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Vesta Coffee Table by JH2

Vesta Coffee Table


In the Vesta Coffee Table a one fold metal slab cuts through a one fold wood slab to create a fashionable, flush union between two distinct mediums. The geometric harmony serves to exaggerate the unique beauty of each material. All wood reclaimed.
Vela Dining Table  by JH2

Vela Dining Table


The Vela Dining Table is a full‐bodied piece custom made for the gallant designer. Two sets of four, square set, post legs sit solidly beneath a 2" thick, live edge, slab wood top. These forest‐like legs poke through the top creating an interesting checkered detail of contrasting end grain. Seats 8. All wood reclaimed. (8 feet long: $9,800 ‐ 10 feet long: $11,000)
Ursa Dining Table by JH2

Ursa Dining Table


The Ursa Dining Table features the sinuous arc of our signature crescent metal legs. Two oversized, curving, metal frame legs rest lightly beneath a 2" thick, live‐edge, slab wood top. Seats 8. All wood reclaimed.
Tycho Bed  by JH2

Tycho Bed


The Tycho Bed features a 65" wide bookmatched slab of live edge wood, set with a slim metal insert which frames the natural beauty of the rugged edge of this natural timber. Paired with a recessed, floating base, this bed spells out, with nuanced punctuation, the inherent beauty of wood. All wood reclaimed.
Telesto Side Table by JH2

Telesto Side Table


The Telesto Side Table packs a ton of storage into a small, elegant space. Two slim, angular wood shelves, are crowned by a jutting glass top, all held together by two, a‐line, a symmetrical blackened steel legs. The disparity between materials adds complexity to this stylistically harmonious unit. All wood FSC certified.
Rigel Coffee Table  by JH2

Rigel Coffee Table


The Rigel Coffee Table exudes post‐modern beauty. Irreverent and wigy, the one fold, 3/8" metal base floats a top a hidden 2" wood pedestal, and flows naturally into the 1/2" thick glass top. All parts are bisected by a hard selected wood timber. The open frame of this show piece allows you to display and store anything from books to an LP collection. All wood reclaimed.
Puck Coffee Table by JH2

Puck Coffee Table


The Puck Coffee Table, based upon one of JOHN HOUSHMAND's best selling designs, makes a bold statement. Five up‐standing, live edge, wood slabs peek through two, tiered 3/4" thick glass tops to create the soothing illusion of the water's surface. All wood reclaimed.
Pictor Dining Table by JH2

Pictor Dining Table


The Pictor Dining Table features our signature Staple Metal Legs. Two slim metal frame legs of robust 3/8" thick steel, appear to stand pigeon toed at one another, like an awkward ballerina, while supporting a 2" thick live edge, slab wood top. Seats 8. All wood reclaimed.
Pavo Dining Table by JH2

Pavo Dining Table


The Pavo Dining Table is flighty, airy, and fun. Two slim and elegant frame metal legs are supported by a penetrating wood beam, set below a 2" thick live edge, slab top that veers off, indifferent to the straight and narrow. Seats 8. All wood reclaimed.
Pallas Coffee Table by JH2

Pallas Coffee Table


The Pallas Coffee Table is the physical embodiment of separate togetherness. Two, book‐matched wood slabs are held together (and apart) by a hidden metal insert. Similarly, the base is composed of two curved metal legs that create 3/4 of an almost perfect circle. The live edge of the wood top adds a playful touch. All wood reclaimed.
Metis Coffee Table by JH2

Metis Coffee Table


The Metis Coffee Table gives a bird‐eye view of treetops grazing the sky from a more convenient vantage point. Four live edge legs, created from a quad‐cut log, hold up a floating 1/2" glass pane with a slim, recessed metal shelf providing small, hidden storage. All wood reclaimed.
Lyra Dining Table  by JH2

Lyra Dining Table


The Lyra Dining Table sprouts before your very eyes. Four 9" thick square timber posts appear to penetrate a 5/8" thick square top. Four wood caps stand in the middle, a low pedestal to display any centerpiece. Seats 4. All wood reclaimed.
Lexell Bed by JH2

