Armourcoat Surface Finishes

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ArmourCast External by Armourcoat Surface Finishes

ArmourCast External

Armourcoat Surface Finishes

ArmourCast External is a custom-cast exterior grade architectural product from Armourcoat. Comprising of recycled marble, Portland cement and mineral oxides, the finished product has the durability and decorative finish of quarried stone. Usually cast over an EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) foam core, ArmourCast External is lightweight and easy to install, and its rich appearance makes it an ideal choice for a variety of ornamental architectural shapes such as window sills and door surrounds, column wraps, moldings, fireplace surrounds, keystones, crown molding and more.
A-FOAM by Armourcoat Surface Finishes


Armourcoat Surface Finishes

A-FOAM® is a market leader in the custom fabrication of foam (EPS) shapes, serving the Las Vegas Valley area - and beyond. A talented team of designers and production staff use state-of-the-art CAD software and 'hot-wire' cutting equipment to produce exacting foam shapes. An endless variety of shapes, from architectural details, theming items to practical foam packaging, can be achieved. EPS offers a lightweight and affordable solution for any use.
Duturo by Armourcoat Surface Finishes


Armourcoat Surface Finishes

Duturo is a marble and acrylic based textured coating, offering an affordable range of colours and finishes with style. A range of effects are achieved quickly and easily by masking, overlaying and combining different colours and textures. Due to its hardness and easy-to-clean properties this seamless, roller applied finish is particularly suited for high-volume, high-traffic areas.
ArmourColor Tactite by Armourcoat Surface Finishes

ArmourColor Tactite

Armourcoat Surface Finishes

A high performance solution for demanding interiors, Tactite creates a tough, durable and hygienic wall coating. The finish is exceptionally hardwearing and easy to clean, making it highly suitable for commercial interiors such as hospitals, schools, offices and high traffic public areas where cleanliness is essential. Also ideal for domestic use, Tactite features a ‘soft touch’ feel to create a warm, inviting interior with a suede or textured finish.
ArmourColor Perlata by Armourcoat Surface Finishes

ArmourColor Perlata

Armourcoat Surface Finishes

Exquisite and luxurious, Perlata is an elegant finish with a subtle sparkle or shimmer, creating visual texture and directional effect. With a low sheen, the intriguing surface is full of movement and tonal interest. The finish is dependant on the hand of the applicator, creating a unique and visually striking wall coating at close quarters, yet subtle when viewed from a distance.
Armourcoat artwork by Armourcoat Surface Finishes

Armourcoat artwork

Armourcoat Surface Finishes

Armourcoat now offer custom-made - but competitively priced - artwork pieces, evolved from our range of applied seamless wall finishes. Our team of specialist designers and artisan plasterers based in Las Vegas can work with you to create true statement artwork - whether you are looking for a sculptured 3D form, or a creative stencil technique to overlay exquisite hand-applied Venetian plaster. Commercially we are equipped to scale up the process, if multiple pieces were required - perhaps for a hotel or retail chain. We can ensure a craftsman finish to complete that upscale look, including corporate logos or themed colors. Pieces are delivered direct from our workshop in custom-made foam packaging to ensure safe arrival on site. As all artwork, the pieces can be hung and removed as required. No specialist installation is required.
Ductal - UHPC by Armourcoat Surface Finishes

Ductal - UHPC

Armourcoat Surface Finishes

The result of nearly 20 years of research and development, Ductal® is a revolutionary ultra-high performance material with outstanding characteristics that are unique in the world of mineral building materials. Ductal® presents a genuine revolution in the concrete sector. Developed by Lafarge, Ductal® Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) possesses a unique combination of superior properties including strength, ductility, durability and enhanced aesthetics. This enables designers to develop and realize new sculptural approaches to concrete forms. Armourcoat hold the first sublicense to manufacture Ductal® precast elements in the UK.
Sculptural by Armourcoat Surface Finishes


Armourcoat Surface Finishes

Armourcoat Sculptural® is a range of seamless sculptural wall surface designs. Sculptural® walls are constructed from a series of pre-cast panels that are bonded to the substrate. The panel joints are then filled and sanded and a final decoration is applied to the surface. Sculptural® designs are created by combining computer-aided design with traditional hand sculpting to create designs that fit together with total accuracy yet retain the essence of being hand crafted.
ArmourCast by Armourcoat Surface Finishes


Armourcoat Surface Finishes

ArmourCast is used to create stunning three-dimensional cast designs that look and feel like stone - suitable for external and internal applications. The material and manufacture process are ideally suited to creating shapes and designs that are too complex for a hand applied finish of Armourcoat Polished Plaster. Armourcoat Surface Finishes provide a complete service, from the design and ArmourCast finish selection, through to the panel manufacture and installation.
ArmourColor  by Armourcoat Surface Finishes


Armourcoat Surface Finishes

Combining stunning looks and incredible durability, the new ArmourColor range of decorative wall finishes offers something no less than spectacular. Designed to not only look and feel gorgeous, they are also hard wearing and hygienic.

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