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It’s a mod mod mod mod modern Motel – Modwalls tile in Glen Oaks Motor Lodge

Here’s what we love about mid-century modern. We love the timelessness of the style, the fact that many of it’s elements are rooted in the once necessary post war simplicity and yet, harmonize perfectly with today’s design and architecture. Never offending or appearing out of style, always fresh, inspired and inviting. And yes, mid-century has enough of an edge to make us smile and hold our attention and that isn’t always easy. Going another step further in this philosophy is a Modenus favorite, Modwalls, who’s fun and very modern tile collection is an intricate part of a newly renovated 1950′s lodge in Big Sur, CA and not just any old lodge, but the Glen Oaks motor lodge, recently featured in Travel & Leisure  magazine as one of the most romantic hotels in the world.

A new take on the classic penny tile is Modwalls’ ModDotz™ collection. We love the very “mod” color combination of blue and avocado in the bathroom (top) particularly because the two colors are subtly framed in warmer earth tones that add elegance and remind us that it’s really 2011. And not that the “Dotz” need it but expertly lit shelving in the little wet bar above lends a wonderful glow to the “Sherbet” penny rounds and creates drama and romance in this little vignette.  Who needs candle light when they can have glowing Dotz?

Butterfly Cilantro fireplace by Modwalls

Speaking of vignettes, the motel really is a composition of late 50′s styles and shapes that, through the creative use of  Brio glass tiles, here in Cilantro, paired with an unexpected accent of Henry Road Sunset/Vapor Butterfly from Modwall’s Lush range, find just the right balance between mod and modern. And yes, the fireplace is the part that makes us smile or as the folks at Modwalls put it “we saw those pictures and are just  oh so happy”.

carmelita tiles by Modwalls

This space could easily be mistaken for a cozy backwoods lodge, which incidentally it is, but again if there was any doubt as to the heritage of the space what with all the stainless elements, the bar stools and  the splash of color through the Carmelita glass tiles on the bar front provide just enough of a nod to the past to keep with the overall rhythm. With this we’ll leave the lodge, at least temporarily since we will now do what we can to ingratiate ourselves with the lodge owners to “test” this hidden treasure first hand.

Custom Blend by Modwalls

But before we let you go we want to point out one of our favorite features at Modwalls, which is their custom blend option. Not only can you immerse yourself in endless creative options, there’s a real community angle as well and just another reason for us to love the folks at Modwalls. All custom blends are created by the developmentally disabled participants at  Hope Services programs. But be warned, creating your personal blend can be a  massive productivity killer. I’ve just created several designs in the time I should have been spending sorting out some Modenus paperwork. That said, I think I’ve finally got what I want for my bathroom. I love the blend shown above, and not just because it fits so well into out Mid Century Modern theme, but because it is such fun. So thank you Modwalls, we’re very glad you are out there!

Let the credits roll:

You can find Modwalls on their own website which is set up for you to order product right from the site.

Lodge Design by Steve Justrich at  Just Rich Design

Photography by James Hall Photography at  88 Zero

  • http://www.clearcausefoundation.org/ student travel

    Wow, very stylish and amazing color are used to decorate the house. I like so much and want to make my house like this. All rooms are well decorated and by seeing this it will give royal feeling to me. 

  • http://twitter.com/BeingMarci ❀ Marci O’Connor ❀

    This is a perfect example of style having some fun and not taking itself too seriously…and yet still being the envy of others! I need to sneak into the states and order me some!


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