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Alentejo table lamp has the similar conceptual approach of the typical cork oaks trees we find in the South of Portugal, originally made by the Alentejo side table. Overlapped on branches opened in obtuse angles, the canopies are separated from their support bases, being gracefully balanced above the ground.



Figueroa sofa has the same lines of the original armchair. The exterior represents the long curves of Figueroa mountain while the mountainside ripples were placed on the inside. The top features the great bow of the skyline and the yellow tone of the ground is replaced by the base in brushed brass.
Figueroa | Armchair by INSIDHERLAND

Figueroa | Armchair


Located in the sunny California the charming Figueroa Mountain is a magical landscape that led to the creation of the Figueroa armchair. The long curves of this mountain were taken to the armchair’s exterior and the mountainside ripples, that seem to have been dug by large fingers coming from the sky, were placed on the inside.
Navajo Canyon | Cabinet by INSIDHERLAND

Navajo Canyon | Cabinet


Diné Bikeyah or Navajoland is located in the United States of America. In this impressive territory we find Navajo Canyon, a magnificent cliff formation. The sandstone canyon high waved walls in brownish red and white tones contrasting with Lake Powell’s blue waters perform an impressive sight.
Alentejo | Side Table by INSIDHERLAND

Alentejo | Side Table


Alentejo side table is a glimpse over the South of Portugal where thousands of cork oaks trees raise their canopies to the sky. Overlapped on branches opened in obtuse angles, the canopies are separated from their support bases, being gracefully balanced above the ground. These typical trees seem like tables spread across the horizon.
Western | Sofa by INSIDHERLAND

Western | Sofa


Western sofa is similar to the original design of the Western armchair that rescues the image of a cowboy hat standing in a saddle rack. The top performs the concave hat with rounded tabs and the band around it turns into a comfortable cushion. The base in walnut approaches the structure and color of the saddle rack.
Tree branches wall lamp by INSIDHERLAND

Tree branches wall lamp


The Tree Branches wall lamp handcrafted in hammered patinated brass is a conceptual approach, designed to recreate the sunbeams that pierce the density of forests. The clean lines of this stylish piece have the same technique of the original side table.
inspiring trees - floor lamp by INSIDHERLAND

inspiring trees - floor lamp


PRODUCT DETAILS Top: handcrafted in hammered brass. Base: handcrafted in polished brass. PRODUCT OPTIONS Top and base: hammered, pricked, brushed, aged brushed or oxidized brushed brass/copper/steel.
Western - armchair by INSIDHERLAND

Western - armchair


The unquestionable form of Western armchair suddenly appeared in the mind of the creator and the creative process had to be focused on absorbing the most dominant features of the cowboy hat and the saddle rack to transform that simple, yet challenging, image into a functional Piece of Art.
Tuna kvarn - mirror by INSIDHERLAND

Tuna kvarn - mirror


After creating the bookcase Into the Woods to represent a long walk through the Swedish woods towards the top a mountain, Joana Santos Barbosa conceived the mirror Tuna Kvarn to show what she saw while reaching the top. The irregular forms of the frozen lake, created by a simple mirror, are as faithful to reality as the distant memory allowed.
into the woods | bookcase by INSIDHERLAND

into the woods | bookcase


Joana Santos Barbosa creates ‘Into the Woods’ to celebrate the charm of Nordic nature. Each vertical element extends an arm of stylized blades in oxidized brushed brass designed to freely touch the remaining tree trunks and each organic element was designed to create a variety of shadows that move according to the lights of the surrounding space.
tree branches - mirror by INSIDHERLAND

tree branches - mirror


The mirror ‘Tree Branches’ adds the missing piece to the wreath of leaves left incomplete in the side table with the same name. The handmade traditional art of marquetry is the queen of the set by putting together 3 different tones and shapes of burned rosewood, ebony and olive tree in half gloss finish that imitate the dry touch of autumnal leaves
The special tree - sideboard by INSIDHERLAND

The special tree - sideboard


The Special Tree sideboard is a redesign of the cabinet with the same name. Featuring the Summer season, three types of exotic roots in their natural color in high gloss finish cover this creation and the base with tree trunks are finished in oxidized brushed brass. In the center, the most special tree preserves the subtle carved jewelry work.

