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Patchwork quadratus by Creative Touch

Patchwork quadratus

Creative Touch

The neutrality and calmness of the Quadratus collection contrasts surprisingly with the authentic roughness of its source material. Beige frames around deep and pastel squares create a three-dimensional effect, while slight diagonal lines and shadows visually expand the Patchwork, creating a union between traditional and contemporary.
Patchwork rotin by Creative Touch

Patchwork rotin

Creative Touch

The Rotin Patchwork draws its name and textural patterns from this powerful plant, reinterpreting the classic weaving technique. Stark geometric forms and lines of interlocking pattern are softened and lightened by the old, aged Anatolian carpets that are woven together. The balance of contradicting figures produces a striking sophistication, creating life from a plant that, in itself, sustains life.
Patchwork Clivus by Creative Touch

Patchwork Clivus

Creative Touch

Clivus means “hill” or “slope” in Latin. In almost all cultures and civilizations in world history, the mountain is universal, cosmic, and holy. The symbol appears on traditional Anatolian carpet and kilims, and itself is represented all across the region. Fittingly, the Clivus Patchwork pays homage to this ancient symbol in seven different colors.
Ikat silk by Creative Touch

Ikat silk

Creative Touch

The Ikat Silk emerges with the same striking designs as the Ikat, but with fine silk material in its composition, and in a more muted, neutral color scheme. Its contemporary yet transitional patterns make this collection memorable yet easy to pair with any interior.
Moroccan by Creative Touch


Creative Touch

With their abstract geometric patterns, pale backgrounds, and luxurious shag textures, our Moroccan rugs instantly brighten and pull together any interior.
Bamboo Silk by Creative Touch

Bamboo Silk

Creative Touch

Our finely-woven Modern Bamboo Silk collection offers a variety of sophisticated, contemporary pieces for the interior. With alternatively organic and geometric designs against a soft background, they serve as versatile and unique design elements.
Sari Silk by Creative Touch

Sari Silk

Creative Touch

The Sari Silk collection is a spectacular transformation of tradition into contemporary works of art. The meticulous weaving of unraveled saris by hand and into one-of-a-kind, wholly unique designs, make the resulting Sari Silk rug a feat in creative interpretation. Repeating tribal motifs and brilliant colors distinguish this collection.
Suzani by Creative Touch


Creative Touch

Named after the Persian word for "needle," the lush Suzani is an embroidered Central Asian wonder, featuring classic decorative motifs drawn from nature. This intricate collection abounds with rich symbols, from flowers, leaves and vines to fruits, and sun and moon disks.
Patchwork Tessello by Creative Touch

Patchwork Tessello

Creative Touch

“Tessello” is Latin for mosaic — perfect, metaphorically and literally, for Anatolia. The region's Gaziantep Zeugma Mosaic Museum, known as the largest zodiac museum in the world, is known for its unique building complex and collection. In the light of such inspiration, the design of our Tessello Patchwork happened naturally and spontaneously. Available in eight colors, half neutral, half pastel, the collection consists of sharp equilateral triangles softened by beautiful mostly-erased, battered colors, evoking throughout, the history of the classic ancient Roman & Byzantium mosaic form.

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