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Webb Series by Davis Furniture

Webb Series

Davis Furniture

WEBB…a timeless statement in contemporary seating New age comfort and styling converges with traditional Shaker craftsmanship in the Webb Series, an innovative seating collection conceptualized by German furniture designer Burkhard Vogtherr. The traditional woven tape technique, first used by the Shakers in the 1830’s, produces an interesting geometric pattern while providing outstanding comfort that is highly individualized. A thin profile that fully supports users throughout shoulders to lumbar.
Tix Office by Davis Furniture

Tix Office

Davis Furniture

TIX…solid wood craftsmanship TIX unites functional and aesthetic considerations at the highest level of the corporate environment. Utilizing “solid wood” and all of its richness creates the basis for the initial attraction to this unique furniture. Every table is different and unique according to the individual tree used to create the solid wood boards that are placed together by the wood artisan.
Site Collection  by Davis Furniture

Site Collection

Davis Furniture

Site is a collection of benches, tables, and storage; modular pieces that come together to build highly interactive spaces for connecting face-to-face or remotely. With a relaxed, lounge-based posture, SITE provides a comfortable alternative to the traditional conference room, rendering the future of work very welcoming.
Radius Meeting Series by Davis Furniture

Radius Meeting Series

Davis Furniture

RADIUS MEETING…intimate meeting spaces with modular comfort. Wolfgang C.R. Mezger extends the Radius Lounge Series by creating a high back version that offers intimate seating in open areas. This design is exceptional in hotel lobbies, corporate lounges, student lounges, or any environment where you need more privacy than a typical lounge grouping offers. The Radius Meeting Series has the same components as the original series including the addition of a new 45° angle seating unit and a high round table that follows the curves of this new angled unit.
Radius Lounge Series by Davis Furniture

Radius Lounge Series

Davis Furniture

From a simple single seat unit…to a sweeping curved unit…Radius Lounge Series offers an extensive modular seating collection to fit any contemporary lounge environment. Soft round upholstery elevated by tubular steel legs creates a classic design statement. RADIUS…high traffic features built-in Modularity is just one of the features that is built into the Radius Lounge Series. Many other features for the high traffic environment are automatically part of the specifications, such as: …sweep-through area between all backs and seats …seat and back independent for easy field replacement …arms and tablets are field replacable …upholstered frames are all pre-drilled to accept legs and interior tablets after installation …frames are built for heavy-duty, high traffic environments
Prime Seating Series by Davis Furniture

Prime Seating Series

Davis Furniture

PRIME…unique features, high-traffic design, and priced right. The sculptured wood frame takes on a concave/convex shape offering excellent comfort. An innovative feature and benefit is the “ribbed veneer” seat. While adding a visual interest, it acts as a non-slip surface, providing a greater surface to grip when seated. An added feature normally not found in price sensitive seating is a waterfall front. This ensures ergonomic comfort and makes for optimum blood circulation during long sitting sessions. The structure of the supporting frame exudes lightness and clarity. Yet, the stringent horizontal structures and craftsmanship renders the frame tough for large-scale environments such as cafeterias or training rooms. It is just as stylish in lounge areas with upholstered seat and back. No other café seating offers this unique feature of ribbed veneer. It is actually pressed into the surface as the shell is formed. This allows for a non-slip surface and an additional aesthetic to the design of the chair. The ribbed versions are available in the oak and beech veneer versions only. Arm or armless, upholstered or not upholstered…Prime expresses the powers of persuasion through clarity of design at the right price.
Prat Table Series by Davis Furniture

Prat Table Series

Davis Furniture

PRAT…clean lines with broad market appeal Davis offers a standard solution to the dilemma of the custom Parson table with the PRAT Table Series. This table has a broad range of functions…from elegant restaurants to wi-fi cafés. The mitered joints and excellent craftsmanship sets this table apart from the typical offerings. Three standard size tables are available at 42" high, 29" deep with lengths at 59", 89" or 119". There are five standard veneers - beech, maple, oak, walnut, and zebrano. Solid and wood grain laminates are also offered on these tables. Customs are available upon request.
Polar Lounge Series by Davis Furniture

