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Vsquares by Island Stone


Island Stone

VSquares, a new twist on Island Stones innovative VTile design, creates a varied relief pattern that intertwines across a surface. The square pieces, wedged in diverging angles, create a non-directional design distinctively different from the classic linear nature of our original VTile and Rustic formats. A versatile new design appropriate for interior and exterior commercial and residential projects.
Parallels V by Island Stone

Parallels V

Island Stone

A new dimensional cladding from Island Stone, Parallels V integrates the dynamic relief of our wedge designs into the parallels meshed arrangement of strips of varying width. The resulting design creates a dynamic interplay between flat and dimensional surfaces that flow linearly across a wall.
Absolute Pebble by Island Stone

Absolute Pebble

Island Stone

Pebble of equal radius placed in rows to create a unique geometrical designed pebble surface
Silver Quartzitic Slate Strip Clad. by Island Stone

Silver Quartzitic Slate Strip Clad.

Island Stone

Strip Tile creates an exceptional surface. With a finished look of a solid stone wall, the versatile arrangement options offer endless potential to design incredible installations. The natural highlights of our Strip tiles produces amazing effect that changes subtly with both natural and artificial lighting.
Java Grey Perfect Pebble by Island Stone

Java Grey Perfect Pebble

Island Stone

Perfect Pebble Tile remains the premier pebble tile in the world. Pebbles are individually sorted to insure only using pebbles displaying the highest quality, size, color and flatness. These small, premium pebbles are placed in our proprietary interlocking shape to create a pebble tile of unmatched consistency and quality.
Perfect Pebble Tile by Island Stone

Perfect Pebble Tile

Island Stone

sland Stone invented the "pebble tile" in 1998 and our Perfect Pebble Tile remains the premier pebble tile in the world. Pebbles are individually sorted to insure only using pebbles displaying the highest quality, size, color and flatness. These small, premium pebbles are placed in our proprietary interlocking shape to create a pebble tile of unmatched consistency and quality.
Rustic II Tropical White by Island Stone

Rustic II Tropical White

Island Stone

Shaped like a wedge, the Rustic II is made up of pieces that are thin at one end and thick at the other adding a stunning three dimensional relief to a wall. Distinguished by a honed surface of carefully chosen stones
Vtile II by Island Stone

Vtile II

Island Stone

The Vtile™ II adds a new dimension to the widely popular Vtile™ range. Shaped like a wedge, slightly longer than the Vtile, the Vtile II™ is thin at one end and thick at the other adding a stunning three dimensional relief to a wall. Island Stone's newest and most innovative product group in the Cladding Series, the Vtile™ is possibly the most versatile of all our tile products. Naturally, visually dramatic, Vtile™ offers a wide range of different approaches to arrangements. Each tile is solid stone, offering subtle color highlights and natural surface texture that enhance its unique shape
Level pebble by Island Stone

Level pebble

Island Stone

Level Pebble meshes the aesthetic of our Perfect Pebble with the flawless flat surface of our Random tiles. It is the ideal solution for customers who require a flatter surface, yet desire the appearance of natural pebble. Utilizing our original interlocking pattern, this addition to our Pebble Series opens up a new realm of surfacing possibilities.
Avant by Island Stone


Island Stone

The distinctive hues of our most popular natural stones are punctuated by rich translucent glass in a mosaic of rectangles in our new Avant tile. This offering is the perfect blend of classic elegance and contemporary arrangement, sure to inspire the most discerning designer.
Parallels by Island Stone


Island Stone

Our new Parallels Cladding arranges varying widths of natural-face stone strips in an offset pattern, creating a natural and subtly distinctive surface. The natural dynamic of the stone, with its slight variation in thickness, make for a beautiful modern look reminding one of a stone wall found in nature. Parallels Cladding builds on the continuing success of our Strip Cladding, yet is even easier to install in both interior and exterior uses.
STack Tile by Island Stone

STack Tile

Island Stone

Stack Mosaics uses a wedge-shaped tile to create a unique stepped pattern. Stacked Mosaic's stepped relief enhances the way light plays on the natural tones and highlights of the stone. Mosaic Stack can be laid vertically or horizontally in any feature wall or backsplash application.
Wave Tile by Island Stone

