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Ten things I love about London – thing two, part one


Yes I know, it’s not like they’re an insider tip, I think London’s museums may not need too much in the way of PR from me. But they are great and must be mentioned in the “Ten things….” blog or else I will never ever be permitted to set foot in London again. So what, you rightfully ask, are my favorite things within those museums? While the exhibits are great and the Tate Modern contains one of my favorite exhibits ever, I will have to say it’s the sheer architecture itself that keeps me returning again and again. Before I jump into that I want to also point out that  museums in London are free, although a donation is appreciated, and I always marvel at how crowded they are and how often I find people just there to idle, or to sketch or a dad explaining the concept of mummies to his five year old. Museums in London are a living, breathing part of a living, breathing city. Culture as part of life, not an afterthought.

The British Museum

The British Museum

The grande dame of museums surely, the building’s Greek revival exterior (opened to the public in 1759) belies the Great Court the main doors open onto. The largest covered square in Europe, the effect of the glass dome over blinding white stone surfaces never ceases to amaze. It is a glass and steel construction made with 1656 uniquely shaped panes of glass, for those of you who need numbers.

British Museum Hall

The Tate Modern

The Tate Modern

In stark contrast to the British Museum’s classic exterior comes now the forbidding facade of the Tate Modern, a former power station complete with turbine halls that house larger than life exhibits. My favorite however is by Cornelia Parker, 30 pieces of silver and I must say images just don’t do it justice, so just get over there. Hey, Richard Branson!! I need a ppc ad here!!

Cornelia Parker 30 pieces of silver

The other favorite at the Tate is not in the Tate, it’s the view from it. It’s one of views of London I love the  most and having drinks at the bar on the top floor while looking at this is pretty hard to beat.

St Paul's

And as usual when I get going I can’t stop, so I will put together a part two to talk about two more favorites.

  • Marilyn G Russell

    Ok, your blog postings about London is getting me pumped since I’m going there to study ID for ten weeks this summer. I am indeed looking forward to the other eight things about London. Thanks Veronika!

  • http://www.stylecuratorblog.com StyleCurator

    love the tate modern-studied abroad in college-maybe it’s time to go back!

  • http://www.stylishbird.blogspot.com StylishBird

    I’m so excited to go the Tate this summer! Great post!

  • admin

    See you there. It’s one of my favorite spots in London. Can’t wait to get back. Great exhibits. Great location with so much good stuff nearby. And the view….

    Where’s my plane ticket.

  • http://www.specialimages.co.uk/blog/ Corporate photographer London

    Very fond of the Tate modern, took my kids there for the first time this year and they really enjoyed the day out- loved the large black box installation. Grant

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  • http://twitter.com/ClarityK Sarah Lloyd

    I used to live over the road from the British Museum in my 20s – “Museum Mansions”, more or less upstairs from the Museum Tavern – happy times! Love that museum, and so many others too. My kids faves were the Tate Modern, and the Kew Bridge Steam Museum – wonder if it still exists?

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