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Michelle Drenckhahn – Bathroom elegance

We love this bathroom redo by Michelle Drenckhahn at  Spacial  Adaptation – amazing work on a tight budget! “Catherine’s guest bathroom was functional, yes. However, it did not speak to her style nor the peacefulness she wished for her guest …

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Michelle Drenckhahn – family space

Another amazing kitchen and house remodel but Michelle Drenckhahn and Spacial Adaptation. “The homeowners asked us to create a space where they could be together as a family and entertain friends. Starting with a new vaulted FR addition, we added …

Hornbeck Before Kitchen

Hornbeck Design Partners – Kitchen redo

BEFORE/ PROBLEM : Hermosa house kitchen area. Feels like an apartment. Kitchen felt closed off. Materials look cheap, old appliances, strange wall configurations. AFTER / SOLUTION : Hermosa house redesigned kitchen area, feels more open to room with upper cabinets …