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CYRK...original contemporary/vintage art posters are more than striking images created by the artistic geniuses of the world-famous ‘Polish School of Posters’. Acclaimed as the best in contemporary poster art, CYRK posters are the artists' interpretation and commentary on society, often communicating to the viewer camouflaged political and/or social messages - hidden meanings. During the Communist era, the golden age of the ‘Polish School of Posters’, the Polish Government financially supported and encouraged poster art: sponsoring the 1st International Poster Biennale (1966), opening the world's first poster museum (1968) and treating poster artists favorably. Consequently, Polish posterists - being well-paid, highly-regarded and given much autonomy - became the spokespeople of society as their posters became the primary art form of the nation. CYRK… art is represented in private and public art collections; and were displayed at a recent exhibit ‘Polish Posters 1945-89’ at MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) New York City.
Posters are in mint condition, most measure approximately 27”x39” and were printed in limited editions in Poland by agencies of the Communist government. Prices range from $125-$1800 with most priced between $150-$575 including the linen-backing.
150.00 – 500.00




  • Limited Edition
  • Contemporary Art
  • Vintage
  • original print
  • lithograph
  • fine art

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