk)
Round Table by Rob Hare Furnituremaker

Round Table

Rob Hare Furnituremaker

Designed for a large family, this table seats 12. The lazy susan in the center is removable and a bronze pin is provided to fill the center hole. All of my furniture is made to order. Size and Wood can be varied to fit the requirements of the client.
Essex Dining Table  by Rob Hare Furnituremaker

Essex Dining Table

Rob Hare Furnituremaker

This design was sized to fit the clients' home. It seats 8 and has a drawer on each side. The top and front edges of the chairs (design pat. # 344,195) were cut to elliptical curves at the suggestion of the clients. I resisted the change but I am very happy with the result, yet another example of learning from my clients. The top is a single plank of highly figured Claro Walnut 4 ft. wide by 7 ft. long. The legs and stretcher are solid hand forged steel. The drawers are mounted on hand made Wenge Wood full extension slides of my design. The drawers are made with hand cut dovetails and the fronts are bowed to match the curve of the table. The table assembles without tools or additional hardware, a video is provided with step by step instructions.
Bowed Drop Front Desk, Open by Rob Hare Furnituremaker

Bowed Drop Front Desk, Open

Rob Hare Furnituremaker

My client asked for a computer desk she could live with when she wasn't working and which wouldn't be covered with wires getting in the way of everything. My design breakthrough came when I realized a Bowed Front could con-seal any laptop. Many laptop's computing power and screens are equal to desktop machines. All wiring, power in and peripherals out, is run through hollow bronze hinges, the case work and slots in the rear forged legs. With the laptop shut a matching solid wood panel is provided that locks in place over the computer and flush with the desk top making a very traditional writing desk with pigeon holes and 5 drawers. The design all flows from the curve of the Bowed Front with the hand forged steel recapitulating the curves and the square back working as counterpoint. All of my work is designed and made for individual clients. (Some of whom have been returning every few years for more than 25 years.) For this reason size, materials and dimensions are all selected and determined to meet the client's requirements
Bowed Drop Front Desk by Rob Hare Furnituremaker

Bowed Drop Front Desk

Rob Hare Furnituremaker

My client's request was to design a desk that could function in todays computer world without having the computer dominate her living space. (Please see "Bowed Drop Front Desk, Open) I made The chair and desk of Tiger Maple Wood all from the same tree and hand forged the steel legs and frame. The design breakthrough came when I realized a bowed drop front had sufficient volume to con-seal virtually any laptop computer and laptop capacities equaled almost any desktop computer. From there the curves of the steel were designed to harmonize with the bow and the square, strait back was retained as counterpoint. The wood work and steel fit together like a puzzle requiring no tools or hardware, a video is provided for step by step assembly. All wiring is con-sealed so nothing clutters the workspace or distracts the eye. I make all of my furniture for individual clients one piece at a time. Clients are sometimes drawn to a particular piece or to my sense of design in either case the result is always made with the end user in mind. Because each piece is unique dimensions are always determined by the clients needs and virtually any hardwood will work in conjunction with the steel.
Couch by Rob Hare Furnituremaker


Rob Hare Furnituremaker

This couch is a companion piece to my Arm Chair. It is made of solid wood, Claro Walnut, and Hand Forged Steel. The wood is all from one plank and the curves are coopered. (The process by which wood barrels are made.) The legs and braces are wrought to the curve of the back and arms. The tops of the arms are flat and wide enough to hold a book or drink instead of requiring a side table. All my work is built to order. This particular couch resides in a large room and the clients wanted to be able to sit with their feet up and enjoy coffee and the Sunday Papers, together. It is 9 ft. 6 in.s long. Designing for my clients needs keeps my work fresh and the result becomes an expression not only of my creativity but also of theirs.
Arm Chair by Rob Hare Furnituremaker

Arm Chair

Rob Hare Furnituremaker

Designed as a companion for my Couch this Arm Chair is built of figured Claro Walnut with hand forged steel legs and braces. The solid wood is all cut from the same plank so the arms are mirror images of one another and the curves are achieved by coopering. (The process by which wood barrels are made.) The cushions are covered in soft leather. It was influenced by Stickley Couches and Arm Chairs to the extent that I really enjoy the wide flat arms which can be utilized as small side tables to rest a book or drink. I make all of my furniture to order so it is available in any hardwood or with any material to cover the cushions. The price includes the cushions however the covering fabric is additional, at cost.

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