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SWCRBRN by Tradescant & Son


Tradescant & Son

The Ceramium Collection is drawn from Henry Bradbury’s wonderful nature printed seaweeds, created in 1859. The delicate fronds have been repeated and layered to create a dramatic and versatile design. Composition: 90% Linen, 10% Nylon Printed Width: 138cm Horizontal Pattern Repeat: 35cm Vertical Pattern Repeat: 20cm Product Code & Colour: SWCRBRN – Brown Ink
ITSRRED by Tradescant & Son


Tradescant & Son

The Ibis Toile de Jouy Collection came about from a love of the history of toile de jouy and the wonderful opportunity to combine it with the vivid plumage of the scarlet ibis. Composition: 90% Linen, 10% Nylon Printed Width: 138cm Horizontal Pattern Repeat: 19.8cm Vertical Pattern Repeat: 14.8cm Product Code & Colour: ITSRRED – Brick Red
ENSRORI by Tradescant & Son


Tradescant & Son

The collections of beetles at the Museum of Natural History here in Oxford, as well as at Tring, have been a core inspiration for the Tradescant & Son collection. Boxes of carefully preserved exotic insects have always been a key component of cabinets of curiosities, and our dramatic Entomologie collection takes its lead from this. Composition: 90% Linen, 10% Nylon Printed Width: 138cm Horizontal Pattern Repeat: 138cm Vertical Pattern Repeat: 134.6cm Product Code & Colour: ENSRORI – Original
Artichoke Element by Casart Coverings, LLC

Artichoke Element

Casart Coverings, LLC

Repositionable, removable and reusable wall coverings. A great alternative to wallpaper.
Empowering Sample Pieces by KOKET

Empowering Sample Pieces


Janet’s passion for all things decadent inspired her to curate the most luxuriant and unique textiles from around the world to expand KOKET textiles, part of our Exotic Opulence collection. With metallic embossed leathers, colorful prints, striking patterns and iridescent peacock feathers, it is an intoxicating blend of alluring materials.
Stingray by Joseph Noble


Joseph Noble

Up close, STINGRAY's subtly patterned "skin" reveals a handsome pebbled surface, yet when viewed from a distance, it discloses a surprisingly subtle spinal pattern. Inspired by the winged phantom of the deep, our STINGRAY Technology Leather™ possesses the inherently primitive beauty and grace one might expect from these ghosts of the open seas. STINGRAY is an Interior Design Magazine Merit Award recipient.
CNCRORI by Tradescant & Son


Tradescant & Son

Inspired by Edward Lear’s drawing of a vivid yellow parrakeet in his famous collection of birds, we set a flock of bright yellow birds fluttering against a background of muted monochrome branches. Composition: 90% Linen, 10% Nylon Printed Width: 138cm Horizontal Pattern Repeat: 138cm Vertical Pattern Repeat: 143cm Design name: Yellow Parrakeet Product Code: CNCRORI Colour name: Original
Worli-Parrot Green & Pathar Gray by Seema Krish Design

Worli-Parrot Green & Pathar Gray

Seema Krish Design

Crawfish Cotillion by Casart Coverings, LLC

Crawfish Cotillion

Casart Coverings, LLC

Repositionable, removable and reusable wall coverings. A great alternative to wallpaper.
Pillow Sham by Rough Linen

Pillow Sham

Rough Linen

An American sham is a long, unsecured bag. I put buttons in the opening so the insert won't show. The plainest of buttons, white or coconut shell brown. White is standard.
Breach Candy-Kesar Orange & Jamun  by Seema Krish Design

Breach Candy-Kesar Orange & Jamun

Seema Krish Design

Faux Padded Harlequin - Beeswax by Casart Coverings, LLC

Faux Padded Harlequin - Beeswax

Casart Coverings, LLC

Removable, repositionable and reusable wall coverings. A great alternative to wallpaper.
vintage bolivian frazadas/blankets by l'aviva home

vintage bolivian frazadas/blankets

l'aviva home

these vintage, one-of-a-kind textiles, called frazadas, have been handwoven by aymara women in the andean region since pre-hispanic times, and used to protect against the high altitude cold. weaving of each frazada is done in two separate parts which are then sewn together; this central seam shows decorative details and colors that highlight the beauty of the tapestry. frazadas make great rugs, blankets at the foot of the bed, and throws - and also tablecloths and picnic blankets (which is how they are used by many andean families). we have both sheep's wool (oveja) and alpaca frazadas available.
Marquise Sterling by Moore & Giles, Inc.

