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Aether by Nico Yektai


Nico Yektai

Narrow modern bench with a back with all of the sculptural presence that Nico Yektai is known for. The stacked legs ripple with spontaneity complimenting the hand shaping and faceting. The bench can be made to order in a number of woods and sizes to suit your needs. Presented in Maple 26" H x 60" L x 15" D
Bench #2 from Series #2 by Nico Yektai

Bench #2 from Series #2

Nico Yektai

Massive concrete legs gesturally rise up to support the mahogany back rest. THe resulting composition has a presence thaat allowed it to stand out during the two years it was exhibited at the prestigious Long House Reserve in East Hampton New York
Bench #7 from Series #2 by Nico Yektai

Bench #7 from Series #2

Nico Yektai

All concrete all the time for this outdoor bench. The massive legs and contoured seat are fabricated from cast concrete and then ground. Spontaneous facets are composed into the piece giving each bench a one-of-a-kind presence.
Wall Hung Console #1 by Nico Yektai

Wall Hung Console #1

Nico Yektai

This console is designed to connect to the wall. The result is a new tension in my work as the massive piece evokes the feeling of delicacy as it floats effortlessly. The piece includes four drawers that will engage the viewer as they "discover" how to open them.
Bench #15 from Series #1 by Nico Yektai

Bench #15 from Series #1

Nico Yektai

The gestural stance of this bench is built around the single arm rest and the half back. The composition is balanced through the complexity of the cast concrete legs and the dynamic movement of the Oxidized sapele seat. The result is a bench that is sophisticate and playful. Perfect for any indoor installation.
Doors To My Past by Nico Yektai

Doors To My Past

Nico Yektai

This piece is a tribute to all of the magnificent doors that I was fortunate enough to see while traveling in Europe as a child. My interpretation introduces my notion of spontaneous composition within the rectilinear boundaries of the door. The doors are presented with a hinged structure that allows them to be presented as a free standing sculpture independent of a doorway. The sculpture was first shown at the Guild Hall Museum in East Hampton NY.
Bench #14 from Series #1 by Nico Yektai

Bench #14 from Series #1

Nico Yektai

White cast concrete curves beneath the rich walnut of Bench #14. The result is a striking composition for any interior space.
Curved Glass Hall Table by Nico Yektai

Curved Glass Hall Table

Nico Yektai

Steam bent Maple curves establish this dramatic three legged table. The back leg climbs above the 3/4" glass table top and holds on to the glass. The glass is an integral part of the composition and it begins to move and dance, just as the wooden components. This sculptural table will be making its debut at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show in NYC.
Walnut Coffee Table by Nico Yektai

Walnut Coffee Table

Nico Yektai

This one-of-a-kind composition was born from the needs of one particular client. The table was designed to promote ease of movement. The resulting asymmetrical composition allowed for both function and visual impact. The vast expanse of walnut is broken up by the two legs that erupt above the surface.
Bench #12 from Bench Series #1 by Nico Yektai

Bench #12 from Bench Series #1

Nico Yektai

Bench #12 is a major composition in my series of one-of-a-kind benches. The composition revolves around the eruption of a single arm rest. The shifting and faceting that is characteristic of my style become the tools that I use to balance the composition. Bench #12 is presented in Cherry that has a clear protective finish so that this piece can be installed in any residential or commercial project.
Bench 5 from series 2 by Nico Yektai

Bench 5 from series 2

Nico Yektai

This version of Bench #5 is presented in Sapele and finished for outdoor use. The finish requires 10 minutes of work each spring to rejuvenate the finish. If desired the piece can be ignored and an even gray color will develop.
Mirror With Two Drawers by Nico Yektai

Mirror With Two Drawers

Nico Yektai

Oxidized saplele shifts and facets its way around the mirror in the asymmetrical layering that is characteristic of Yektai's work. The movement culminates at the two drawer boxes that are wrapped in Avodire veneer. The drawers open in different directions adding to the movement of the composition and to its utility. Perfect for a dressing room or an entry way.
Bench #6 from series #2 by Nico Yektai

