Architectural Elements: Wall Cladding

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The Corbel by Soane

The Corbel


Available in jaquebo resin and can be painted any colour or gilded.
Hearst Castle Collection by Enkeboll Designs

Hearst Castle Collection

Enkeboll Designs

Hearst Castle Collection® by Enkeboll. Inspired by the great Golden Age of California, accents derived from the magnificent details of William Randolph Hearst’s home in San Simeon.
coffered ceilings by Paul Janus Building Arts

coffered ceilings

Paul Janus Building Arts

Woods Company Barn Siding by The Woods Company, Inc.

Woods Company Barn Siding

The Woods Company, Inc.

Original exterior facing barn board



Nice and tactile this one. PARKER shares the same DNA as WHEELS but has more feminine feel. PARKER has the same wonderfully weathered-look as WHEELS has but the panels are slightly slimmer and longer, making PARKER a tad more elegant.
Linear Structure Architrave by Solomon and Wu

Linear Structure Architrave

Solomon and Wu

The scale of architrave requires more discreet shadows to be cast by the lines of the pattern. In this respect the depth of the architrave has been developed to create a detail that does not overload the smaller format of the moulding. This moulding can be used in a variety of contexts as picture rail, frame for wall panels or dado rail. It comes with a specially designed corner piece for fitting. This series of mouldings takes its inspiration from the new applications of concrete in modern architecture. The possibilities of reinforced concrete allow architects the freedom to move away from monolithic structures to create an elegant semi-industrial aesthetic.
Architectural Panels	 by Sonoma Cast Stone

Architectural Panels

Sonoma Cast Stone

Architectural Panels EarthCrete is environmentally sustainable, harder, stronger, and less weight than traditional concrete. Sonoma Cast Stone makes architectural panels in virtually any color or color combination; available in many sizes. Ideal for shower backs, lobby cladding, flooring, room dividers or countertops, they can also be made as structural panels from ¾” to 4” thick and as “heat panels” with heating coils cast into the mix. Sonoma Cast Stone Architectural Panels have all the creative potential of a blank canvas – and then some! Like other forms of concrete, EarthCrete™ is a marvelous medium for embedded materials and color pigments. EarthCrete also supports a myriad of textures. It has a warm, organic ambience and the strength of ages. Panels also support MetalCrete, genuine metal plating.
Wall Panels by Concreteworks East Studio

Wall Panels

Concreteworks East Studio

Kirei Canamo Hemp by Kirei USA

Kirei Canamo Hemp

Kirei USA

Kirei Canamo Hemp Panels, used for ceiling panels, architectural millwork and more, are made from the reclaimed hemp hurd fiber left over from fabric manufacture and a No-Added-Urea-Formaldehyde resin. Kirei Canamo Hemp Panels are a new blank slate for designers and fabricators to create with.
design outside the box by Paul Janus Building Arts

design outside the box

Paul Janus Building Arts

Douglas Fir on special sale by The Woods Company, Inc.

Douglas Fir on special sale

The Woods Company, Inc.

Limited quantities of these beautiful Douglas Fir reclaimed boards. They come in a mix of flatsawn and vertical grain for an amazing combination look. Douglas Fir takes any stain and makes it look even better. Call for pricing.
Color Projection™: Caribbean by Jamie Beckwith Collection

Color Projection™: Caribbean

Jamie Beckwith Collection

Playful, bold and alive with vibrant color, Color Projection™ adds levity, fun and whimsy to any room. Offered in four bold color choices, it can be combined in fresh new ways, or used as a solid statement. Impressionistic images emerge from a multi-colored wall, or solid waves of Fern green, ripples of Caribbean blue, cascading petals of Peony blossoms and complex quartz Linen crystal formations appear. Color Projection™ awaits your talent and canvas.
Woods Company Barn Siding by The Woods Company, Inc.

Woods Company Barn Siding

The Woods Company, Inc.

Original exterior facing barn boards
entires by Paul Janus Building Arts


Paul Janus Building Arts

Polished Projection™ by Jamie Beckwith Collection

Polished Projection™

Jamie Beckwith Collection

Polished Projection™ has a gloss finish that enhances the natural beauty of the wood. It is refined and restrained, never showy. It has a sheen that catches the light, and subtly reveals the grain pattern in the blocks.
ArmourCast External by Armourcoat Surface Finishes

ArmourCast External

Armourcoat Surface Finishes

ArmourCast External is a custom-cast exterior grade architectural product from Armourcoat. Comprising of recycled marble, Portland cement and mineral oxides, the finished product has the durability and decorative finish of quarried stone. Usually cast over an EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) foam core, ArmourCast External is lightweight and easy to install, and its rich appearance makes it an ideal choice for a variety of ornamental architectural shapes such as window sills and door surrounds, column wraps, moldings, fireplace surrounds, keystones, crown molding and more.
Barn Style Bar Tops and Bar Accesso by Edmund Terrence LLC

Barn Style Bar Tops and Bar Accesso

Edmund Terrence LLC

Custom Design Services
Creative Inspirations by UltraGlas, Inc.

Creative Inspirations

UltraGlas, Inc.

UltraGlas horizontal and vertical surfacing offers optimum creative latitude. Size (up to 69-1/2" x 119-1/2"), shape, thickness, single and multiple colorations (including translucent colorations), texture, hardware accommodation and even site-specific designs (like the one shown) may be specified. UltraGlas solutions also offer an impressive departure from the expected. Counters and BarTops, as well as other surfaces can be specified to coordinate perfectly with adjacent UltraGlas components, such as lighting, doors, lites, dividers, flooring, accents and a whole lot more.
Mon Real® Mouldings by D'Alessio Inspired Architectural Designs

Mon Real® Mouldings

D'Alessio Inspired Architectural Designs

Traditional Mouldings and wood carvings create a grand entrance from the foyer into the formal living room. Ceilings accentuate each room defining its elegance and sophisticate style.
Sculptural by Armourcoat Surface Finishes


Armourcoat Surface Finishes

Armourcoat Sculptural® is a range of seamless sculptural wall surface designs. Sculptural® walls are constructed from a series of pre-cast panels that are bonded to the substrate. The panel joints are then filled and sanded and a final decoration is applied to the surface. Sculptural® designs are created by combining computer-aided design with traditional hand sculpting to create designs that fit together with total accuracy yet retain the essence of being hand crafted.
Kirei Board by Kirei USA

Kirei Board

Kirei USA

Kirei Board is a strong, lightweight, durable, environmentally friendly substitute for wood-usable in furniture, cabinetry, casework and interior design elements. Manufactured from reclaimed sorghum straw and no-added-formaldehyde adhesive, Kirei Board brings a beautiful new element to modern interior design.
Tribeca Collection by Enkeboll Designs

Tribeca Collection

Enkeboll Designs

For the more modern and transitional aesthetic, Tribeca styles are inspired by the clean lines of modern-classic architecture. Shown from top left to bottom right: Maya, Wellesley, Wicker, Oxford, Meditation, Rockport.
Woods Company Barn Siding by The Woods Company, Inc.

Woods Company Barn Siding

The Woods Company, Inc.

Original exterior facing barn siding
Ceiling and wall panels by Tajik Door and Gazebo, Inc.

Ceiling and wall panels

Tajik Door and Gazebo, Inc.

Designed by a master artist

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