Marquise Sterling

Moore & Giles, Inc.

-Ikat Crazy Multi on Silk by Mally Skok

-Ikat Crazy Multi on Silk

Mally Skok

Hand printed fabric in Great Barrington, Massachusetts
-Botswana Trees Peridot Multi Linen by Mally Skok

-Botswana Trees Peridot Multi Linen

Mally Skok

Hand printed in Great Barrington, Massachusetts
WBCRBRN by Tradescant & Son


Tradescant & Son

Winter’s Bone is inspired by taxidermy and the wonderful collections of skeletal deer in the Museum of Natural History in Dublin. The elegant mesh of the antlers forms a backdrop for meticulously drawn deer, goat and ram skulls. Composition: 90% Linen, 10% Nylon Printed Width: 138cm Horizontal Pattern Repeat: 138cm Vertical Pattern Repeat: 145cm Product Code & Colour: WBCRBRN – Brown Ink
Maxwell Fabrics Spring Collection  by Maxwell Fabrics

Maxwell Fabrics Spring Collection

Maxwell Fabrics

Maxwell Fabrics is pleased to bring their Spring 2013 Collection to the design community. Featuring 12 new books with multiple colours and patterns
MTTLGRN by Tradescant & Son


Tradescant & Son

Cymepaye Toile de Jouy is another quirky toile, this time inspired by a col­lection of antique prints of monkeys and lemurs, one of which was entitled “Cymepaye”, an archaic French word for lemur. Composition: 90% Linen, 10% Nylon Printed Width: 138cm Horizontal Pattern Repeat: 27cm Vertical Pattern Repeat: 28cm Product Code & Colour: MTTLGRN – Bottle Green
ColourWeave Collection by Hartmann&Forbes

ColourWeave Collection


Color has long been used to heighten the senses, relax the mind and brighten the mood. Imagine the energy lavish color once brought to the Greek temples. Or its symbolism for the Ming Dynasty when only the emperor’s relatives could have homes with red walls and yellow roof tiles. Inspired by the way color has fed the spirit, we offer our ColourWeave Collection. Using techniques passed down for generations, our craftsmen weave hand split sustainable bamboo on traditional handlooms. The material is then transferred to our finishing facility where our artisans hand paint the bamboo canvas with low or no VOC paints that meet or exceed LEED environmental standards.
HOULÈS - Fleur De Lin Collection by HOULÈS

HOULÈS - Fleur De Lin Collection


Antebellum Outdoor Fabric by GIATI DESIGNS, INC.

Antebellum Outdoor Fabric


GIATI Designs, Inc., manufacturer of quality crafted interior/exterior teak furniture, die-cast aluminum furniture, market umbrellas, pavilions and European all-weather textiles is highlighting fall selections from the The Antebellum Collection, a sophisticated and elegant textile collection inspired by the lavish pre war lifestyle of the American South. Antebellum evokes images of stately plantations amid grand oak trees, dogwood forests and Spanish moss. This collection is a refreshing group of designs that reflect the grace and style of that opulent bygone era.
FTDPORI by Tradescant & Son


Tradescant & Son

Pavo is the genus for peacock and the vivid plumage of the peacock features here in two intense and dramatic patterns. Composition: 90% Linen, 10% Nylon Printed Width: 138cm Horizontal Pattern Repeat: 27.6cm Vertical Pattern Repeat: 42.2cm Product Code & Colour: FTDPORI – Original



A Tibetan inspired motif, loomed in India and named after Pema Chodron, the well known American Buddhist nun living in Nova Scotia. The brilliant colors on the brown background of linen and silk make it useful for many applications.

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