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Cascade Ceiling Flush Mount by Fire Farm Lighting

Cascade Ceiling Flush Mount

Fire Farm Lighting

Here are beautiful and distinctive options to easily slipcover any existing ceiling fixture. The Cascade features these same materials in three hanging tiers. All shades come with a universal hardwire kit which fits any kind of traditional ceiling fixture fitter. Shades are easily removable for dry cleaning. Bored with your ceiling fixtures? Make your room glow again with a new Fire Farm lampshade! Ceiling Fixture Retrofit Lampshades come in a variety of flowing designs guaranteed to update any room for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a complete fixture and hiring an electrician to install it. We provide a simple kit to adapt our shades to almost any size existing ceiling fixture. Make a change!
Kyoto Wall Sconce by Fire Farm Lighting

Kyoto Wall Sconce

Fire Farm Lighting

The four wall sconces, two table lamps and pendant that make up the Kyoto collection are all crafted from a powder-coat bronze painted metal frame and a styrene-backed flower petal paper light diffuser. Compact fluorescent versions of the sconces are available upon request. The S4 body type may be installed horizontally as a vanity sconce if specified with compact fluorescent sockets.
Small Adagio Chandelier (60-C) by Fire Farm Lighting

Small Adagio Chandelier (60-C)

Fire Farm Lighting

The geometric silk shades of the Adagio chandelier float from delicate aircraft cables. Height is adjustable and the shade is available in two sizes of Chandelier and two sizes of flush mount ceiling shades. Shades are removable for dry cleaning.
Small Jak Wall Sconce (31-S) by Fire Farm Lighting

Small Jak Wall Sconce (31-S)

Fire Farm Lighting

The Jak emits the deep, warm glow of burning embers through its crumpled shade of brass, copper or stainless steel mesh. Choose from either a silver or rust colored backplate and two sizes of shade. Convert any of our innovative sconce designs into a triple and light your vanity. Mix with matching pendants, chandelier and portables. This wall sconce meets ADA requirements.
Bella Luna Chandelier (55-P) by Fire Farm Lighting

Bella Luna Chandelier (55-P)

Fire Farm Lighting

The Bella Luna creates a light worthy of its name, beautiful moon. A simple silver metal frame elegantly suspends the shade which comes in white, bronze or gold dupioni silk, or in natural hemp muslin. Shades are removable for dry cleaning.
Small Punta De Luce Ceiling Pendant by Fire Farm Lighting

Small Punta De Luce Ceiling Pendant

Fire Farm Lighting

The Punta De Luce radiates a warm romantic glow. Both the pendant and sconce are available in two sizes. The large size features silver metal scroll work above the shade and is available in gold and bronze silk as well as natural hemp muslin. The smaller size does not feature the metal scroll work and is available in gold, white and bronze silk as well as plain natural hemp muslin. Shades are removable for dry cleaning.
Broadway Wall Sconce (9J-S) by Fire Farm Lighting

Broadway Wall Sconce (9J-S)

Fire Farm Lighting

The Broadway is mid-century styled sconce with contrasting brown trim. The sconce can be mounted up or down. Choose linen shade of flax white, green, orange or blue and a rust or white back plate. Matching pendants and table lamps available.
Sig Table Lamp (9Z-T) by Fire Farm Lighting

Sig Table Lamp (9Z-T)

Fire Farm Lighting

The Sig table lamp consists of alternating bands of painted metal and a matte frosted polycarbonate. One version comes in brushed nickel finish and the other comes in sunrise colors; metal bands of red, orange and yellow with the yellow on the top. The bulb is located at the base of the lamp and a spot bulb in the base creates the best effect in this lamp, lighting the ceiling above like a torchiere. A Hi/Lo dimmer switch is located on the cord. Also available as a pendant.
Casbah Ceiling Pendant (1K-P) by Fire Farm Lighting

Casbah Ceiling Pendant (1K-P)

Fire Farm Lighting

Bring North African mystery to your project with the Casbah series. Evocative of Middle Eastern filigree work, the rust-colored metal encloses a parchment paper shade that diffuses and patterns light. Casbah is available as a table lamp, ceiling pendant, and wall sconce.
Star Wall Sconce (19-S) by Fire Farm Lighting

Star Wall Sconce (19-S)

Fire Farm Lighting

Light sparkles through the hand-pleated folds of our Star Wall Sconce. Choose brass, copper or stainless steel shade and rust or silver back plate. Mix with matching pendants and portables.
Twig Ceiling Pendant (1L-P) by Fire Farm Lighting

Twig Ceiling Pendant (1L-P)

Fire Farm Lighting

Twig is a perfect addition to an entranceway or living room: anywhere this conversation piece can garner delight and surprise. As much a kinetic sculpture as light fixture, the interlocking "twigs" hover around the central bulb. Hung above eye level, the bright unfiltered light will glow against the ceiling and nearby walls. Available in black, white, and red.
Japanese Lantern Wall Sconce (89-S) by Fire Farm Lighting

Japanese Lantern Wall Sconce (89-S)

Fire Farm Lighting

Modern materials give this traditional Japanese Wall Sconce a new life. The shade has pressed flowers while the natural reed handle supports the rust colored metal frame. This wall sconce meets ADA requirements.
Reed Sconce (1S) by Fire Farm Lighting

Reed Sconce (1S)

Fire Farm Lighting

The mellow feel of the natural thatch reeds is enhanced by the soft light filtered through the inside diffuser. The closer to the ceiling the fixture is hung, the more distinct are the radiant beams of light reflected through the open top reeds. The reeds of this sconce are left free at the top, and stabilized at the bottom by an inside diffuser creating a warm glow. The shade measures 3" wide across the bottom, to 9" wide at the top.
Project 2511.002 by Fire Farm Lighting