Polar Lounge Series

Davis Furniture

POLAR...simple design, small scale, perfect for today’s lounge. The statement “less is more” is a perfect description of the Polar Lounge Series. A simplistic design, deriving from only a seat, a back, and bent rod frames, makes a trend setting statement in any lounge environment. The bent rod frame, that forms the two legs on all seating units, have a unique connection that is not visible. It appears that the seat and back are floating on the frame. Sleek, yet extremely comfortable…Polar offers a perfect scale for today’s small office footprint.
Palette Lounge Series  by Davis Furniture

Palette Lounge Series

Davis Furniture

PALETTE…scaled to accomodate The lounge area is becoming more than a waiting room. It’s an environment that must accommodate people as they work and interact. The Palette Lounge Series, designed by Wolfgang C.R. Mezger, offers a plethora of solutions for the waiting/working environment. Its generous seats, along with tablet and table options, create comfortable one, two, or three seat units that may be used separately or joined together by connecting pallet tables. A uniquely shaped unit in the Palette Series is the Contour Pallet. This piece offers a rounded end pallet with an extra detail in the back creating a chevron effect when two units are placed together. This configuration is perfect for open spaces adding extra dimension and shape. A rotating tablet may be placed beside the seat or at the flat end on a leg mount. A round table may also be mounted on the end of the pallet to create an additional surface level.
Orta Series by Davis Furniture

Orta Series

Davis Furniture

ORTA...the chair with vision Perfect as a side chair, perfect as a dining chair…Orta offers flexibility, durability and an exciting design statement for any modern corporate facility. This unconventional chair enables you to have color, translucency and durability with Orta’s unique mix of materials and construction quality. The flexible, breathable backrest creates comfort, support, and a visual stimulus with its use of a unique mesh material made of Trevira®. Designer, Christoph Hindermann, found this material being used in the “food and chemical industry” to strain liquids. The pliable strength of this material and its capabilities to withstand cleaning make it a natural for high traffic areas. From the back construction we move to the material of the contoured seat. It is made from injection-molded polyamide. This nylon seat does not show wear-and-tear with use and age. It is also less subject to ultraviolet rays. The slightly textured surface offers a warm touch and flexibility. The final story is the strength of the steel framework.The special design of the frame offers comfortable support, while the steel strength translates to optimal function in the corporate or hospitality environment.
Nyo Chair Series by Davis Furniture

Nyo Chair Series

Davis Furniture

NYO…make a design statement indoor or outdoor. The lightness of the Nyo Chair is shown in the clean, essential and painstaking design of the all aluminum components, associated with high technical performance in terms of strength, reliability and weather resistance over time.
Motion Series by Davis Furniture

Motion Series

Davis Furniture

MOTION…a chair should fit your body like a glove. The principle of Motion is that a chair should move with you effortlessly, adapting itself to constant shifts in seating posture so that you can concentrate continuously on your work, not on adjusting your chair. One additional important feature of Motion is the variety of chair sizes available. There is a size available for every body profile…insuring the Motion chair will fit your body like a glove.
MilanoSoft Chair Series by Davis Furniture

MilanoSoft Chair Series

Davis Furniture

MilanoSoft…scaled for comfort. A larger scaled chair that is perfect guest seating for a desk, small conference, hospitality, retail, and small lounge. The arm and armless chairs are offered only in fully upholstered with either four-leg or cantilever frames. The interior wood shell has a opening with 3” wide elastic webbing woven and fastened to seat frame adding extra comfort and support.
MilanoLight Chair Series by Davis Furniture

MilanoLight Chair Series

Davis Furniture

This newest series from Wolfgang C.R. Mezger incorporates uncompromising design with patented technology that makes it possible to bend plywood to its extreme. MilanoLight exhibits this dynamic design in it’s wood and laminate shell styles. The frames used in these series have mitered corners and unique arm connection that also demonstrate high quality craftsmanship.
MilanoLounge by Davis Furniture


Davis Furniture

MilanoLounge…small scale with full support. To round off the Milano program, a full collection of lounge seating and tables were created. The seating is larger than the MilanoSoft Series with a chair and love seat with or without arms, upholstered ottoman, and occasional tables.
Mikado Series  by Davis Furniture

Mikado Series

Davis Furniture

MIKADO…priced for comfort. The original concept of this lounge series focused on designing a chair that not only offered contemporary styling, but also a price point that reflected the needs in today’s marketplace.
Milano Flair Chair Series by Davis Furniture

