Michael Curry Mosaics

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Metamorphamirror by Michael Curry Mosaics


Michael Curry Mosaics

Metamorphamirror incorporates dichroic acrylic and creates dramatic color transformation as the viewing angle changes, making it a multifaceted piece of artwork. Available in custom sizes and configurations.
Meld by Michael Curry Mosaics


Michael Curry Mosaics

Three 16" x 28" panels. Constructed on a triangular canvas, the Meld design is a two toned mirror that reflects itself to create a tertiary color. It is particularly dramatic when displayed horizontally on a wide wall, as the color change offers an element of surprise to passersby. With it’s asymmetrical silhouette inspired by the New York City skyline, the original Meld design is entirely gold when viewed from one angle and blue from the opposite angle, interacting to create a mirage of green when viewed head on.
Fractacular by Michael Curry Mosaics


Michael Curry Mosaics

Part of the Fractile Collection, this sculptural piece is inspired by the principals of fractal geometry and Mandelbrot’s concept of self similarity. These works are created by cutting mirrored tesserae into smaller and smaller pieces and stacking them, thereby exposing the edge of the glass. Typically in mosaic work, these edges are hidden by the grouting process. By exposing and emphasizing these edges, they interact with light, create depth and shadow and much like fractals, a multitude of irregular shapes emerge.
Vermilion Mercury Mirror by Michael Curry Mosaics

Vermilion Mercury Mirror

Michael Curry Mosaics

Four 24.5" x 24.5" panels that can configured and hung in a variety of ways. silvered water glass on triangular bars. Vermillion melding into silver on the top and silver melding into vermilion on the bottom.
Red Mercury Mirror by Michael Curry Mosaics

Red Mercury Mirror

Michael Curry Mosaics

This design consists of silver watered glass with one side red and one side gold, creating a fiery orange as the two colors interact. Available in custom sizes and colors, as well as square, rectangular, or wave-like configurations.
Dichroic Weave by Michael Curry Mosaics

Dichroic Weave

Michael Curry Mosaics

Three 15" x 35.5" panels. Stained/dichroic glass and mirror mounted on Lucite canvas. The Weave design is created with thin strips of stained glass that are wet sanded and stood on edge so as to catch the light and reveal their true beauty, while the flat strips of dichroic glass and mirror offer ever changing color and movement. Available in custom sizes, colors, and configurations.
Refraction of Diamond by Michael Curry Mosaics

Refraction of Diamond

Michael Curry Mosaics

50" x 50" silvered waterglass. One side in emarald and the other in sky, with color change from left to right as well as top to bottom.
Mercury Mirror by Michael Curry Mosaics

Mercury Mirror

Michael Curry Mosaics

36" x 84" Inspired by the concept of yin yang, Mercury Mirror is a wall sculpture made of silvered water glass mounted on a triangular canvas. One side is charcoal with flecks of silver, and the other side is silver with flecks of charcoal. Available in custom sizes and colors, including red/amber (interacting to create orange), blue/green (interacting to create aqua), and blue/amber (interacting to create green)
Agua Fresca by Michael Curry Mosaics

Agua Fresca

Michael Curry Mosaics

This collection consists of hand cut stained glass tiles that are wet sanded, stood on edge, and flanked between two other tesserae. A second layer of glass is then added for support and visual interest. Standing glass tiles on edge not only allows them to catch light and reveal their true beauty, but also creates a unique and unconventional mosaic. Available in custom sizes, colors, and configurations.

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