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Oahu by Peter Harrison Studio


Peter Harrison Studio

Square wood is joined by aluminum brackets into a base that rigidly supports a 60″ diameter glass top. The design dynamically changes as you circumnavigate the piece. Based on a commission that had to be packed in luggage and flown to Hawaii, this table represents a new bold direction.
Hana by Peter Harrison Studio


Peter Harrison Studio

The Hana coffee table joins square wood with industrial aluminum brackets. The base is semi-symmetrical having the same elements pointing up as down, yet these elements reach the glass top and the floor in different spots giving a very random feel. The top is a 42″ square of glass.
Maui by Peter Harrison Studio


Peter Harrison Studio

Maui is a rectangular coffee table comprised of square wood and industrial aluminum brackets. The semi-symmetrical base has the same elements pointing up and down. These elements reach the glass top and the floor in different spots giving a very random feel. The glass top is 48″ long and 24″ wide
Nebula by Peter Harrison Studio


Peter Harrison Studio

683 stainless steel cables tipped in Red Rubber creates a densely packed bold explosion of movement. Nebula uses a bracket machined out of solid aluminum to join the legs to the top. The legs connect to each other on the bottom with an additional chunk of walnut.
Callisto by Peter Harrison Studio


Peter Harrison Studio

The Callisto table seamlessly blends concrete, stainless steel, aluminum and mahogany. The vertical stainless steel rods visually vibrate creating an illusion of movement. The mahogany top is decorated with graphite lines sealed under lacquer creating a subtle pattern based on the exposed fasteners.
Mobius by Peter Harrison Studio


Peter Harrison Studio

Inspired by the Argon coffee table, the Mobius end tables are a perfect balance between air and mass. They can be made in left and right twists as seen in the photos. The cables twist into in a beautiful mobius-like curve.
Radian by Peter Harrison Studio


Peter Harrison Studio

The Radian table is based upon a sheer slab of concrete. It walks the line between mass and airiness. It is pictured in Mahogany dyed jet black and available in natural woods as well.
Torus by Peter Harrison Studio


Peter Harrison Studio

The Torus pedestal is the first piece in Peter Harrison's Aluminum Joinery series. This distinct joinery transcends function becoming a unique detail to the Torus pedestal table. The table also features stainless steel cable and a hollow concrete base than is not as quite heavy as it looks!
Xenon/Light by Peter Harrison Studio


Peter Harrison Studio

The Xenon/Light pedestal takes the classic Xenon pedestal to a whole new dimension. One LED light fixture illuminates a frosted glass insert on the top of the piece, while another provides a ground halo below. The transformer and wiring are artfully integrated into the piece with the cord and switch as the only visible components. This is the perfect piece to display art glass.
Lithium by Peter Harrison Studio


Peter Harrison Studio

The massive concrete core of Lithium is the heart of a very light and airy table.The concrete has crisscrossing holes through the lower third which lighten the pillar visually. It features a 4 foot diameter glass top and comfortably seats four.
Barossa by Peter Harrison Studio


Peter Harrison Studio

The Barossa wine rack is a balance between sculpture and function. it elegantly holds twelve bottles of wine in sculptural opposition. Its concrete base counterbalances the wine allowing for a small footprint
Argon by Peter Harrison Studio


Peter Harrison Studio

The Argon Coffee Table twists stainless steel cables in a Mobius-like wave. This highly optical effect varies as one circumnavigates the piece. The base is sized to accept either a 36" square or 48" round piece of glass.
Axis by Peter Harrison Studio


Peter Harrison Studio

The Axis bench is made from Aluminum, Concrete, Stainless Steel Cable and Mahogany dyed Black. It has an undulating pattern of cable which plays off of its convex sides. Unorthodox concrete anchors the ends both visually and structurally. It is also available in edge grain parallam (see detail shots)
Infinity by Peter Harrison Studio


Peter Harrison Studio

28 bottles of wine + storage for an array of glasses = one elegant cabinet. The Infinity wine cabinet features a mesmerizing base of stainless steel rods. These rods create a sculptural latticework that just happens to hold 28 bottles of wine. Above is an sleek cabinet with aluminum doors. The cabinet is divided by a glass shelf and will hold numerous wine glasses. Infinity packs a whole lot of function into a beautifully small footprint.
Redux by Peter Harrison Studio


Peter Harrison Studio

A new approach to Rietveld's classic Zig Zag chair, the Zig Zag Redux chairs continue the aluminum joinery series in a stunning way. These chairs are impeccably crafted joining the lacquered maple panels with the aluminum joints. The chairs are available in Red and Black lacquer.
Helium by Peter Harrison Studio


Peter Harrison Studio

The Helium dining table features an intense woven stainless steel cable grid that dips in the center. The glass top sits upon the cables creating an optical illusion that is certain to be the focus of your dining room. The tables corners are joined by four machined aluminum brackets. Shown to seat six, Helium can be ordered in custom sizes.
Zero by Peter Harrison Studio


Peter Harrison Studio

Simplicity is the focus of the Zero hall table. It features unorthodox joinery that is substantially more complicated than its seamless exterior reveals. Its structure revolves around an Aluminum square tube which makes up the corner joinery and provides its unique detailing. Shown in white lacquer, it is available in a full range of woods and finishes.
Divergence by Peter Harrison Studio


Peter Harrison Studio

The Divergence table is the latest in Peter Harrison's Aluminum Joinery series. Divergence's exposed aluminum corner bracket perfectly combines function and elegance. The table features two bold swaths of cable which cross in a dynamic fan.
Tangent by Peter Harrison Studio


Peter Harrison Studio

The Tangent liquor cabinet is inspired by the Callisto hall table. It features gently curved aluminum doors which click closed with a rare earth magnet catch. It can be custom ordered with veneered wood doors to match the body.
Jupiter by Peter Harrison Studio


Peter Harrison Studio

The Jupiter bench is elegantly constructed of concrete stainless steel, aluminum and mahogany. Its design has nautical references. The hole through the top centers over the crossing point of the gently curved stainless steel rods. Exposed stainless steel fasteners punctuate this clean minimalistic piece.

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