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Chord Wood Holder by Vermontica

Chord Wood Holder


The Chord Wood Holder is a minimalist approach to the hearth wood bin. Made from 3/8" steel plate and shown here with a red oxide steel finish. AD Design Show Booth #504 Overall dimensions: 5.25" tall 16" wide 16" long Inquire about custom sizing, finishes, and pricing.
Vesuv  by Wittus - Fire by Design


Wittus - Fire by Design

Spacious lofts and grand living spaces come to life when a fireplace like Vesuv takes center stage. The elliptical Vesuv is available in 10 tile colors. The body and face is made of high-grade steel in gray. The custom crafted ceramic sides and top plate serve to absorb heat from the firebox, and then release it steadily into the room. The firebox itself is tall and impressive — a viewing area 19” high by 15½” wide. To load the fire just slide the door up; it glides easily on a smooth system of counterweights. A push-button lever allows the door to swing outward for easy cleaning. There’s a roomy drawer below for hearth supplies, as well. Vesuv measures 58” high x 32” wide x 23” deep and weighs 630-850 pounds. It heats up to 38,000 BTUs; about 1,900 square feet. Top or back vented.
Span Cast Concrete Surround by Solus Decor Inc

Span Cast Concrete Surround

Solus Decor Inc

Compton 2 Electric Fireplace Suite (Black) by Electric Modern

Compton 2 Electric Fireplace Suite (Black)

Electric Modern

The Compton 2 is an electric linear fireplace kit that comes with a contemporary white tile surround motif (also available in White Stone). Evoflame technology creates a stunning flame effect while providing all the added benefits of an electric fireplace such as: energy savings and installation flexibility.
Cornice Cast Concrete Surround by Solus Decor Inc

Cornice Cast Concrete Surround

Solus Decor Inc

Classic stateliness is redefined along clean contemporary lines, making Cornice a spectacular focal point.
Stromboli  by Wittus - Fire by Design


Wittus - Fire by Design

The oval Stromboli floats on a pedestal and gracefully turns so the panorama of flames can be enjoyed anywhere in the room. It is available in 10 tile colors or in natural stone with high-grade dark gray steel. Stromboli is also available in an all steel version. It measures 42” high x 26” wide x 19” deep and weighs about 385 pounds. Stromboli heats up to 38,000 BTUs; about 1,600 square feet. Top vent only.
J Series M2 Linear Outdoor Fireplace by European Home

J Series M2 Linear Outdoor Fireplace

European Home

Light up the night! This sophisticated outdoor gas fireplace features LED interior lights and a robust linear flame. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a chic outdoor cocktail party or a simple and cozy fire with family and friends.
Fireplace mantel "Raama" by Ugol Woodworks

Fireplace mantel "Raama"

Ugol Woodworks

Solid timber fireplace mantel made of American walnut and White Oak
Gabo II Gas Stove by RAIS America

Gabo II Gas Stove

RAIS America

The first gas stove to showcase the distinctive RAIS style and quality. Can be operated with a remote control or wall thermostat.
Tulip Fireplace Screen by Heritage Metalworks

Tulip Fireplace Screen

Heritage Metalworks

This iron tulip fireplace screen seres multiple purposes: in addition to its functional capacity, it doubles as decoration to match any season - particularly spring!
Concrete Fireplace  by Sonoma Cast Stone

Concrete Fireplace

Sonoma Cast Stone

Concrete Fireplace FPS11 in Sustainable EarthCrete Only concrete can be cast in so many shapes, and only Sonoma Cast Stone makes EarthCrete. Stately hearths, mantels, pillars, corbels and even Christmas stocking ledges can be made in concrete, in almost any color or texture that suits your home. And now, our available finishes include Metalcrete, genuine steel, pewter, bronze or copper that's permanently plated to the fixture.
Fraser Concrete Surround by Solus Decor Inc

Fraser Concrete Surround

Solus Decor Inc

Smaller rooms call for the lean dimensions of Fraser. Its surround fits any insert or firebox - elegant alone, or with added mantel.
E72 3-Sided Electric Fireplace by Electric Modern

E72 3-Sided Electric Fireplace

Electric Modern

The E72 3-Sided is a bay style electric fireplace with a modern look and trimless finish that differs from any electric fireplace on the market today. Electric fireplaces provide flexibility of installation and energy saving benefits.
Fireplace by Concreteworks



Custom fireplace
Mantel "Musivum" design series by Ugol Woodworks

Mantel "Musivum" design series

Ugol Woodworks

Frame of Mantel made in Balck Cherry.The face of each mantle is embellished with a unique mosaic composed of pieces of different wood veneers, fitted perfectly together like a fine quilt. The myriad organic patterns in the natural wood grains contrast with the formal geometry of the mosaic composition to create an effect that feels simultaneously modern and antique.
The Soho Boutique by Eldorado Stone

The Soho Boutique

Eldorado Stone

As the name implies, The Soho “Boutique” is smaller in scale, yet its clean lines imply a sense of luxury and timeless style. Paired with the linear form of Eldorado Stone’s Birch LedgeCut33™ the combination creates a perfect match.
E40 3-Sided Electric Fireplace by Electric Modern

E40 3-Sided Electric Fireplace

Electric Modern

The E40: 3-sided is a bay style trimless electric fireplace that adds extra dimension to your classic linear modern fireplace. Evoflame technology creates a robust flame effect while providing all the added benefits of an electric fireplace such as: energy savings and the ability to install almost anywhere without having to worry about vent pipe.
Pleated Fireplace Surround by Perry Design

Pleated Fireplace Surround

Perry Design

Pleated iron also available With mantel. Not available With stone header.
Suite Air Pellet Burning  by Wittus - Fire by Design

Suite Air Pellet Burning

Wittus - Fire by Design

Flatfire  by Wittus - Fire by Design


Wittus - Fire by Design

The direct vent Flatfire can be rear vented. Propane or natural gas. Comes with a multi-function thermostatic remote control. Available either with a black or silver gray steel frame (42” wide x 30” high), and it heats up to 20,000 BTUs; about 1,000–1,200 square feet. For further specifications refer to the Flatfire Catalog. The Flatfire direct vent gas fireplace has a new landscape shape, well appointed options, and a wide window for viewing the mesmerizing fire.
FireRevo by Firemaker



Suspended rotating wood burning fire. Diameter 1.2m
Crown Cast Concrete Surround by Solus Decor Inc

Crown Cast Concrete Surround

Solus Decor Inc

Rich in detail, Crown offers traditional grand styling in a contemporary scale, used as surround only or with added crown.
Trisore 140 by Element4 by European Home

Trisore 140 by Element4

European Home

A three-sided, or bay-style fireplace, the Trisore 140 features a frameless built-in design with glass on three sides for a fresh, modern look.
The Giada by Eldorado Stone

The Giada

Eldorado Stone

The pleasing blend of clean lines and finite details invite this surround into both contemporary and transitional settings. The 8" monolithic depth gives way to deeply carved and symmetrical properties.

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