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Hi Line Chair by Liquid Design

Hi Line Chair

Liquid Design

Being all white except for the crisp green edging makes this distinctive stackable chair from Liquidesign really stand out. Design: Cameron and Martin Fry - Date: July 09 Height: 700mm x Width: 450mm x Depth:450mm Material: Moulded fibre-board and Birch ply Colour: Any - to order
Curve Table by Liquid Design

Curve Table

Liquid Design

As the top of this modern formed table curves towards the floor it transforms into something quite different - simple straight lines give way to distinctive, decorative legs - inspired by antique furniture. A gloss lacquer finish reflects the highly polished surfaces of their historical counterparts. Available in a range of colours as diverse as your imagination these really are a beautiful addition to any modern living space. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to Contact us. The Curva Console can be made to other sizes through our Bespoke service please contact us through our Contact page with your specification for a quote. Design: Cameron Fry - Date: April 2009 Height: 760mm x Width: 450mm x Length: 1100mm Material: Moulded fibre-board made from wood waste
Symbol Floor Light by Liquid Design

Symbol Floor Light

Liquid Design

We have taken a simple flat sign-like shape as a starting point and then applied a high gloss finish to create a crisp cut-out 3-dimensional form. The bulb hangs from the top of the “shade” in a modern take on the bare bulb in the attic look. There is also a table lamp version and both can be produced in virtually any colour to order. Design: Cameron and Martin Fry - Date: May 2008 Materials: Lacquered Wood Dimensions: 1700mm high x 440mm wide x 300mm deep Colour: Any - to order
EDGE Chandelier  by Liquid Design

EDGE Chandelier

Liquid Design

The EDGE Chandelier is made from a light but strong cardboard. The thick corrugated edges have been left exposed to show the integral structure, while the flat outside surfaces are faced in a variety of original, decorative prints for a unique modern meets traditional look. The six ornate arms that make up the chandelier seem to defy gravity with their arabesque, serpentine forms and each holds a candle style energy-saving bulb. This one metre square lighting feature really is a unique centre point for any large scale interior. Design: Cameron Fry / Prints and detailing Martin Fry - Date: September 2007 Materials: Cardboard and Paper Prints. Chandelier Dimensions: 1000mm high x 1010mm diameter.
Edge Table by Liquid Design

Edge Table

Liquid Design

A hand built the Regency inspired coffee table from the same heavy-duty cardboard that Liqui now make their EDGE range of products in. Contrast this utilitarian material with a vibrant finish. Design: Cameron and Martin Fry Height: 40 cm x Width: 45 cm x Length: 95 cm Material: Cardboard Colour: The EDGE Coffee Table is available in a variety of laminated prints.
Edge Console Table by Liquid Design

Edge Console Table

Liquid Design

The Edge Console Table is a strong statement piece from Liquidesign and wherever it is placed, in a hallway, living room or bedroom, it is sure to stand out. Like everything in the Liqui Edge range it is made from a light but strong cardboard which has been cut to leave the intricate, interior structure exposed on the thick edges while the flat surfaces are covered in a laminated veneer available in a variety of decorative prints. Design: Cameron and Martin Fry - Date: Jan 2010 Height: 100 cm x Width: 45 cm x Length: 100 cm Material: Cardboard Colour: The EDGE Console Table is available in a variety of laminated prints.

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