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Houston by Munna



The Houston Sofa is a splendid splash of turquoise color that shimmers with its velvety finish. The Sofa is fun and retro and certain to liven any living space.
Rose by Munna



The Rose chair is a low seated arm-less chair that is plush, traditional in style and soft with velvet.
Dommes  by Munna



The Dommes tufted arm less chair is classic in style and refined with beautiful material and a contrasting dark wood frame and legs.
Corset  by Munna



This Corset chair is absolutely fabulous in its peacock print and is a beautifully crafted wooden chair with slender arms and legs.
Soft & Creamy Loveseat by Munna

Soft & Creamy Loveseat


The Soft & Creamy Love seat perfectly describes the victorian era piece. The piece is plush with velvet and enclosed along the top to offer a more private conversation.
Be mine by Munna

Be mine


The Be mine love seat is close quarters and plush. The tufted velvet love seat is inviting and soft to the eye.
Lolita by Munna



This elegant loveseat is classic in style and takes on a curvy form without the arm rests.
Femina by Munna



This Femina Chair is a light, delicate and as the title dictates feminine chair that adds softness to any living/dining space.
Corset by Munna



The Corset chair is a sexy and sleek black chair made with the finest of wood veneers for a solid and delicate look.
Louis by Munna



The Louis sofa emulates the Victorian era at its finest. The black classic style sofa is velvety and rich.
Miss Feet Coffee Table by Munna

Miss Feet Coffee Table


The Miss Feet coffee table is a fun tufted coffee table that has a cylinder shape rather than a flat wider surface.
La Boheme by Munna

La Boheme


La Boheme is a traditional coffee table with a sculptural shape and fitted with a tufted espresso brown material.
Muse 2 Seat by Munna

Muse 2 Seat


The Muse 2 Seat from the Fetiche Collection is a beautiful love seat like or small sofa in a deep espresso brown color with a curved shave to invite conversation in a Victorian style.
Madeline by Munna



The Madeline three seat chair is a beautiful arm chair that would work as a lovely focal point to any foyer or living room.
Limited Edition Soft & Creamy by Munna

Limited Edition Soft & Creamy


The Soft & Creamy arm chair is sculptural in style and exudes opulence, luxury and a modern finish. The arm chair is solid wood finished with gold leaf designed by Goncalo Campos.
Private 2 Seat by Munna

Private 2 Seat


The Private 2 Seat from the Fetiche Collection is a lovely green love seat that is architectural and solid in form with a classic style with the finest of wooden veneer.
Lipstick 2 Seat by Munna

Lipstick 2 Seat


The Lipstick 2 seat love seat from the Fetiche Collection is a lovely pale pink that is feminine in style with a victorian design.
Blonde by Munna



This vintage mustard yellow "Blonde"arm chair is Victorian in style with a modern twist.
Yes No Maybe So by Munna

Yes No Maybe So


Tete-a-tete double Chair perfect Victorian and traditional style chair to socialize.

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