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Vedana® Therapeutic Unit by Bain Ultra

Vedana® Therapeutic Unit

Bain Ultra

Vedana is a Sanskrit and Pali word meaning “sensation” or “feeling”. In Buddhist culture, it refers to the state where we become conscious of the communion between the physical and mental being. The Vedana features a combination of secular therapies designed to recreate this state of harmony where body, mind and soul become one, producing pure energy. It is a therapeutic care unit that provides you with a unique centering experience tailored to your needs of the moment.
Universal massage table by Bain Ultra

Universal massage table

Bain Ultra

This unique massage table remains completely stable when placed over any BainUltra freestanding bath. When used at ground level, it can serve as a platform for relaxation. It’s comfort allows your body to welcome massage therapy. The shape, texture, and sections of the massage table are all inspired by the leaf—the tree’s beautifully veined appendages that drink in the light of the sun. The leaf’s soft texture evokes comfort and adaptability, just as the massage table elicits physical relaxation and adapts to users and the various bathtubs it is designed to fit.
TEKURA  by Bain Ultra


Bain Ultra

TEKURA means “taking care of yourself”. An expression of the art of living perfected by BainUltra, the TEKURA Collection invites you to be mindful of your physical, mental, emotional and energy needs. Its therapeutic virtues help you harmonize your strengths, while its design features adapt to your changing needs and its innovative architecture makes it a perfect fit for a wide range of spaces and décors.
ORIGAMI  by Bain Ultra


Bain Ultra

The Asian art of folding paper into a plethora of symbolic shapes is the very inspiration behind the ORIGAMI Collection. This line of products stands out for its originality, unique design and exceptional versatility. Just as a blank piece of paper represents boundless potential for creativity and expression, this collection offers numerous options to create therapeutic and esthetic experiences that will open your eyes to life’s infinite possibilities.
Espalier by Bain Ultra


Bain Ultra

Start your morning ritual with stretching exercises to wake up your body Combine the massage table and espalier to make your exercices more comfortable. Go through a range of activities to stretch your muscles and release the day’s tensions. See the exercises booklet specially designed to help you explore your new equipment. This booklet was designed and created with the Kinesiology Clinic at University Laval in Quebec City.
ELEGANCIA by Bain Ultra


Bain Ultra

As its name suggests, the ELEGANCIA Collection was designed to transcend time, because we believe that well-conceived beauty is a timeless ode to life. Through its elegant shapes and lines, this collection takes us back to the Victorian era, gently rekindling the past within us all.
Relaxation chair & footrest by Bain Ultra

Relaxation chair & footrest

Bain Ultra

The chair and footrest provide the ideal seating during Vedana sessions. Because the footrest was designed to be extremely comfortable, you can use it solo when space is limited, resting your back on the nearest wall. Its space-saving shape suits most bathrooms. Taking a moment to relax in the chair is an excellent way to transition into or out of a treatment. Designed to withstand the water and humidity found in bathrooms. The chair is offered in a limited edition and it is hand made by local craftsmen. A Certificate of Authenticity is provided.
BALNEO SANOS  by Bain Ultra


Bain Ultra

Balneo® The name BALNEO describes the art of bathing, embodying the rituals that help ease the tumult of modern living. With its refined design, this collection invites you to unwind in your own special space as time stands still and cares drift away.
AYOURA  by Bain Ultra


Bain Ultra

The word AYOURA comes from a Sanskrit word, meaning “knowledge of life”. Much of this knowledge comes from the sum of our experiences, and by taking the time to assimilate them in a place that allows us moments of quiet introspection, such as in your own AYOURA, with ThermoMasseur® unit.
AMMA by Bain Ultra


Bain Ultra

The name AMMA comes from the Chinese characters AN and MO, which refer to the notion of massage, of soothing through touch. This series was designed with that very notion in mind. Its soft and relaxing design lines, the position of its air jets and the different accessories available are meant to provide you with the ultimate in relaxation through HydroThermoMassage. Triangle * Therapy * Design * Architecture AMMA AND YOU THERAPY * Designed specifically to foster relaxation, health and well-being * Equipped with features to let you focus on specific parts of your body * Innovative bath that optimizes the benefits of the ThermoMasseur® DESIGN * Warm and relaxing lines * Freestanding model for ease of installation and upkeep ARCHITECTURE * Available in a wide range of industry standard dimensions * Compatible with a number of optional accessories Call-out: Recycles hot air generated by turbine to backrest for optimal benefits and lower energy consumption.

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