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Custom color rugs by revitaRUGS

Custom color rugs


Pick a color, and we dye the rug. Ideal for kids room, hallways and anywhere you need a dash of solid color.
Fiber stain protection by revitaRUGS

Fiber stain protection


Propitiatory stain protection for any rug fiber or fabric. Protects against acidic spills, wine, coffee, pet urine and prevents permanent discoloration.
Natural silk rug cleaning by revitaRUGS

Natural silk rug cleaning


Silk rugs require specific expertise & deep knowledge of rug’s origin, silk quality, dyes & age. Hereke silk & Persian Qom are Crème De La Crème of all silk rugs, and should never be exposed to chemical cleaning. revitaRUGS has the expertise to wash silk rugs with water w/o any damage to the fibers, colors & the rug will be soft as baby's skin
Kilim repair & cleaning by revitaRUGS

Kilim repair & cleaning


Kilim restoration of an antique or, older piece requires proper cleaning. Just like an antique rug, the damaged areas may require securing prior to wash. Proper cleaning allows for matching right the colors & hues for a flawless result.
Antique rug cleaning by revitaRUGS

Antique rug cleaning


An antique rug shown during the rinse process with purified soft water at revitaRUGS.
Persian rug cleaning by revitaRUGS

Persian rug cleaning


We clean all types of Persian rugs. From extra fine Tabriz and 100% silk Qums, to everyday Kilims. Pet odor removal guaranteed, and we have a full repair and restoration department on premises.
Silk Qum color run reair by revitaRUGS

Silk Qum color run reair


The silk Qum rug medallions show are before and after photos of revitaRUGS master artisan remarkable restoration. This particular rug was exposed to water from a second floor leak for several days. Unfortunately, it had been left unattended long enough to develop black mold.
Color run repair by revitaRUGS

Color run repair


Color run is when darker colors of a rug bleeds into the lighter areas.It happen from improper cleaning, water leaks & floods or, moisturize build-up. Our experts clean natural silk rugs & remove color run/black mold.
Rug Shearing by revitaRUGS

Rug Shearing


Shearing the top damaged layer of a rug can do magic in some cases. Photo oxidation and normal use can dull up the surface layer of rugs as shown in this photo. A professional shearing can revitalize the rug and expose the original vibrant colors.
Antique Tapestry cleaning by revitaRUGS

Antique Tapestry cleaning


Cleaning antique tapestries to modern reproductions is a delicate work of art requiring master artisans who are just as rare today as those precious antiques. In this photo, the passing of time and heavy smoke ash had covered the entire tapestry. A proper cleaning by our artisans restored the depth of field and colors back to its original state.
Sea grass and other natural fiber rugs by revitaRUGS

Sea grass and other natural fiber rugs


Natural fiber rugs such as Seagrass, Sisal, Jute and Bamboo have become very popular in variety of settings. Their casual elegance offers another alternative to traditional wool rugs. They can also serve as a frame or backdrop to highlight a very decorative colorful rug, as a piece of art. Cleaning and caring for these natural fibers is an specialty far different from traditional rug cleaning. revitaRUGS has the expertise and the modern science to handle such fibers. From natural fibers, viscose, to 100% pure Persian natural silks; all can be safely cleaned without the use of any harsh chemicals.
Repair or replace your rug? by revitaRUGS

Repair or replace your rug?


Rug repair is essential in prolonging the life, and keeping the value of a handmade rug. In this photo, the selvedge of an oriental rug is being repaired. Word of advise, If you can easily see the repair from the front or the back of the rug: it is not a very good job! Only you can determine the "value" of the rug, and if you wish t repair or replace it.
Viscose rug cleaning by revitaRUGS

Viscose rug cleaning


Viscose fiber is used in variety of area rugs as a beautiful coloration in a wool viscose composition, or in this case; pure white 100% viscose rug. Their unique synthetic construction offers a truly stunningly appearance that’s perfect for decorative area rugs in any home décor. revitaRUGS specializes in cleaning viscose rugs.
Natural Fiber rug Cleaning by revitaRUGS

Natural Fiber rug Cleaning


Jamie Stern Custom Made Hemp & Soy area rug stained with blood cleaned and returned to client in 2 working days.
Savonnerie Rug by revitaRUGS

Savonnerie Rug


"The difference in this Antique Savonnerie Rug after the revitaRUGS process was remarkable. The colors were so much more vibrant leading several people to ask if it were a new rug. Also of note, there was no chemical smell upon its return and it just seemed genuinely clean." Estate Manager, – Daniel Romualdez Architects
We Clean Valuable Rugs by revitaRUGS

We Clean Valuable Rugs


Area Rug Cleaning, repair and restoration - Organic, Chemical free- Wool, Viscose, Silk and Natural Fiber Rugs. White glove pick-up and delivery service in New York Metro. View our process video on line and see how we have revolutionized this industry.

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