NA PALI Tables


Numerous sculpted needles extend across the towering cliffs of the breathtaking Na Pali Coast. The Na Pali tables recreate the seamless parallel throughout the slope, as if each needle had been highlighted from the weight of the surrounding mountainous. The connection between the walnut pieces in half gloss varnish appears reduced in oxidized brass



The Rock stool is a reinterpretation of the Three Rocks tables concept. To know more about the Three Rocks tables please consult the details. Rock is a stool with the same form of the smaller table of the Three Rocks set. The irregular shapes of the side table were originally created to allow that a unique design could have two different functionalities depending on the chosen finish. The handcrafted upholstery work involves this unusual creation in a soft velvet touch that turns the sharp edges into smooth transitions.
Inspiring Trees Wall Lamp by INSIDHERLAND

Inspiring Trees Wall Lamp


The Inspiring Trees wall lamp is a reinterpretation of the Inspiring Trees table lamp concept. To know more about the Inspiring Trees table lamp please consult the details. Inspiring Trees table lamp is reinvented into a wall lamp. Geometric and seemingly minimal is fully handcrafted in brushed brass finished in gloss varnish and recreates a vertical ‘treetop’. The light is distributed by the several levels and diffuses controlled by the geometry of the overlapping pieces, lighting the surrounding space in an unexpectedly way; almost ethereal.

Na Pali Sofa


The Na Pali sofa is a reinterpretation of the Na Pali armchair concept. To know more about the Na Pali armchair please consult the details. Inspired by the legend of the two goddess that fought over the great Na Pali Coast, Na Pali sofa portrays the mystique of the dramatic verdant valleys, striated walls and sharp ridges. The wooden sides extend as cliffs, the front feet get the form of the numerous sculpted needles across the landscape and the handcrafted work in velvet combines the variations of the vast range of Na Pali Coast colours so that humans may sit like gods on the towering cliffs.

Na Pali


Na Pali is a piece that challenges the viewer to discover its sharp cuts and grooves extending continuously around, made by a handcrafted work in cotton velvet which combines the variations of the vast range of Na Pali Coast colors resulting from the change of direction of the rays of the sun, the movement of clouds and ocean color.   The comfort of the armchair Na Pali is deeply connected with the features of striated mountains, sharp ridges, deep valleys and furrows dug by dizzying tropical waterfalls, so that humans may sit like gods on the towering cliffs.
Inspiring Trees by INSIDHERLAND

Inspiring Trees


Inspiring Trees is the essence of a personal fascination. Slender, geometric and seemingly minimal, is a lighting piece fully executed in brass which carries form, image and meaning and wants to pass a message of equality among the numerous species of trees without highlighting any particular example or feature. In the 'treetop', the detailed hammered handcrafted work for visual transformation of the material, captures the richness of light and shadows present in any real tree, leaving a serene brightness take care of its trunk and base. The light is distributed by the three levels of the 'treetop' and diffuses, controlled by the geometry of several overlapping pieces, lighting the surrounding space in an unexpectedly way; almost ethereal.



The Osani Circle photograph was taken by Belgian anthropologist Jean-Pierre Hallet in the 1960s (All Rights Reserved: see below); Hallet lived many years with the Efé and loved their community traditions. He was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize while working to ensure their survival. In 2013, the human circle inspires Joana Santos Barbosa to create a round mirror that represents the spirit of mutual help in this tribe, thought to be one of the oldest on earth.   The ebony veneer captures the effect of the childrens’ outstretched legs around the center, and the aged gold leaf brings to mind the soles of their feet and their sun-bleached heads.   The circle is the perfect form in which no side stands out. Like every child, every part of this mirror becomes essential to its balance where the flow of energy around center is identical and of equal value; without beginning or end.

