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'Avian Rumble' by Nick Davis

'Avian Rumble'

Nick Davis

Avian Rumble Chess Set 'Avian Rumble' is a reworking of one of the oldest games in the world with the emphasis being the acquisition of territory. Figures combine medieval and contemporary imagery such as Shakespeare's Bottom or Hollywood's Karate Kid. The birdlike characters encompass a territorial nature, hoodie pawns with baseball bats clearly set the piece in front of a backdrop of civil unrest and riots.
After they ransacked the Museum by Nick Davis

After they ransacked the Museum

Nick Davis

'After they'd ransacked the Museum they agreed to replace the glass.' This year we witnessed the 'Arab Spring', where the liberation of a people and their culture has led to a loss of structures and historical artefacts, for example objects including Tutankamen's trumpet were looted during Egypt's uprising, this was followed by artistic expressions by local Musicians and Mural and Graffiti Artists. Nick Davis has produced a bronze cabinet that although fractured and broken appears initially to be relatively conventional in structure, however he has added a deep architectural cornice suggesting the piece borrows some of its appearance from damaged buildings and the linear engraving presents us with an urban texture. The title conveys a nation's eagerness to reclaim what they feel is rightfully theirs coupled with a collective awareness of the importance of their historical past.
Hand Coat Hooks by Nick Davis

Hand Coat Hooks

Nick Davis

Made from Bronze and Nickel Bronze Nick Davis's Hand Coat Hooks come in nine different designs and three different colors (patinations)
Foot Hook by Nick Davis

Foot Hook

Nick Davis

Nick Davis's Foot Hook series are made from bronze and nickel bronze. Every bronze foot coat coat hook is a unique 'one-off'.
Bottle Stopper by Nick Davis

Bottle Stopper

Nick Davis

Nick Davis bronze bottle stoppers available in a range of 'short run' designs.
Dancer by Nick Davis


Nick Davis

A male study of of perceived fitness and maturity.
The Joy Of Socks by Nick Davis

The Joy Of Socks

Nick Davis

A short sequence of 7 figures referencing early movement photography and the everyday familiarity of tender observations.
Centaur by Nick Davis


Nick Davis

This piece sees Diablo exercising the beast of his lower half. Controlling and guiding all that horse power displays his own perception of his sexual potency.
My Conversations Wih Dr Thorn 2 by Nick Davis

My Conversations Wih Dr Thorn 2

Nick Davis

In this piece Diablo grapples with his conflicting psychic apparatus; a lust for pleasure and fantasy at the expense of others. Illogical, amoral and primarily sexual, Diablo is driven by what Sigmund Freud described as the Id. This conflict threatens to break his inadequate grip on restraint.
Diablo by Nick Davis


Nick Davis

The Character of Diablo has recently appeared in Nick's work and continues to reappear in various guises. Diablo works as a vehicle allowing Nick to explore aspects of his own and the universal male psyche through elements of popular culture and fantasies of alter-ego.
Bronze Geometric Chair by Nick Davis

Bronze Geometric Chair

Nick Davis

Using cast bronze and leather this chair demonstrates simple geometric structures, the directly hand modelled surface plays on the freedom inherant by sculpting the original in wax.
Bronze High Kick Stool by Nick Davis

Bronze High Kick Stool

Nick Davis

Using figurative sculpture to explore emotions and narrative themes Nick Davis creates movement within a space of functionality.
Bronze Saddle Stool by Nick Davis

Bronze Saddle Stool

Nick Davis

Using cast bronze and heavy saddlery leather this stool explores constructivism and collage.
Geometric Low Table by Nick Davis

Geometric Low Table

Nick Davis

Bronze 37 x 95 x 95 cms Stretching the use of bronze as a design medium this table uses lost wax casting and the wooden top comprises four hardwoods - mahogany, maple, yew and walnut.
Tower Lamp 2 by Nick Davis

Tower Lamp 2

Nick Davis

A partner piece to the Table Lamp this design stretches the theme of structural collapse still further by virtue of its off centre balance and scorched patina.
Tower Lamp 1 by Nick Davis

Tower Lamp 1

Nick Davis

This sculptural lamp has a disjointed structure and hand drawn lamp shade and represents an image of collapse.
Defragmentation by Nick Davis


Nick Davis

Cast bronze tables polished to a high finish. Perceived as bronze fragments giving an appearance of disintegration.
Fragmentation by Nick Davis


Nick Davis

Cast bronze tables polished to a high finish. Perceived as bronze fragments giving an appearance of disintegration. First edition sold into the private collection of the Rockefeller family.

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