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Hästens Superia II by HASTENS BEDS

Hästens Superia II


As the name suggests, the Hästens Superia II is a frame bed that is superior to the rest. Superia II contains Hästens’ double patented spring systems. Just like any other component in a Hästens bed, the springs are a science in themselves, and are one of the most important parts of your bed. The springiness, durability and “softness” of the springs are key factors when it comes to how well you sleep at night and, in turn, how good you feel during the day. The newly-developed spring systems, combined with our comfortable natural materials, mean you can enjoy a bed that is even more exclusive, flexible and pressure-relieving than before. Quite simply, the Hästens Superia II offers a sleeping experience on a whole new level.
Hästens Vividus by HASTENS BEDS

Hästens Vividus


Hästens’ master craftsmen and product developers have spent two years experimenting with different combinations of horsehair, cotton, flax and wool to find the perfect balance. The result is a bed which lifts your body and provides support, while allowing you to sink deep down and relax. No compromises The bed is built entirely by hand, using proven techniques and the finest natural materials. No corners were cut when creating the Vividus. Hästens has created the very best bed, using the expertise it has gained from 150 years of making beds. Generations of craftsmanship skills and attention to quality have been handed down to Hästens’ bed makers.
Hästens Luxuria  by HASTENS BEDS

Hästens Luxuria


Hästens Luxuria is an incredibly comfortable bed, hand-stuffed with horsehair and carefully selected natural materials. Hästens’ unique patented spring system working in conjunction with natural stuffing material makes Luxuria extremely pliable. Luxuria has stretch upholstery for increased pliability, and handles on the sides of the mattress. A bed that takes your sleep and your well-being to a whole new level. Only natural materials Cotton, flax and pure new wool are materials that come from nature – just like you. So when you choose a Hästens Luxuria (or any bed from Hästens), you can sleep well knowing that your bed is completely free from all types of foam rubber, polyurethane and latex. Natural lasts longest!
Hästens Auroria by HASTENS BEDS

Hästens Auroria


How well did you sleep last night? Perhaps the best way of answering the question is remembering how you felt this morning, as you awoke. Inspired by the morning light, the all-new Hästens Auroria is designed to give you truly beautiful mornings – whether you need to rush off to work or have the time to enjoy breakfast in bed. So how, exactly, does Hästens Auroria improve your nights, and thus, your mornings? First of all, there’s the stable base, with a wood frame and a 13 cm bonell spring system providing the perfect foundation for comfort.
Hästens Proferia by HASTENS BEDS

Hästens Proferia


Hästens Proferia is an all-new, all-natural addition to Hästens’ line of continental beds. If the best imaginable sleeping comfort is what you’re after – well, then most likely this is the bed for you. Hästens Proferia, like all Hästens beds, is built by hand by highly skilled craftsmen. All assembly is done manually, ensuring the highest quality, and the mattress is sewn entirely by hand. With Hästens Proferia, we have taken the best of the base techniques from the 2000T II, such as the double spring system. This is one of the features that give you that deep sense of comfort, with its excellent softness, pliability and long lifespan
Hästens 2000T II by HASTENS BEDS

Hästens 2000T II


Hästens 2000T II is one of Hästens’ most exclusive beds, featuring exquisite detail and unique design. The fact that it is also the bed of your dreams goes without saying. We have developed a unique layering method, which gives the bed extra softness and pliability. It doesn’t matter how much you turn in bed, you always get the proper support. Hästens 2000T II, with the unique top mattress BJX Luxury, is perfect for those of you who are particularly exacting when it comes to comfort.

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