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Connecticut Wall by Futuro Futuro Range Hoods

Connecticut Wall

Futuro Futuro Range Hoods

The Connecticut wall-mount range hood by Futuro Futuro is a powerful and stylish kitchen ventilation solution for a variety of traditional kitchen designs. With a classic shape, choice of trim frames, and customization possibilities, the Connecticut model is as perfect for a "New England" kitchen as it is for a "French Provincial" or "Rustico Italiano" design environment. All wood trim and bottom frame is made from solid white oak, and is shipped unstained, so the customer may paint or stain them to match their exact kitchen design. The body of the hood is finished with a durable white plastic-based coating, which is paintable as well. Together, these features allow for an unlimited range of color combinations. Elegant, classic design. High-quality materials and genuine Italian craftsmanship. Customization options. Quiet performance and easy maintenance. The Connecticut series range hoods by Futuro Futuro - for traditional kitchen owners who will accept nothing but the best.
Bellvue Range Hood by Raw Urth Designs

Bellvue Range Hood

Raw Urth Designs

Acqualina Glass Island by Futuro Futuro Range Hoods

Acqualina Glass Island

Futuro Futuro Range Hoods

The Acqualina line of kitchen range hoods by Futuro Futuro combines graceful form with the enduring shine of stainless steel (highest-grade AISI 304). Like a high-end Italian automobile that looks fast even while standing still, the Acqualina makes a design statement that captures the essence of motion. Acqualina's blend of stainless steel and tempered glass makes it the perfect finishing touch for modern kitchens featuring stainless steel appliances and glass countertops. The unique, original design is the right choice for kitchen owners who want to showcase their sense of style and ability to adapt the entire kitchen environment to their unique personality. Inside, the Acqualina features the best Italian craftsmanship along with technological sophistication. Its powerful and quiet blower motor, mounted in the exclusive Futuro Futuro sound-absorbing motor chamber, offers 4 adjustable speeds. The illuminated electronic control panel includes features like delayed shut-off and filter-cleaning reminder. Along with top-notch technology and unique looks, the Acqualina includes special designer filters to enhance its unique looks, as well as the patented "Easy-Open" halogen light fixtures.



Zephyr Ventilation celebrates its 10-year anniversary with design partner Fu-Tung Cheng and introduces the Limited Edition Okeanito kitchen hood. Available in Rose Gold and Black Mirror Stainless, the Limited Edition Okeanito features mixed metallics and Zephyr’s groundbreaking technology to create a new focal point in kitchen design.
Canterbury Ceiling Hood  by RangeCraft Manufacturing

Canterbury Ceiling Hood

RangeCraft Manufacturing

• Wide Selection of Metal Finishes. • Decorative Color Matching Available. • Superior Patented Micro Baffle Filters & Halogen Lights Standard • Quality Crafted in the USA.
Custom Range Hood by Raw Urth Designs

Custom Range Hood

Raw Urth Designs

Pearl Black Wall by Futuro Futuro Range Hoods

Pearl Black Wall

Futuro Futuro Range Hoods

Ventilation by Bosch Home Appliances


Bosch Home Appliances

Every meal now comes with a breath of fresh air. Bosch's high performance ventilation products literally freshen the air. Capable of up to 600 CFM, they quickly remove steam, odors, grease and smoke, without adding any distracting noise.
Breckenridge Range Hood by Raw Urth Designs

Breckenridge Range Hood

Raw Urth Designs

Luxor Island by Futuro Futuro Range Hoods

Luxor Island

Futuro Futuro Range Hoods

Effortlessly elegant and visually stunning. The Luxor series range hoods by Futuro Futuro combine state-of-the-art kitchen ventilation technology with a bold design. With an illuminated body made from high-grade tempered glass, the Luxor will be the attention-getting centerpiece of any modern kitchen. Whether looking like a piece of modern art when not in use, or lighting up with a glow that is sure to provoke a reaction, the Luxor is perfect for kitchen owners who are looking to make a powerful design statement. Several innovative Futuro Futuro technologies are used in the construction of this high-class range hood. The Perimeter Suction Filter System replaces traditional mesh filters with collector slots, creating a smooth surface that looks great and is easy to clean. The chimney is made from FaSteel®, a patented fingerprint-free stainless steel technology. The illuminated electronic control panel allows access to multiple blower speeds and convenient features such as delayed shut-off and filter cleaning reminder. The powerful yet quiet tangential motor is mounted inside the patented Futuro Futuro sound-absorbing chamber, making the Luxor one of the quietest range hoods in its class. The Luxor range hood by Futuro Futuro - the right choice for the high-end kitchen owner who wants to showcase their passion for design, quality, and innovation.
36” Accolade™ Downdraft Ventilation System by Jenn-Air