Project 2511.002

Fire Farm Lighting

A Maya-Romanoff beaded wall covering adhered to 4'x8' acrylic panels makes a dramatic focal point for a hotel lobby. This is just one example of how we can utilize unusual combinations of materials to produce striking effects. The sculpture pieces are lit externally by small spot lights and are shown in aquamarine, one of many available colors. Each panel sold separately.
Project 2619 by Fire Farm Lighting

Project 2619

Fire Farm Lighting

A very clean, contemporary, yet ethereal lighting solution to surround a column over a reception desk. An inner box shade of frosted white acrylic is surrounded by a perforated stainless steel outer shade 1 inch larger in all dimensions. The spacing between the two shade layers allows shimmering moire patterns to develop as the viewer walks around the fixture. The perfectly even glow in this very tight diffuser space was created using LED light strips as the illumination source. This is an excellent example of the right application of a specific new technology to a very challenging lighting condition. This evenly-lit effect could only have been achieved with an LED source. The fixture is suspended by fine aircraft cables allowing the fixture to float almost invisibly overhead.
Lotus 24632 by Fire Farm Lighting

Lotus 24632

Fire Farm Lighting

The Lotus fixture is a good example of our floating frame type construction where we suspend a bottom frame from a top frame and use soft fabric sides to create the volume of the fixture. The bottom pattern is a metal frame work that is powder coat painted. The side fabric diffusers are NFPA fire rated fabrics. The bottom diffuser is cream acrylic.
Jellyfish 3060-001 by Fire Farm Lighting

Jellyfish 3060-001

Fire Farm Lighting

Inspired by ethereal jellyfish, five of these fixtures now hang together in the Bahamas. The design required a tall centerpiece that looked great at all angles, since it fills a four-floor-high atrium space. Very fine stainless steel wire cloth mesh hangs from an acrylic formed "body" lined with dichroic film. Varying adjustable cord lengths up to 45ft.
Project 2702 by Fire Farm Lighting

Project 2702

Fire Farm Lighting

Built for a sleek, contemporary bar located in the Caribbean, this long, curved fixture of pleated white fabric follows the footprint of the bar below. To minimize construction and shipping costs, the over-300"-long fixture was constructed in five sections, yet weighs less than 300 lbs when put together. Each section housed 4 x 100W 22V E27 incandescent bulbs evenly distributed along the length.
Project 3215 by Fire Farm Lighting

Project 3215

Fire Farm Lighting

From an inside 13" diameter white core, two more open shades radiate outward, each 13" larger in diameter than the previous one. The two outer shades are of sheer gold patina fabric laminated to a clear vinyl backing.
Parnassus 07001-01 by Fire Farm Lighting

Parnassus 07001-01

Fire Farm Lighting

The Parnassus outdoor sculpture incorporates solar cells, rechargeable batteries and LEDs with fine metal cloth mesh, capturing solar energy by day so that it can shine into the night. Over time, the untreated mesh takes on a natural patina that well suits the surrounding rural environment.
Orion Wave 22802-01 by Fire Farm Lighting

Orion Wave 22802-01

Fire Farm Lighting

The Orion style wave form is a visually stunning material upon which light dances and varies in color and dimension as you move around it. The fixtures are a Fire Farm invention of alternating layers of metal wire cloth and a proprietary light-manipulating dichroic diffusing film. This combination of materials captures the light, breaks it into its rainbow of colors and bounces it amongst the folds in the crumpled metal mesh. As you move around the fixtures, the light shimmers and changes from magenta and blue when back-lit, to yellow and green when lit from the front. The panels can be made up to 44" wide without a seam to whatever length you require. Wider widths are available but would have to be sewn together. The number of panels, shape and orientation can be adapted to fit your space. The Orion wave is a sculptural architectural element designed to work with recessed lighting, spot flood, or an internal net of point source lights. Each panel sold separately.
Rose 2204 by Fire Farm Lighting

Rose 2204

Fire Farm Lighting

From brightly-lit conference hall to intimate romantic wedding venue, these sculpted white acrylic rosettes meet the challenge in an elegant and transformative manner. Side-lit from cove-mounted fluorescent lamps these sculptures emanate very even, bright white light. Transitioning to the halogen recessed down-spots creates moonlight-like dappled patterns in the space below. The original installation was composed of groupings of fixtures ranging from 3 feet to 16 feet in diameter, but we have subsequently made them in many different diameters and configurations for different types of installations.
Constellation 2913 by Fire Farm Lighting

Constellation 2913

Fire Farm Lighting

The striking Constellation pendant light fixtures are available in four different sizes measuring approximately 3ft, 6ft, 9ft, and 12ft in diameter. They are composed of metal points made from perforated sheet metal with internal light diffusing petals. Various finishing options for both the metal points and the diffuser petals allow for a large range of resulting effects. The dichroic diffuser option is spectacularly opalescent, dynamically changing colors as the viewer moves around the fixture. The fixtures can be suspended as individual stars or in a constellation cluster.
Project 2865 by Fire Farm Lighting

Project 2865

Fire Farm Lighting

Although made of draped fabric, this fixture showcases clean crisp edges. This design provided great volume and aesthetic presence in a structure that shipped very compactly with minimal risk to transit damage. Lamping is provided by four energy-efficient T5 High Output 54w lamps per shade. Many fabric choices are possible.

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