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C&C by Fiam Italia


Fiam Italia

design Christophe Pillet Coffee table in 12 mm-thick curved glass. With feet and castors, accessories in aluminium. Also available in extralight glass. Optional shelf in 12 mm-thick glass. Dimensions L.W.H. rettangolare_rectangular 120x60x32,5 cm 130x68x32,5 cm
Toki by Fiam Italia


Fiam Italia

design Setsu e Shinobu Ito Monolithic bedside table in 10 mm-thick curved glass. Dimensions L.W.H. 52x43x60 cm
Ginko by Fiam Italia


Fiam Italia

design Matteo Ragni Coffee table with castors. Structure in white or black goffered metal sheet. Tops in white- or black-stained tempered glass or decorated glass. Dimensions L.W.H. 45x43x50 cm 45x43x65 cm
Caadre by Fiam Italia


Fiam Italia

design Philippe Starck Free-standing mirror, also available in hanging version, in 6 mm-thick curved glass, made of 4 separate elements (neutral version) also available with engravings (engraved version), in corrugated curved glass and back-silvered 6 mm-thick or semi-reflective glass titanium finishing 6 mm-thick (titanium version). Metal grey-stained frame (G02). Dimensions L.W.H. rettangolare_rectangular 76x13x155 cm 76x13x195 cm 105x13x155 cm 105x13x195 cm quadrato_square 105x13x105 cm 140x13x140 cm 195x13x195 cm
Dandy by Fiam Italia


Fiam Italia

design Archirivolto Chair with body in acrylic and relief texture. Chromed metal structure. Available colours: opaque white (P56) black (P58). Transparent neutral (P50) red (P52) coffee brown (P54) or smoked (P60). Dimensions L.W.H. 60,5x53x79 cm
Shinto by Fiam Italia


Fiam Italia

design Setsu e Shinobu Ito Extensible dining table composed of jointed bases made of 15 mm-thick curved glass, transparent or extralight, or made of lacquered steel 5 mm-thick. Top and jointed extensions in tempered glass, transparent or extralight, 12 mm-thick. Length of extensions : 45 cm each. Extension system consisting in a central aluminum bar. Available versions: - bases and top in transparent or extralight glass; aluminium gloss finishing bar or aluminium matt black lacquered bar; - bases in matt black lacquered steel and top in transparent, smoked or extralight glass; matt black lacquered bar. Dimensions L.W.H. rettangolare_rectangular 160 (205-250)x90x75 cm 180 (225-270)x90x75 cm 200 (245-290)x90x75 cm
Konx by Fiam Italia


Fiam Italia

design Ron Arad Coffee table in 10 mm-thick fused glass with hollowed-out back-silvered parts. Adjustable feet in glazed stainless steel. Dimensions L.W.H. rettangolare_rectangular 120x80x34 cm
Gallery by Fiam Italia


Fiam Italia

design Marco Acerbis Collection of mirrors with a 6 mm-thick curved glass frame, 5 mm-thick flat mirror, aluminum back support. The transparent or smoked glass frame is available in three different patterns. Dimensions L.W.H. quadrata_square 81x12x81 cm 108x12x108 cm rettangolare_rectangular 90x12x162 cm 90x12x200 cm
Dama by Fiam Italia


Fiam Italia

design Makio Hasuike Monolithic console in 12 mm-thick curved glass. Dimensions L.W.H. 130x43x85 cm
Inori by Fiam Italia


Fiam Italia

design Setsu e Shinobu Ito The versatility and assembly possibilities allow the utilization as a show-case, display-case, TV-unit. Available the free-standing version and wall unit. The uprights are freely adjustable on each shelf through sliding rails and fixing device. Slides in anodized black aluminum. Dimensions L.W.H. basi_bases (12 mm) 120-180-240 cm ripiani_shelves (12 mm) 60-90-120-180-240 cm montanti_uprights (10 mm) h 42 cm
Luxor by Fiam Italia


Fiam Italia

Design Rodolfo Dordoni Dining table with a 8mm+8 mm laminated smoked or bronze glass top, shiny polished edge, also available in transparent glass (12 mm thick) or extralight glass (15 mm thick). 10 mm-thick curved glass bases, composed of 2, 3 or 4 cylinders (Ø 40 cm) depending on the size and the shape requested. The glass bases available in the following finishings: transparent, extralight, extralight white back-stained, Black95 (NERO95), smoked or bronze. It is possible to order customized tops. Dimensions L.W.H. rettangolare_rectangular 240x120x75 cm 220x110x75 cm 170x80x75 cm quadrato_square 150X150X76 cm
Atlas by Fiam Italia


Fiam Italia

Table with tempered glass top 20mm thick. Legs consisting of sections of hand-sculpted glass 20 mm thick, glued one on top of the other. Also available with custom-sized top. Dimensions L.W.H. quadrato_square 150x150x74 cm rettangolare_rectangular 220x100x74 cm 240x120x74 cm
Ghost by Fiam Italia


Fiam Italia

design Cini Boeri Monolithic chair in 12 mm thick curved glass. Dimensions L.W.H. 95x75x68 cm

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