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Celestial Pebble by Island Stone

Celestial Pebble

Island Stone

In Celestial Pebble Tile, our stunning natural King Pebble surface is punctuated by careful placement of small opposing colored pebbles resulting in a stunning and unique design. An enlightening look designed to transform any surface into a visually stunning landscape. Similar to our King Pebble blends, Celestial is a great way to tie together opposing colors in an installation.
rustic cladding by Island Stone

rustic cladding

Island Stone

Rustic Cladding is distinguished by the natural textured relief of the Vtile pattern of the stone. It's uneven surface, combined with the subtle color variations, make it an ideal product to use as part of any wall or surface that you want to receive extra special attention
Crema Eda® Brushed by Marmiro Stones, Inc.

Crema Eda® Brushed

Marmiro Stones, Inc.

Crema Eda® Brushed Tiles
Slate 18 x 36 Desert Gold by Stone & Pewter Accents

Slate 18 x 36 Desert Gold

Stone & Pewter Accents

Slate 18 x 36 Desert Gold used on a fireplace and hearth Stone & Pewter Accents offers 20 colors of range slate. Each rich color contains natural stone variations which makes each unique. Field slate is cleft to a thickness of approximately 3/8 (10mm) giving a natural grain to the product. Sizes: 12x12, 16x16, 18x18, 24x24, 18x36 (NOT ALL COLORS ARE AVAILABLE IN ALL STYLES)
Terra Antiqued by Marmiro Stones, Inc.

Terra Antiqued

Marmiro Stones, Inc.

Terra Antiqued Tile with custom chiseled edges
Afyon Cloud® Sandblasted by Marmiro Stones, Inc.

Afyon Cloud® Sandblasted

Marmiro Stones, Inc.

Afyon Cloud® Sandblasted Pavers & Coping
STack Tile by Island Stone

STack Tile

Island Stone

Stack Mosaics uses a wedge-shaped tile to create a unique stepped pattern. Stacked Mosaic's stepped relief enhances the way light plays on the natural tones and highlights of the stone. Mosaic Stack can be laid vertically or horizontally in any feature wall or backsplash application.
Perfect Pebble by Island Stone

Perfect Pebble

Island Stone

Island Stone invented the "pebble tile" in 1998 and our Perfect Pebble Tile remains the premier pebble tile in the world. Pebbles are individually sorted to insure only using pebbles displaying the highest quality, size, color and flatness. These small, premium pebbles are placed in our proprietary interlocking shape to create a pebble tile of unmatched consistency and quality.
Azura® Sandblasted by Marmiro Stones, Inc.

Azura® Sandblasted

Marmiro Stones, Inc.

Azura® Sandblasted Pavers & Coping
Crema Eda® Antiqued & Sandblasted by Marmiro Stones, Inc.

Crema Eda® Antiqued & Sandblasted

Marmiro Stones, Inc.

Crema Eda® Antiqued Pavers & Sandblasted Coping
Deep Blue® Leather by Marmiro Stones, Inc.

Deep Blue® Leather

Marmiro Stones, Inc.

Deep Blue® Leather Tiles
madeamano© - Novecento by Made A Mano

madeamano© - Novecento

Made A Mano

Novecento - Made a Mano Decorations of the nineteenth century. Tribute to the style of the Aeolian Islands. Materials: Smooth lava stone (PLL) and industrial cotto (CI) Glaze: Milky white Size industrial cotto in mm: 100x100, 150x150, 200x200 Size lava stone in mm: 100x100, 150x150, 200x200 + customized size for tops and tables etc.
Noble Lusso Champagne by Technistone a.s.

Noble Lusso Champagne

Technistone a.s.

Noble Collection
Level pebble by Island Stone

Level pebble

Island Stone

Level Pebble meshes the aesthetic of our Perfect Pebble with the flawless flat surface of our Random tiles. It is the ideal solution for customers who require a flatter surface, yet desire the appearance of natural pebble. Utilizing our original interlocking pattern, this addition to our Pebble Series opens up a new realm of surfacing possibilities.
edge tile by Island Stone

edge tile

Island Stone

The Edge is a new look achieved by slicing strips from large blocks of stone and mounting them so the smooth cut face is exposed. The original rough surface becomes the outlining feature of each individual piece.
Random Squares by Island Stone

Random Squares

Island Stone

Random Squares is an interlocking tile made with an endless variety of four sided stones, all tightly woven together into a mosaic. Each tile is uniquely made up of individual stone rectangles and squares, that are hand assembled, so that no two are exactly alike. The resulting tile is both modern and playful, yet reflective of classic European cobblestone walkways. Random Squares are offered in a range of popular stone types and proven stone combinations, all with a flawless interlock design that insures a seamless surface. Use this tile anywhere!
Vtile by Island Stone


Island Stone

Shaped like a wedge, the Vtile™ is thin at one end and thick at the other adding a stunning three dimensional relief to a wall. Island Stone's newest and most innovative product in the Cladding Series.
Deep Blue® Sandblasted by Marmiro Stones, Inc.

Deep Blue® Sandblasted

Marmiro Stones, Inc.

Deep Blue® Sandblasted & Enhanced Pavers & Coping
Crema Eda® Rosa Antiqued by Marmiro Stones, Inc.

Crema Eda® Rosa Antiqued

Marmiro Stones, Inc.

Crema Eda® Rosa Antiqued French Pattern Pavers & Coping
Terra Antiqued by Marmiro Stones, Inc.

Terra Antiqued

Marmiro Stones, Inc.

Terra Antiqued Washington Pattern Pavers
Reclaimed Cobblestone by Stone Farm

Reclaimed Cobblestone

Stone Farm

Big Dig reclaimed cobblestones create this stunning and natural driveway at this Connecticut residence.
TS_madeamano® Lava stone by Made A Mano

TS_madeamano® Lava stone

Made A Mano

Tech Sheets of Etna Lavastone, worked from Made a Mano Srl
Noble Cloudy Onyx by Technistone a.s.

Noble Cloudy Onyx

Technistone a.s.

Noble Collection
Vsquares by Island Stone


Island Stone

VSquares, a new twist on Island Stones innovative VTile design, creates a varied relief pattern that intertwines across a surface. The square pieces, wedged in diverging angles, create a non-directional design distinctively different from the classic linear nature of our original VTile and Rustic formats. A versatile new design appropriate for interior and exterior commercial and residential projects.

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