36” Accolade™ Downdraft Ventilation System


The Jenn-Air® Accolade™ Downdraft Ventilation System offers striking design, innovative ventilation and a graceful curve. It elegantly rises above the cooking surface to quietly clear the air, then disappears on command. Its details are just as refined; each Accolade™ is individually crafted and hand-polished. Never before has ventilation been so dramatic yet so understated.
XOT by XO Ventilation


XO Ventilation

11" Tall Undercabinet Pro Style Hood, Micro Baffle Filters, 600 CFM, Recirculating Kit Available, Made In Italy
Hood KSEu912X by Smeg USA, Inc.

Hood KSEu912X

Smeg USA, Inc.

36" Stainless steel ventilation hood, 600 cfm, electronic display touch control
Canterbury Hood  by RangeCraft Manufacturing

Canterbury Hood

RangeCraft Manufacturing

• Wide Selection of Metal Finishes. • Decorative Color Matching Available. • Superior Patented Micro Baffle Filters & Halogen Lights Standard • Quality Crafted in the USA.
Thermador 60" Custom Hood Insert by Thermador

Thermador 60" Custom Hood Insert


Thermador will introduce a 60” Professional® Series Custom Hood Insert to match the power and performance of the groundbreaking new 60” Pro Grand Range Collection. Thermador Custom Hood Inserts empower culinary enthusiasts to personalize the look of their kitchen with a custom hood, creating a seamless design with wall or island applications.
Verona by Zephyr



Verona is topped with a straight glass canopy that also acts as an ambiance setting LED light display. Select the Cloud blue, Deep blue and Amber color settings to best match your kitchen’s décor or select the Demo mode that shows all 3 in 10 second intervals. A Next Generation Europa model, Verona includes Zephyr'ssDCBL Suppression System with Bloom LED light bulbs and LCD display controls. The Verona Wall comes in two sizes: 30" and 36".
Wash Park Range Hood by Raw Urth Designs

Wash Park Range Hood

Raw Urth Designs

 Murano "Glow" Island by Futuro Futuro Range Hoods

Murano "Glow" Island

Futuro Futuro Range Hoods

A kitchen appliance – or a work of art? Breathtakingly beautiful, the “Murano Collection” line of island and wall range hoods from Futuro Futuro feature colorful glass enclosures in various designs, becoming much more than a high-power kitchen hood. The new trend-setters bring together innovative technologies, highest-grade materials, and the unique flair of authentic Italian design. The Murano range hoods include the best of modern kitchen ventilation technology – a powerful and quiet blower, 4 speeds, patented Perimeter Suction Filter System, adjustable chimney, bright halogen lights with “Easy-Open” tool-less light fixtures, convenient features such as the filter cleaning reminder and delayed shut-off, and more. Four bright 20-watt halogen lights illuminate the cooking surface, while the dimmable body light lets you adjust the Murano range hood’s visual impact – from a subtle accent to powerful, attention-getting design statement that transforms the room. Available in island-mount and wall-mount versions, with square and round bodies, and over a dozen designs, (Autumn, Breeze, Frost, Glow, Moon, Moon Light, Motion, New York, Glow, Zebra, and many others). Power, beauty, and function – the essence of the Murano range hoods by Futuro Futuro.
Creede Range Hood by Raw Urth Designs

Creede Range Hood

Raw Urth Designs

HOOD KT90PU by Smeg USA, Inc.


Smeg USA, Inc.

36" ventilation hood. Available in cream, black and stainless steel. Recirculating. Halogen lights and 600 CFM.
XOS by XO Ventilation


XO Ventilation

Italian Range Hood, 600 CFM, Ducted or Ductless
Prizer Hoods by Prizer Hoods

Prizer Hoods

Prizer Hoods

Gaggenau Ventilation by Gaggenau

Gaggenau Ventilation


Gaggenau establishes its ventilation 200 series with the launch of three new ventilation models in various designs and widths. The island and wall-mounted hoods have newly designed rim extraction filters and are powerful and efficient. The appliances are also easy to install and operate. The series offers a wide selection of models that can be combined with all Gaggenau cooktops and cooking appliances to suit personal tastes and kitchen designs
Hood KD90XU by Smeg USA, Inc.

Hood KD90XU

Smeg USA, Inc.

36" Stainless steel wall hood, 600 cfm, halogen lights.

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