Wave Tile

Island Stone

The Mosaic Wave Tile uses wedge-shaped honed stone squares, that when mosaiced together, create a unique wavy surface. The angle adds another dimension as the light catches and enhances the color and texture variations of the natural stone. The powerful impact of the three dimensional relief created by the wave textured brings to life a surface like never before. Use Wave Mosaic tiles to create a feature wall or an entrance that defines your home, commercial hotel foyer or retail showroom.
Basket Weave by Island Stone

Basket Weave

Island Stone

Basket Weave joins Island Stone's Classic Mosaic Squares with our exclusive Strip Pebble designs in a checkerboard pattern. The contrasting dynamic of the natural pebble surface with the precision cut squares has an originally artistic, yet personable appeal.
edge tile by Island Stone

edge tile

Island Stone

The Edge is a new look achieved by slicing strips from large blocks of stone and mounting them so the smooth cut face is exposed. The original rough surface becomes the outlining feature of each individual piece.
Linear Interlock by Island Stone

Linear Interlock

Island Stone

Our innovative Linear Interlock Mosaic is made with varying widths of rectangular natural stone formatted on a single tile to produce a unique and stunning effect. Whether laid vertically or horizontally the powerful impact of the varying shapes creates a unique personality to a wall or surface.
Classic by Island Stone


Island Stone

Traditional and still useful, the Classic Square glass mosaic has a modern Beach Tile Glass surface. This playful 2" square mosaic design offers a personalized modern appearance while maintaining the original appeal that has made the Classic format a standard in glass tile design.
Streamline by Island Stone


Island Stone

The Streamline glass mosaic takes the directional appeal of long rectangular shapes and shrinks them down to fit a pattern with a 33% offset between the rows. The soft color pallet and unique personality of our beach glass texture subtly tones down the powerful geometry of the design to create an inspiring look. A great option for creating stunning backsplashes or bathroom walls.
Strand by Island Stone


Island Stone

The long rectangular lines of the Strand, combined the the surface texture of our Beach Tile Group, gives you an elegant opportunity to enhance your designs. From stacking vertically to create a modern look, to offsetting for a more classically recognized surface, Strand's linear form offers a wealth of design opportunities.
Beach Tile by Island Stone

Beach Tile

Island Stone

With a surface inspired by the beauty of glass tumbled by the sea, the Beach Tile Group is a complete tile range of squares, rectangles and trims. Beach Tiles offer a rich, natural pallet of 25 colors that vary from soft and subtle to powerful and vibrant. Special backing reflects light to maximize the brightness in a room. Choose a single color, or match similar shades for a subtle look. You can even use contrasting colors for a more dramatic effect.
Boulevard by Island Stone


Island Stone

The Boulevard Tile combines two widths of offset rectangular glass, the main body surfaced like the Beach Tile, and accented with a smaller glossy rectangle of the same color. The contemporary style created from the interlocked tiles is enhanced by the unique color and texture of the glass. Special backing reflects light to maximize the brightness in a room. Our glass tiles are very popular for bathroom or other water related installations.
Linear by Island Stone


Island Stone

The Linear Glass Tile group combines varying rectangular widths of glass with Island Stone's interlocking concept to produce a unique and stunning effect for any shower stall or feature wall. The contemporary style is enhanced by seven great colors and the same texture as the Beach Tile glass. A special backing helps to reflect the given light and enhance the depth of color in the tile. Incredibly popular for bathrooms or other water related installations.
Artifact by Island Stone


Island Stone

Artifact is a unique and abstract tile with a subtly frosted surface. With colors chosen to reflect the playful nature of this contemporary tile, it is the perfect choice for a modern shower or kitchen.This tile creates a surface that appears as if each small tile was custom created to perfectly fit together. Use this unprecedented tile design to create an environment that looks as if it was handcrafted by the most talented craftsmen.
Waveline by Island Stone


Island Stone

[Breeze] Color: Breeze Size: 13"x13" Code: bg4bree Waveline steps away from the common "square" nature of tile to offer a modern look to glass tile surfaces. When placed together, the unusual angle of the shapes create a wave pattern that is reminiscent of flowing water. Naturally, the Waveline is a popular choice for bathrooms or any water related installation.

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