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Workhorse by Joseph Noble


Joseph Noble

The carpenter who shows up like clockwork. The recipe that never fails. The dog that always greets you with faithful devotion. To that list of valued dependables, add WORKHORSE. It’s the Technology Leather™  you can count on for durability, steady color, a smooth hand at a common-sense price. A handsome calf leather that decided to become a Technology Leather™ — note that we never call it faux leather since there is no need to insult it.
Vitis by Joseph Noble


Joseph Noble

Now and again, the opportunity arises to design something that both looks good and does good. VITIS is a case in point. Its nature-inspired pattern combines three distinct weaves for a textural attitude with a smooth touch. Easy on the eye, the hand and — here’s where the do-good part comes in — easy on the earth as well, thanks to the reduced environmental impact of the natural fiber content, a cotton/linen/viscose blend.
Visconti by Joseph Noble


Joseph Noble

It’s the classic marriage of ideas. Start off with strips of leather. Small, tiny strips, architecturally arranged – sometimes as a simple plait, at other times complicated rows of chevron. Then, wed these basic items to the time-honored craft of braided weaving — artistically, a perfect match. The strength of this marriage is revealed in the finished product – a soft, pliable, functional yet strikingly beautiful work of achievement. Now, add to that Joseph Noble’s ability to translate this into one of his amazing Technology Leathers™. The final honor bestowed on this arrangement is shading all three patterns with the most historic universal hue of leather, espresso. What you have is Visconti. Honoring the classic art of creating a fascinating product from the most basic of ideas.
Ulysses by Joseph Noble


Joseph Noble

ULYSSES acts on the notion that a classic swirl pattern does not have to be dizzy or random to be beautifully effective. Created exclusively for Joseph Noble in Switzerland, this fabric is woven on an almost invisible monofilament warp, allowing the fill yarns, as well as the pattern, to take on remarkable detail. ULYSSES champions both quality and excellence in its execution. Reversible.
Thoroughbred by Joseph Noble


Joseph Noble

The weaving of THOROUGHBRED starts with long fiber wool yarns that are tight-twisted and woven into cloth. The tight weave prevents penetration of dirt and dust, and the twisting of the thread allows it to naturally resist spills and stains and greatly increases the fabric's life span. Once woven, the fabric is sheared and steam-finished in a tradition that has been pioneered and refined by our mill for decades. This entire process allows THOROUGHBRED to evolve from a woolen felt into a beautifully manicured upholstery and drapery textile. Dependably meeting the stringent standards of ISO certification, our mill reinforces its ongoing commitment to continually improving the environment by reducing its overall energy consumption.
Timeless by Joseph Noble


Joseph Noble

A charismatic chenille like no other. Woven, then washed, then warm-air dried for comfort as well as maximum visual effect. The surface texture comes from the finishing, where the rayon yarns “blossom” during the heat process. Unyieldingly attractive, while remaining appropriately low key. Soft, comfortable and physically inviting. Upholsters like a dream.
Stingray by Joseph Noble


Joseph Noble

Up close, STINGRAY's subtly patterned "skin" reveals a handsome pebbled surface, yet when viewed from a distance, it discloses a surprisingly subtle spinal pattern. Inspired by the winged phantom of the deep, our STINGRAY Technology Leather™ possesses the inherently primitive beauty and grace one might expect from these ghosts of the open seas. STINGRAY is an Interior Design Magazine Merit Award recipient.
Strength by Joseph Noble


Joseph Noble

PVC free product – contains no compounds found in most vinyl-based products. Amazing four-way stretch. Exceeds 100,000 double rubs Wyzenbeek – wire screen. Colorfastness to light. Colorfastness to crocking. Colorfastness to chlorine bleach. Passes the most extreme yarn slippage testing. Excellent breaking and tear strength. Cold-crack resistant. Mildew resistant backing.
Soft by Joseph Noble


Joseph Noble

Further elevating our ever evolving, calm, cool collection of Technology Leathers™ is the introduction of SOFT, a non-PVC alternative that could fool even a seasoned saddle maker. Available in nine great colors, SOFT is one of the key Joseph Noble Technology Leathers™ that continue to be a ‘right place, right time, right price and right look’ kind of product.
Smooth by Joseph Noble


Joseph Noble

SMOOTH has the appearance of a glazed, aniline-dyed, high-end leather. An appropriately polished finish with a strong depth of color. Soft, pliable, easy to handle and a dream to upholster with, SMOOTH is, in many ways, better than real leather.
Simple Garden by Joseph Noble

Simple Garden

Joseph Noble

The pattern is as simple as a forest floor or the hidden brambles of a verdant garden. SIMPLE GARDEN is a subtle replication of nature when she reveals herself at her very best. Contemporary in its simplicity, reinforced through an orderly weaving process and fashioned from only two colors of yarn, SIMPLE GARDEN celebrates a clear “in-nature” design within a highly useable organic context.
Shagreen II by Joseph Noble

Shagreen II

Joseph Noble

Without cannibalizing, our goal was to create a price-aware product that maintained the pebbled texture of the original SHAGREEN. A muscular yet delicate pattern that addresses the definition of what makes up great design. With a rough and granular surface that is both utilitarian and exquisite, the pattern was recognizably significant to both kings and Samurais who used this pattern on their bows, swords and daggers. Considered functionally beautiful, SHAGREEN II from Joseph Noble exceeds 100,000 double rubs Wyzenbeek.
Shagreen by Joseph Noble


Joseph Noble

A muscularly delicate pattern that further clarifies and defines what makes up great design. With a rough and granular surface that is both utilitarian and exquisite, the pattern was recognizably significant to both kings and Samurais who used this pattern on their bows, swords and daggers. Considered functionally beautiful, SHAGREEN from Joseph Noble serves the dual purpose of both a wall covering and upholstery. Exceeds 100,000 double rubs Wyzenbeek.
September by Joseph Noble


