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Brewery by Troy Lighting


Troy Lighting

The Brewery pendant, pays homage to the history and craft of draft brewing and the copper brewhouse equipment that was used. Troy Lighting’s Brewery exhibits a reinterpretation of fermentation tank tops and stacks as the lamp shades and fixture structure.
Berlin by Troy Lighting


Troy Lighting

Berlin synthesizes modern contouring and industrial detailing into a pendant with commanding simplicity. An impressive piece of clear, blown glass encases its internal metalwork: a cone-shaped iron mesh screen that encloses a 14-watt LED light source within a globe diffuser.
Sierra by Troy Lighting


Troy Lighting

Taking a walk in the forest and gazing up through the trees is the inspiration behind Sierra – a masterpiece of creativity, artistry and craftsmanship. Individually hand-formed iron twigs, with occasional textured buds, twine completely around a central base in perfectly random yet balanced proportions.
Marble Pendant by Eidos Glass Designs, LLC.

Marble Pendant

Eidos Glass Designs, LLC.

An elegant placement of glass marbles lends a bit of whimsy to this classic pendant. Each marble, made with a ring tool, is kept heated until it is ready to be fused to the cylinder. Hang a line of pendants above bar or dining table, or a single one in a vestibule or gallery.
Audiophile by Troy Lighting


Troy Lighting

Turning up style with the nostalgic Audiophile collection that manages to be retro and contemporary at the same time – is the latest creation by Troy Lighting. The knurled details of the functional cord-fasteners, hardware and light bulb socket holders are reminiscent of tuning knobs or accessories on high-fidelity audio equipment.
Stargazer Modern Pendant by Niche Modern

Stargazer Modern Pendant

Niche Modern

The English dictionary defines stargazer as "a daydreamer, an impractical idealist" or "someone indifferent to the busy world". We like that description as it fits us just fine and maybe it will describe you too. We designed this light as a unique piece for some friends in Seattle, and since the project has taken a different direction, we thought we’d share this light with the world at large to quell our feelings of unrequited love.
Vintage British industrial pendant  by SkinFlint

Vintage British industrial pendant


Industrial caged pendants by British manufacturer "Heyes & Co Ltd" Salvaged from the outbuildings of a Victorian hospital Ayrshire, Scotland, UK. Circa 1940. Original flameproof glass well set within a polished aluminium enclosure with cast makers marks. Supplied with new bayonet (B22) lamp holders, 2mtrs of industrial steel suspension chain, elephant grey braided cable and ceiling mounting plate.
Twig Ceiling Pendant (1L-P) by Fire Farm Lighting

Twig Ceiling Pendant (1L-P)

Fire Farm Lighting

Twig is a perfect addition to an entranceway or living room: anywhere this conversation piece can garner delight and surprise. As much a kinetic sculpture as light fixture, the interlocking "twigs" hover around the central bulb. Hung above eye level, the bright unfiltered light will glow against the ceiling and nearby walls. Available in black, white, and red.
DITRI DX34 LED Pendant by Studio Endo

DITRI DX34 LED Pendant

Studio Endo

DITRI takes the form of a sleek ditrigon, a blend between a convex hexagon and a triangle. This line was inspired by the flawless natural form of a unique type of snowflake. DITRI DX34 channels the strength and luxury of the larger DITRI DX43 into a petite frame.
Chippewa Box Heart  by Lowcountry Originals

Chippewa Box Heart

Lowcountry Originals

Salvaged surface mounted lights by SkinFlint

Salvaged surface mounted lights


Large run of salvaged lights manufactured in England by 'GEC' Circa 1950. Opaline glass shade with interesting hidden aluminium hinged mounting bracket featuring makers marks. Can be utilised in either a horizontal or vertical orientation for wall or ceiling applications. Supplied with new porcelain (B22) lamp holders. Dimensions Diameter : 360 mm Length: n/a mm Height: 170 mm Width: n/a mm Colour: White Weight: 1.5 kg
Aurora Modern Pendant Light by Niche Modern

Aurora Modern Pendant Light

Niche Modern

Aurora is a word for the phenomenon seen in the northern and southern skies when charged particles perform a dance of light as they enter the earth's magnetic field.
Stretch Pendant by Hubbardton Forge

Stretch Pendant

Hubbardton Forge

Four plates of steel spanning more than four feet hide the light source and create layers of shadow and light. The Stretch makes a statement and doesn’t require a gym membership.
Lighting by Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery


Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery

Whether you're building a new house, remodeling your current home or simply updating the look of a room, you may spend hours choosing the perfect paint color, floor coverings, window dressings and accessories. But many homeowners overlook the powerful impact lighting can have on the design of a room.
Flemish factory shades. Circa 1940 by SkinFlint

Flemish factory shades. Circa 1940


Extra large vitreous enamelled industrial lights salvaged from a Flemish factory. Circa 1940. Supplied with new screw (E27) lamp holders, 2mtrs of traditional twisted braided black cable, industrial steel suspension chain and ceiling mounting plate. Dimensions Diameter : 450 mm Length: n/a mm Height: 280 mm Width: n/a mm Colour: Midnight Blue (White Internal) Weight: 2.5 kg
Large Hooded Pendant Light by Shiplights

Large Hooded Pendant Light


Standard Finishes- Unlacquered Brass & Chrome; Custom Finishes- Antique Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Pewter, Satin Nickel, Copper & More.
Asymmetrical Pendant by immerLit

Asymmetrical Pendant


Fine translucent porcelain finished with a translucent cream glaze and hematite hardware. All specifications are customizable.
"Elysian" by Heritage Metalworks


Heritage Metalworks

This all-cast brass lantern's regal beauty is hand-crafted with highly-detailed lost wax castings, mouth-blown glass panes and the old-world skills that combined them. While finishes pictured may vary, the price shown is designer net pricing for the standard finish, polished unlacquered. For a list of all finishes offered, please view the sell sheet at
Fantastic Flemish factory lights by SkinFlint

Fantastic Flemish factory lights


Fantastic Flemish factory lights. Giant vitreous enamelled shade, polished aluminium lamp enclosure with brushed and lacquered upper steel top. Supplied with new bayonet (B22) lamp holders, 2mtrs of industrial steel suspension chain, elephant grey braided cable and ceiling mounting plate.
Delightfull by Delightfull - Unique Lamps


Delightfull - Unique Lamps

With delicate and feminine forms, this lamp is full of charm. Aretha can produce a special atmosphere by itself. Being functional, it allows alternated lighting: up, down or both. Its structure is made in brass and the lampholders in aluminium.
Stemmed Round Glass Light by Curiousa and Curiousa

Stemmed Round Glass Light

Curiousa and Curiousa

This light is freestyle hand-blown in Derbyshire, England. There are 10 different colours to choose from and each light is blown to order. US fitments available. Price: £380.00
Phyllo 2814 by Fire Farm Lighting

Phyllo 2814

Fire Farm Lighting

The buttery layers of the Phyllo 2814 pendants give a warm, inviting glow great for intimate spaces, yet a fiery intensity just right for larger environments. Featuring undulating layers of brass and copper wire cloth mesh, sizes range from 24” to 45” approximate diameters. Custom sizes and mesh also available.
 Living in Harmony - Pendant by Work and Design

Living in Harmony - Pendant

Work and Design

Salvaged Prismatic Polish pendant l by SkinFlint

Salvaged Prismatic Polish pendant l


Prismatic pendants salvaged from a factory in Southern Poland on the Czechoslavakinan and German borders. Polished aluminum enclosure with cast makers marks and linear prismatic glass refractor. Circa 1960. Supplied with new bayonet (B22) lamp holders, 2mtrs of industrial steel suspension chain, elephant grey braided cable and ceiling mounting plate. Dimensions Diameter : 160 mm Length: n/a mm Height: 220 mm Width: n/a mm Colour: Silver Weight: 2.0 kg
ModCraft Porcelain Lighting by ModCraft Inc.

ModCraft Porcelain Lighting

ModCraft Inc.

These fine pendant lamps are made to order from very pure, translucent porcelain and are clear gloss glazed. Ships with 75W equivalent, 5500k compact bulb for brightest white light. Other temperature lamps will produce warmer or cooler glows. ModCraft lighting makes a distinct design statement in homes, hotels, restaurants, bars, and retail locations. Lamps include: -Translucent porcelain body -Medium Base socket -White cord-set with white canopy -includes (1) 75 watt CFL
Pendant Lighting Fixture by Heritage Metalworks

Pendant Lighting Fixture

Heritage Metalworks

This brass lighting fixture is shown in polished brass finish. The hand-blown glass fills out the period-neutral frame for a finished, versatile lighting pendant look. The polished brass finish shown is available at extra cost; all prices given are for original brass finish.
Pendant Collection by Bevolo Gas & Electric Lights

Pendant Collection

Bevolo Gas & Electric Lights

Bevolo's Pendant Collection was designed to be used in a number of applications including over an island, vanity or bar. All pendants are crafted using the same copper, care & precision as our lanterns.

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