Milano Flair Chair Series

Davis Furniture

MilanoFlair…practical, functional, and stylish. This new addition to the Milano Family adds an airy feel with a doubled mesh back. The newly designed back allows for a comfortable lean without hitting a back rail. The carved oak wood seat offers additional comfort that is even felt in the upholstered version. MilanoFlair is offered as either an armless version or with tapered wood arms. The wood arms will match the wood seat finish or the mesh color (white or black) when the seat is upholstered. Chairs will stack ten high with the wood seat and eight high with the upholstered seat. A hand cart is available for transportation.
Method Lounge Series by Davis Furniture

Method Lounge Series

Davis Furniture

METHOD...clean, contemporary aesthetics Wolfgang C.R. Mezger, the designer of Palette and Radius Lounge Series, has now created his third generation of modular lounge seating…Method. This collection encompasses minimal design elements that merge to support various configurations, functions, and aesthetic design statements for a variety of environments. The most unique design detail of Method is the way the seats and benches wrap around the pallet. It is a most unusual approach to upholstery, yet it creates a clean, sculptured look. Each seat unit has a one-pieced sewn cover that tailors fits the contours of the frame. A pull-though seam creates the clean transition between back and seat. The shining star of this design is the polished aluminum leg. They seem to disappear under the pallets and add a prominent aesthetic.
Meo Lounge Series by Davis Furniture

Meo Lounge Series

Davis Furniture

MEO…a modern twist on the classic tuxedo Wolfgang C.R. Mezger always adds something extra to his designs and with the MEO Lounge he packed a lot into a small package. He starts with a modern twist to the classic tuxedo styling by offering rounded corners and a two-piece construction. This construction allows for the application of different textiles and leathers to add various aesthetics to any lounge environment. The offering of the MEO Lounge Series is simple, yet it offers great functionality. The single lounge chair can be a fixed unit, but can also be ordered with a 360° swivel mechanism. This mechanism has a memory-return that will bring the chair to its original position for a neat appearance. Other upholstered pieces are a love seat and a large love seat, which is a two-and-a-half seat unit that offers a smaller footprint than a typical sofa. A low square table offers an elegant statement with leather wrapped sides and top choices in glass or veneers. It is also available in a rectangle version. The side table has a square base and round column with a square top that is available in glass or veneer.
Lucid Series by Davis Furniture

Lucid Series

Davis Furniture

Davis has created a complete “family” of chairs for the Lucid Series. This family offers a range of back designs — webbed, upholstered, and knitted. This series also is available in a variety of chair sizes to suit individual needs in conferencing, task, and executive levels.
Loop Chair Series  by Davis Furniture

Loop Chair Series

Davis Furniture

Designer Burkhard Vogtherr, creator of the Motion, Webb, Lucid, and Body chairs, has now designed a true artistic form that “loops” around to create a one-piece polypropylene shell.The sculptural shape offers many unique visual angles from the flowing shell to the architectural frame. Chairs may be specified in all plastic or with upholstered seat pads.
Lipse Too Series by Davis Furniture

Lipse Too Series

Davis Furniture

Utilizing the classic shell shape of the award-winning Lipse Series, a fully upholstered version was created to offer exceptional seating comfort in the new lounge series…LIPSE TOO. The larger scale of these chairs are appropriately designed for guest chairs, which when combined with the complimentary tables create an inviting lounge environment.
Lipse Series  by Davis Furniture

Lipse Series

Davis Furniture

A seating classic was born with the creation of Lipse. The unique plywood shell creates a distinctive design statement with its shapely lines and special connection between the back and seat shell. The joined shell is then applied to different bases creating the perfect multi-purpose design. Lipse offers six base options from which to choose...four-leg, pedestal, four-leg swivel, five-prong glide, five-prong caster, and cross base. Any of these will offer a statement of elegance with added function. These chairs may be used as side or pull-up chairs in an office setting. The pedestal or cross base adds an elegant design for the lounge area. Many of the base designs may be used in conferencing or dining applications.
Kirkos by Davis Furniture


Davis Furniture

Kirkos incorporates more variety with it’s one-piece plywood shell by adding the three upholstery treatments and six base options. The various combinations of these options allow for over thirty unique chair models. From stylish side chairs with pedestal bases to functional seating with casters.

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