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Willow by Mushaboom Design


Mushaboom Design

Many willows line the paths of the Public Gardens. In the winter their stark dark branches zig zag crazily against the sky like mad calligraphy. Come spring, with unfurled leaves, dappled shade dots the ground beneath. As children we called them umbrella trees and indeed the open space beneath their canopies make an excellent shelter from a sudden shower or from the sweltering sun. Pattern 52" by 52"
Glorious by Mushaboom Design


Mushaboom Design

An abundance of flora greet every visitor to the park. From carefully planned beds the first spring flowers burst forth in abundance. Crocuses, daffodils and tulips are followed by poppies, hyacinth, lilies, roses and others too numerous to count. Many of these blossoms are to be found only here in the city following the tradition of exotic collections from the Victorian era. Pattern 52" by 42
Stroll by Mushaboom Design


Mushaboom Design

Undulating paths follow along the brooks and ponds that are home to many birds. The soft bubble of the water soothes the visitor who takes the time to stop on the bridge and admire the lush growth along the banks. Stroll along the twists and turns letting your cares fall away. Pattern 52" by 42"
Victoria by Mushaboom Design


Mushaboom Design

A true treasure, our Victorian period garden is enjoyed by the citizens and visitors to Halifax. The open lawns, winding walkways, watercourses and flower beds are carefully planned to delight the senses and calm the spirit. Throughout the park are botanical wonders, sculptures, and fountains. Iconic elements of the park, the bandstand with it’s newly restored roof, and the nymph fountain surrounded by it’s serpentine flower beds are featured in this design. Pattern 52"by 65"
Evergreen by Mushaboom Design


Mushaboom Design

Year round, one can enjoy the shelter of the pines and spruce. Even in the fiercest weather the wind is softened, the rain diverted, and the snow lighter. Summer sun is softened into dappled light by the interlocking branches that form intricate and complex shapes that are easiest to see clearly by looking through the branches to the sky. Pattern 52" by 52"
Shoreline Trail by Mushaboom Design

Shoreline Trail

Mushaboom Design

Many of the trails that one follows along the shore are of smoothly polished stone. Like much in nature that we may take for granted, these stones deserve a second look. On dry land a stone may sit where it lays for millennia, but along the shore they tumble and clack against each other beneath the pounding surf and shift into totally new configurations every day. Look closely and you will notice that no two stones are alike and, in fact, that they display a surprising variety of form, colour, and texture. Pattern 52" by 52"
Wave by Mushaboom Design


Mushaboom Design

The many trails in Taylor Head Park run along the shore of the peninsula. Near the base of the park the ocean is often calm in the protected Mushaboom Harbour and Spry Bay, but if you take the time to hike out to Taylor Head Point, at the tip of the park, then even on the calmest day the power of the ocean is clear in the crashing waves against the stoney shore. Pattern 52" by 52"
Wildthing by Mushaboom Design


Mushaboom Design

Spring is long in Nova Scotia but eventually we are rewarded with a burst of natural colour in the wide variety of wildflowers that grow where they may. Buttercups, chickweed, lupins, wild rose, wild pea, daisies, and more are featured in this lively pattern. Weeds to some, but we find them beautiful and admire their tenacity. Pattern 52" by 52"
Mushaboom by Mushaboom Design


Mushaboom Design

The winding road of Mushaboom eventually leads you to our little studio overlooking the many islands that help make an excellent harbour from the power of the open ocean. We are mainly year-round residents in Mushaboom and many of us continue proud traditions and make their living from the sea or forests. Old logging roads make excellent hiking trails and lead to wild fields, small waterfalls, lakes, and look offs. Pattern 52" by 52"
Spring by Mushaboom Design


Mushaboom Design

After a long winter we all wait for the first flowers and the budding branches to freshen our eyes with the colours of Spring. Trees that have been dormant for many months begin to revive and put out their first buds which slowly grow and unfurl into fresh leaves. Our pattern attempts to capture that moment of exuberance to be enjoyed the year through. Pattern 52" by 52"
Lichen by Mushaboom Design


Mushaboom Design

Rock faces and tree trunks in Taylor Head Park are covered with delicate frills of lichen which go unnoticed until you slow down and take a quieter moment to notice the little things growing beneath your feet, living under the shade of the pines, or clinging to the great stones along the shore. This all-over pattern features these often overlooked plants decorative nature and surprising variety. Pattern 52" by 53.2"
Taylor Head by Mushaboom Design

Taylor Head

Mushaboom Design

Twists and turns along the trails in Taylor Head Provincial Park lead you through the forest and along the shore. Crashing waves, blowing breeze, deep woods, bog land and moors are to be taken in and enjoyed. Daily hikes taken with camera and sketch book in hand have come together in this pattern as a tribute to this beautiful park next to the studio in Mushaboom. Half-drop pattern, 52" by 54" repeat.

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