Bench #6 from series #2

Nico Yektai

Designed as a bench for dining tables, but sol much more versatile than that one use. perfect for a entry way in an apartment or configured for outdoor use. Bench #6 can be made in a variety of woods and the concrete can be cast in white.
Bench #3 from Series #2 by Nico Yektai

Bench #3 from Series #2

Nico Yektai

From my evolving series of benches that can be made to go indoors or out. Add choice of woods, color of concrete and size to the list of customizable options. The bench is handmade by Nico Yektai every time resulting in a one-of-a-kind bench.
Corner Piece #3 in Sapele by Nico Yektai

Corner Piece #3 in Sapele

Nico Yektai

Part of an evolving series of pieces that are designed to slip into a well furnished home. Corner Piece #3 pictured in sapele, cast concrete and bleached ash. The components are forged together in the sculptural style of the designer/maker. Always one-of-a-kind so custom combinations of wood/colors are encouraged. Designed to hold a small object.
Curved Coffee Table by Nico Yektai

Curved Coffee Table

Nico Yektai

This table was designed for a specific room. The asymmetrical shape achieves a balance that has allowed this piece to inspire numerous custom orders. The other features of this mahogany composition are the curved stretchers and the unusual grooves in the table top. The combination of the shape and these other features results in a unique composition every time. The room that this piece occupies gets a very strong focal point!
Chair #4 by Nico Yektai

Chair #4

Nico Yektai

Chairs are a favorite subject to express the variation that is part of my style. At a glance the chairs are identical. Closer inspection reveals that each one is a unique composition. The spontaneous structural detailing is on display. The more chairs in the group the more powerful the discovery becomes.
Pedestal Table #8 by Nico Yektai

Pedestal Table #8

Nico Yektai

This table is a creative table that demonstrates the possibilities of a tight little composition. The table is built to 30" high and a width of 20" by 20". This is not a standard height and I choose it because it allows the viewer to really get into the composition.. The table add that one-of-a-kind presence to any room.
Leaning Dovetails by Nico Yektai

Leaning Dovetails

Nico Yektai

This sculpture is a table that leans up against the wall to make an unexpected table. The table is presented in cherry but it can be made in any hardwood that is available in 3" thickness. The thickness of the material allows for the focal point of the massive dovetails. The dovetails transcend their function and become a composition within a composition. Hand made by Nico Yektai
White Cast Bench by Nico Yektai

White Cast Bench

Nico Yektai

The white casting adds an element of lightness to this ash bench. The seat is designed to reveal the intricacies of the casting and establish the layering that is characteristic of Yektai's style. The result is a modern bench that can be made to order in any length or choice of wood.
Cocktail Table by Nico Yektai

Cocktail Table

Nico Yektai

The table is based on the compositional possibilities of four bent laminations and their lyrical interplay. They are composed in a unique manner from one version of this table to the next. No two tables are alike. The table was designed for an a living room in need of a focal point.
Shifting Slab Bench by Nico Yektai

Shifting Slab Bench

Nico Yektai

The shifting Slab Bench by Nico Yektai is presented in oxidized sapele. The bench derives its presence from the shifting chunks of wood that make up the legs. The composition is balanced during the actual construction. This approach is at the core of Yektai's hands on approach to composition/construction. The result is a one-of-a-kind piece of sculpture that presents itself to the world as a functional piece of modern furniture.
Corner Piece #3 by Nico Yektai

Corner Piece #3

Nico Yektai

The piece evolved into a sculptural expression that can still be used for a small object or arrangement of flowers. The colored Ash plays against the cherry verticals with a rhythm that brings the viewer around the piece and back to the concrete core. I think this piece is best placed a foot off a wall and not quite in the corner so the interplay of the ash, concrete and cherry can be digested in one glance.
Desk #2 by Nico Yektai

Desk #2

Nico Yektai

This exploration of Desk #2 revolves around the dynamic energy of the steam bent maple curves. They dance around the skirt of the desk with poetic movement. Each drawer opens in a slightly different direction making the experience of opening them part of the discovery of the piece. This desk is sure to be the focal point of any room.

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