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Bath Tissue Holder by Rikumo

Bath Tissue Holder


These beautiful bath tissue holders are crafted from brass and iron, and mount to the wall for easy access. The simple yet clever design adds a touch of elegance to the everyday while the exposed brass gives the holder an industrial sensibility. Please note: brass will oxidize and change color into a rich antique patina over the years.
Karmi Tea Canister  by Rikumo

Karmi Tea Canister


Airtight and secure, the Karmi Tea Canister preserves the freshness of loose-leaf tea through superior design and a meticulously handcrafted process. Its unique abstract form is hand-carved with perfectly spaced, finely engraved rings, forming ridges that flow elegantly around its structure.
Chanoki Teapot by Rikumo

Chanoki Teapot


The Chanoki tea pot contains a layer of mesh for straining loose-leaf tea, resulting in a full-flavored tea. The handle is hollow for an easy, no-burn pick up. Makes individual cups of tea for optimal flavor.
Vintage Waffle by Rikumo

Vintage Waffle


The Vintage Waffle towel combines the sophistication of expertly woven fibers with the comfort of lived-in textiles. Threads of cotton and linen intertwine into small plaits, creating a subtle waffle pattern for a soft textured touch that feels as as cozy as a favorite sweater.
Binchotan Charcoal by Rikumo

Binchotan Charcoal


Binchotan charcoal is historically regarded as the highest quality activated charcoal for purifying water and absorbing toxins. Its porous nature draws chemicals out of tap water, naturally softening and improving its taste.
Azmaya Tea Mug by Rikumo

Azmaya Tea Mug


The ceramic tea mug combines the Japanese traditional handle-less cup design with a larger, American-friendly size. Its organic shape and and thick, opaque glazing show its handmade sensibility. Perfectly molding Eastern and Western culinary traditions, this tea mug is the perfect companion for warm, comforting drinks no matter the time of day.
Sasawashi Bath Mat by Rikumo

Sasawashi Bath Mat


Made from a blend of washi and the fiber of the Kumazasa plant, this durable bath mat has a subtle texture to exfoliate and deodorize your feet. The Kumazasa plant is known for its antibacterial and deodorant properties, making it well suited for the bathroom.
Yoshii Towels by Rikumo

Yoshii Towels


Made with exceptional care in the towel-making prefecture of Imabari, Japan, Yoshii towels are known for their superior absorbency, lightweight texture, and natural softness. Cultivated with low agricultural chemicals and made of 100% hand-picked cotton, these threads guarantee a superior, environmentally-friendly towel.
Kontex Chambray Blanket by Rikumo

Kontex Chambray Blanket


Delicately textured, this luxurious blanket has a subtle waffle weave that feels incredibly soft and cozy against your skin. Cotton threads soften and lighten the weight of the textile, while intertwining strands of wool keep you warm in the colder months.
FD style Kitchen tools by Rikumo

FD style Kitchen tools


The FD Style collection includes 10 basic kitchen tools that have been pared down to their essential elements by designer Hagino Mitsonobu. Coated in fluorocarbon polymer, these ergonomic stainless steel kitchen tools are rustproof, matte black and easy to clean.

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