Three Rocks


From The Special Tree, Fallen Leaves on the water reflected the faces of two lovers as mirrors, while others fighters still remained in some Tree Branches. Completing that scenario, a few leaves were on the center of the lake stretched over Three Rocks of different sizes, sparkling by water that ran on them.   The robust volumes, with their shapes irregularly cut, are finished in smoky brown birds eye veneer in high gloss varnish. The small dotted nodules of this veneer resembling the texture of a true rock and the high gloss finish to the lake water, making of these three tables almost an exact picture of the idyllic and passionate vision of that lake in autumn. Fallen freely on each of the three tables, we find small leaves embedded by the hands of a craftsman with the art of marquetry. The work is performed entirely by hand with wisdom and perfection so the observer loses himself in this story in which nature and love don’t have barriers and celebrate the marriage between reality and fiction.



Inspired by the trees that in autumn hold their foliage with difficulty, Tree Branches transmits the nakedness of the season, establishing a balance between the structure organization and the free will of the other elements through the minimal contact between the parts. Entirely handcrafted using traditional techniques like marquetry and hammered metal, Tree Branches is an extremely elegant side table. Three ​​vertical 'branches' in hammered brass are elevated by three ​​identical diagonals 'branches' that contact with the ground, creating the illusion that the vertical 'branches' ​​are keystones to balance the slender structure. The creator devoted herself so carefully to the connection between the elements as to the emptiness between them, drawing an incomplete crown of leaves that allows a better view of small leaves distributed by several minor branches, still resistant to the passage of the season. All leaves are exquisitely executed in wood with bevelled finish in rosewood, ebony and olive tree veneer in half gloss varnish, covered by a glass top which reinforces the thin image of the set.

FALLEN LEAVES - Special Edition


The wind passage among the branches of five trees by a lake caused the spinning fall of five leaves of different shapes. Fallen Leaves were removed from the water still dotted with small drops like real mirrors eager to reflect the eyes of two young lovers and to tell a paragraph of their love story.   The natural aging revealed by the broken tips of these leaves is created by the hand carved structure with the wisdom of master craftsmen, whose hands give life to the details of the natural drawings, and where the gradients in warm tones of gold and copper leaf finish in high gloss varnish extol the reflection of water between brushstrokes coming from the spectacular palette of autumnal colors.   Nothing ends. Even at the end of life, leaves with beautiful burned and aged edges by the passing of the seasons, are a paradox with more vivid colors than ever, revealing memories that inspire the creation of pieces where that fleeting image will remain intact as if we were allowed to stop the time.   Bringing these pieces from the richest season of the year to the comfort of the interior, the orientation of the five mirrors is free as if we photographed the leaves in free fall, creating many combinations possibilities.
The Special Tree by INSIDHERLAND

The Special Tree


The Special Tree is a tree in which two lovers write the promise of an everlasting love; a small tree on the bank of a lake that stands out as the center of a geometrized composition. Five ‘cups’ on top of 'trunks' in polished copper, form an imposing grove with the splendor of autumn colors in a mysterious creation where a high gloss finish makes us foresee its own reflection on the water’s surface.   As in the autumnal palette, each one of the 'trees' of this creation has its appearance and its color, dialoguing with one another in a smooth degrade that celebrates the harmony of the season. The craftsmanship on exotic roots and leaves emphasizes the rich tonal variations and creates ripples that remind us of the wind flow among the branches causing the swirl fall of dry leaves on the water.   In a work of jewelry, the organic base in polished copper that appears to be a piece of damp earth near the lake, is chiseled with five types of fallen leaves of each one of the species, a work that is repeated in the carved recording of the creation’s name in the ‘trunk’ of The Special Tree.

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