Joseph Noble

Designed to honor and maintain the intended visual scale of the original pattern, and at the same time processed to maximize the desired, concentrated bulk of this luxuriously woven upholstery chenille. SEPTEMBER achieves its dense, lush hand through both the washing and the hot air drying of the fabric post-weaving. The end result is one of unalloyed luxury and comfort.
Sauvage by Joseph Noble


Joseph Noble

With typical animal-print textiles, a little goes a long way. SAUVAGE, however, is hardly typical. This is an animal print reduced to its fundamental form — its true nature revealed through abstraction of design and perfect yarn choices. A studied palette of neutral colors acts as the final clarifier to this jacquard weave of cotton and viscose, yielding a refined and elevated expression of essence.
Salon by Joseph Noble


Joseph Noble

Boucle yarn, when woven properly, provides added strength to the overall construction of a textile. SALON personifies a great boucle upholstery fabric -- nubby, artful, textural, strong and durable. Creating a product with a random rib structure makes the fabric more forgiving to wear and stains while the balance of warp and weft form a wonderful fabric that upholsters like a dream.
Rhombus by Joseph Noble


Joseph Noble

It seems like all good design, great design, comes from a strong, clear point of reference. A willingness to communicate beyond the function in a way that was always there but few seemed to notice. RHOMBUS is great design. The pattern, a classic diamond. The colors, amazing in their tonality — both individually and as seen as a complete collection. The yarns, appropriate in scale and usage. The weave, historic. The finish, responsible.
Rare by Joseph Noble


Joseph Noble

A true beauty as well as an instant classic. A 'matelasse' weave, French for meaning padded or cushioned. Originally inspired by the short jackets worn by stable boys in Europe. Honoring clean austerity in its purest form, RARE has the uncommon ability to bridge both "pattern" and "modern" without distraction. Wonderfully seductive in its execution…a rich and handsome weave with an open, honest design. Woven exclusively for Joseph Noble in Switzerland.
Quilted by Joseph Noble


Joseph Noble

A visual testament to the absolute power of technology. Once again, Joseph Noble reaches back to move something into the future, taking something historical and making it appropriate for multiple applications in both contemporary and traditional environments. This amazing vinyl product starts flat and is then sent through a roller press where it ”embosses” the quilted pattern onto the face of the product (amazingly, those are not stitches that separate and define the quilted areas). Color is then applied as a mist numerous times, adding a depth of color and texture to the finished product. A top coat is added for protection with a mildew resistant material applied to the backing.
Pure Wool by Joseph Noble

Pure Wool

Joseph Noble

PURE WOOL is the ultimate renewable product, being both biodegradable and recyclable. Colorized and finished in Scotland using dyes and chemicals that are nationally regulated and non-hazardous across environments. In fact, the effluent from our finisher is so pure that it ends up being discharged into the river Tweed, one of Scotland’s finest salmon fishing rivers. We do not add moth-proof treatment, which is hazardous to the environment -- as well as to the moths. Our wool is grown on grass fed sheep that are not intensively reared. Unlike some of the natural fibers that are grown in soil — cotton, jute, etc — chemicals are not used to help “force” the growing cycle, nor are they fed antibiotics like poultry or cattle. PURE WOOL is created in an ISO9001 environmentally friendly mill. We use natural gas with a low fume emission. Our Ciba Dyes are free of heavy metals and all waste materials are separated to be re-cycled.
Pure Silk by Joseph Noble

Pure Silk

Joseph Noble

A beautiful, plain woven textile with only natural silk in both the warp and fill yarns, PURE SILK is manufactured with no banned chemicals or harmful dye stuffs. All colorants used are Azo-free or low-impact dyes, thereby eliminating any toxic dioxins and heavy metals being put into the environment. Further to this point, PURE SILK is finished with NanoTex™, thereby avoiding additional unhealthy silicones and formaldehydes in — and on — the finished product.
Pure Linen by Joseph Noble

Pure Linen

Joseph Noble

PURE LINEN from Joseph Noble has several strong characteristics that elevate it as a superior upholstery textile. Woven with strong, dense long staple fibers, its sheer weight and bolt mass require two warehouse employees for inspection and transport. PURE LINEN is relatively easy to maintain since it resists dirt and stains, has no lint or pilling tendency and can be dry cleaned for maximum result. It can withstand high temperatures , yields only moderate initial shrinkage and is known for its consistent diameter with almost no noticeable “slubs.” PURE LINEN has a Quality System Approval under ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 14001 and exceeds 90,000 double rubs Wyzenbeek.
Profound by Joseph Noble


Joseph Noble

The last in a series of classic swirl pattern designs, PROFOUND acts the part of the elegant sibling to its muscular counterparts. Woven exclusively for Joseph Noble in Asia, PROFOUND gets its power through an exacting weaving process, added to by the use of high quality silk yarns in both the warp and weft. Once woven, PROFOUND is sent to America for final finishing. Clean, open and honest in its execution and elegantly tailored for maximum visual appeal.
Plastic : Rubber by Joseph Noble

Plastic : Rubber

Joseph Noble

Easy to clean. Easy to love. Love it inside. Love it outside. Dog friendly. Kid friendly. Antimicrobial. Antibacterial. Anti-dirt. Anti-stain. Pro-living. Mold proof. Scratch proof. Long wearing. Quick drying. Affordable. Available. All this, plus a million cool points and its own Twitter account. @PlasticRubber #revolutionary. PLASTIC : RUBBER is an Interior Design Magazine “Best of Year” Honoree.

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