Lexell Bed


Our signature Lexell Bed features a 104" wide bookmatched slab of live edge wood. The top of the headboard is entirely the rugged and rambling edge of the natural tree. Paired with a recessed floating base, this bed brings the outdoors in, in a big way. All wood reclaimed.
Leda Coffee Table by JH2

Leda Coffee Table


Based on one of JOHN HOUSHMAND's classic dining table design, the Leda Coffee Table features four zigzagging glass legs that hold aloft a 1.75" slab wood top. The dancing legs are syncopated slightly so that they serve to highlight the natural beauty of the wood. All wood reclaimed.
Janus Coffee Table  by JH2

Janus Coffee Table


The Janus Coffee Table offers the same aesthetics of its transitory name sake. Each angle of this labyrinthine table is unique. The grain from two asymmetrical 1.75" thick wood legs flow naturally into the slab wood top. 1.25" thick glass shelf for small storage. All wood reclaimed.
Hyperion Coffee Table by JH2

Hyperion Coffee Table


The Hyperion Coffee Table is an statement of polished antithesis. The curved, crescent moon, 3/8" metal legs cut through to the surface of our right‐angled 3/4" slab wood top. The aesthetics of this piece are ethereal and delicate while maintaining robust functionality. All wood reclaimed.
Hydra Dining Table by JH2

Hydra Dining Table


Four, tightly set, frame wood legs give the illusion of sky‐high height on the Hydra Dining Table. Held together by two slim metal beams, this wood cage base holds up a delicate 3/4" glass top. Perfect for a loft apartment or a small breakfast nook. Seats 4. All wood reclaimed.
Grafias Bench by JH2

Grafias Bench


The curved leg, Grafias bench features a beau-ful, crescent moon detail where the 1/2" metal leg bisects the 2" solid slab top. Additional leg made of contrasting end grain with beveled joinery. Seats 6. All reclaimed wood.
Galilei Desk  by JH2

Galilei Desk


The Galilei Desk is an aesthetic embodiment of the balance between work and play. An oversized, metal frame leg is light and airy, juxtaposed by a 2" thick, slab wood, one fold top that hides a recessed, open frame metal storage area. All wood reclaimed.
Capella Bench by JH2

Capella Bench


Based upon one of JOHNHOUSHMAND's classic designs, the Capella bench is a contemporary interpretation of live edge wood. Featuring two asymmetrical, angular legs, the grain flows directly into the 2" solid slab top crea-ng a seamless effect. Seats 4. All reclaimed wood.
Callisto Coffee Table by JH2

Callisto Coffee Table


The Callisto Coffee Table uses perfect proportions and craftsmanship to provide you with the impossible. A 1" thick frame leg staples through a 1.75" slab wood top while a 12.75" thick end grain -mber leg seems to rise from the tabletop as out of the water. This cheeky piece is unique and functional. All reclaimed wood.
Bopp Nesting Table by JH2

Bopp Nesting Table


The Bopp Nesting Table is part of a set of three modular tables created for the urban dweller and habitual entertainer. When placed together, these nesting tables create an elegant cascading effect from the repetition of the slim, elegant metal frame. Alone they stand out as a sleek, sophisticated place to showcase book and other decorative items. All wood reclaimed.
Bessel Desk by JH2

Bessel Desk


The Bessel Desk was created especially for the contemporary intellectual. Unencumbered by material concerns, this refined, minimalist design, includes two pencil drawers for small storage, leaving the focus on the task at hand. The metal frame provides a clean support system. All wood reclaimed.
Atik bench by JH2

Atik bench


The wandering Atik bench features an artfully crafted eight corner, 1/2" thick, maze‐like metal leg that wraps flush around our 2" slab top. Additional leg made of contrasting end grain with beveled joinery. Seats 5. All reclaimed wood.

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