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Saxon Drapery Hardware by Hartmann&Forbes

Saxon Drapery Hardware


Since the industrial revolution, German engineering has been renowned for precision design. Over the past 150 years, it has lead to the invention and refinement of many luxuries that enhance day-to-day life. The Saxon Drapery Hardware Collection was German engineered and built to the highest standards of performance and design. It includes beautifully hand crafted woods with a variety of exquisite finishes and luminously hand finished metal hardware ranging in style from traditional to modern.
EcoWeave Collection by Hartmann&Forbes

EcoWeave Collection


Mid-century homes introduced new designs and floor plans, and developed new patterns of living. Expansive windows, open spaces, central courtyards invited the outside in as never before. It’s this mid-century ideal of welcoming the outdoors in that inspired our EcoWeave Collection. As rollershades or Panelscreens, EcoWeave offers outward visibility while filtering up to 99% of the sun’s harmful rays. Light play, architectural clean lines and German-loom precision are part of the attraction, but not the collection’s hallmark. Designed with sustainability in mind, many of the EcoWeave fabrics are free of silicon, halogen and PVC, or are GreenGuard certified.
ColourWeave Collection by Hartmann&Forbes

ColourWeave Collection


Color has long been used to heighten the senses, relax the mind and brighten the mood. Imagine the energy lavish color once brought to the Greek temples. Or its symbolism for the Ming Dynasty when only the emperor’s relatives could have homes with red walls and yellow roof tiles. Inspired by the way color has fed the spirit, we offer our ColourWeave Collection. Using techniques passed down for generations, our craftsmen weave hand split sustainable bamboo on traditional handlooms. The material is then transferred to our finishing facility where our artisans hand paint the bamboo canvas with low or no VOC paints that meet or exceed LEED environmental standards.
PapyrusWeave Collection by Hartmann&Forbes

PapyrusWeave Collection


Ancient and elegant, papyrus was the world’s first paper. It carried decrees from rulers, religious and philosphical writings, even musical notes. It took thousands of years before China bettered it. But even today, there’s no replacing its simplicity and purity. It’s from this Egyptian creation, we found inspiration for our PapyrusWeave Collection. Using woven jute and pulp fiber, this collection is richly varied, drawing from over 20 different cultures. The influence of Asian silks, Navajo weaves, European tapestries and Ottoman rugs add to this collection’s uniqueness. Traditional techniques are used to weave each piece before it is hand finished.
HandWoven Collection by Hartmann&Forbes

HandWoven Collection


Long before the industrial revolution, Westerners crossed unforgiving deserts, thick equatorial jungles and ship-swallowing seas for the superior weaves of the Far East. And no wonder. According to ancient writings, the art of weaving natural fibers by hand is believed to date back to 800 BC. Our Handwoven Collection celebrates and helps preserve this art still practiced in many of the provinces today. At our weaving facilities, the loom masters use techniques passed down through generations to hand weave natural fibers. Later, craftsmen in our finishing facility handcraft each window covering to the designers’ precise specifications.
KottaWeave Collection by Hartmann&Forbes

KottaWeave Collection


During a peaceful and prosperous time in Japan, the miyabi concept of refinement, elegance, awareness and simplicity was born. This uniquely Japanese ideal inspired the elegant KottaWeave Collection. Using hand weaving techniques established over 1,200 years ago, our artisans gracefully blend past and present with tactile elements in a backdrop of refinement. Jute, a naturally thick and strong fiber, makes up the foundation. It’s spun into yarn and handwoven into a light and airy textile-like weave. The interwoven natural filaments, such as river reeds and leather, give these select weaves depth and texture.
ErtheWeave Collection by Hartmann&Forbes

ErtheWeave Collection


Pharaohs, kings, rulers and royalty. Luxurious textiles of the Old World were reserved for the elite, divine and wealthy. Seldom seen outside museum walls, these magnificent weaves appear unmistakably delicate and fine, yet endure years of wear. With such textiles in mind, we scoured Europe, Egypt, India, Asia and South America for the finest materials from which to create our ErtheWeave Collection – an embodiment of Old World fabric textures and artistry. With select materials like provincial European wools and cotton, handwoven Asian silks and bamboo, as well as elegantly refined linens, our ErtheWeave Collection, true to name, draws on global textile traditions.
Liniedge Collection by Hartmann&Forbes

Liniedge Collection


The first handwoven natural fabrics were created centuries ago by artisans using simple, organic tools and wooden looms. Passed down from generation to generation, these traditional techniques are the inspiration behind our highly authentic and distinctive Liniedge Collection. The hallmark of the Liniedge Collection is the loom-finished edge. Best-in-class sustainable fibers are custom woven to size using a meticulous technique of looping weft fibers at each edge, then shuttling them back through the loom to create a continuous warp-edge finish. Each custom weave is then finished to exact specifications by master craftsmen in the Pacific Northwest. As a result, each shade or drapery becomes an original and enduring work of art.

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