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Things Modenus loves – Artful Globes by ImagineNations

I’ve always been mesmerized by globes, love the idea of exploring every little detail, of closing my eyes and letting my finger land on a place which is then added to a long list of places I want to go and see. Cheating of course is allowed if the place in question isn’t actually one I’d like to have on my list (hey it’s my game so I make the rules) or, as is often the case, ends up being the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific really has an unfair advantage in that it covers one third of our entire planet , so the odds of landing on it as opposed to say, Bali, are pretty good. Interestingly, I’m just finishing a book about the world’s first explorer to circumnavigate the planet, Ferdinand Magellan, who it turns out had made a rather monumental mistake when planning his journey. He didn’t realize the Pacific Ocean was actually there. At all. Had he known he likely would have never proposed the daring feat in the first place. But, back to what we love, globes, especially when they’re being re-purposed into objets d’art. The company that does this is ImagineNations, owned and operated by designer Wendy Gold, of renown through her whimsical re-design of toilet seats and bathroom scales at Art de Toilette. Wendy’s style is quirky, fun and brings new life to things we’ve assumed had nowhere else to go in design.

All of Wendy’s designs are custom and made to order, which means they’re all unique and , as in the case of the family tree globe, would obviously be made per your specifications unless of course you’d like to know about the family tree of Modenus’ Tim, which can also be arranged.

So now when you worry about what to get the globe trotter who’s got everything you may now at least get through one more birthday unscathed. Happy travels!

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    What a wonderful and useful information? I like this globe very much. Thanks for sharing.


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