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We love it, we love it not, we love it…..help please! A survey.

Full disclosure:  we are a bit on the fence about this product, so we’re throwing this discussion out to you, our loyal (and opinionated) audience for feedback.  Do we love these uber-contemporary wine storage ‘racks?’ I hesitate to even call them racks – they are perforated stainless steel tubes, which make up a racking system.  Not wanting to seem SO old school that I can’t embrace new technology; after all, I have a decidedly contemporary bent when it comes to furnishings, so I find I’m asking myself as well as you:  do we love these or not?

Made in Canada by Vinox Concept, they are made of sturdy stainless steel and the fact that it is a racking system; meaning it can be built up in a number of different formats and styles –  even with lights, makes it very flexible.

Is this something you’d use in your home as a storage system for your wine?  Perhaps used in the kitchen, next to other stainless steel appliances?  If you are storing winesSorry, there are no polls available at the moment. that need not be completely temperature controlled, I could make a case for having this provide additional storage for some bottles, but perhaps it’s the mother in me that makes me think that it’s an accident waiting to happen (children – stop running around the wine tube!)

Do you see my dilemma?  Wanting to embrace the new, but needing a bit more involvement with the product (after all, did I love the iPod at first? Well, ok, bad example because yes I did.) So I am asking you, dear reader — do you love it? Prefer to leave? Or have a suggestion for an ideal installation in which case please leave a comment below.

Love it or leave it, tell us your thoughts

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  • quintessence

    While I love it aesthetically, it’s not space efficient enough for me.

  • Anne Edwards

    I love the look and concept of the design yet I think the bottles are too horizontal – the neck of the bottle has to be lower to properly soak the cork – lest part of the cork dry, crack and aerate the wine – leaving it “corked”. Although, I am not an expert in wine storage. @GEInteriors:twitter

  • http://www.modenus.com Veronika Miller

    Think I’m with both of your exactly. The styling is interesting but I worry about broken bottle necks and struggle with the use of space.

    However, how about a tension mounted counter top version. May be able to see that one.

  • Vanessa Allan

    Although would look fantastic in the right warehouse apartment

  • http://www.modenus.com Veronika Miller

    Excellent. See I’m so glad someone can make a case for them. I could see the design flat against a wall, still space consuming but a statement anyway. Hope we get more opinions.

  • Smkoopman

    Cool design. If it could spin then it could sit in the corner. Still I would leave it.

  • margot

    Do not like this or any wine rack — put them in the same category as CD storage racks and the telephone table: O for Obsolete. 

  • http://www.web-hosting-service.in Web Hosting Service

    This wine rack is beautiful. I guess its Italian, am I right?

  • Sylvain Ouellette

    No it’s pure canadian made (near Montreal). Go see our web site http://www.vinoxconcept.com
    And tanks for the comment!

  • Sylvain Ouellette

    Hi Veronika, until today we did not have any recal about broken bottle necks and we do have many model that fits many different space. As for the conter top version it will be lunch for Christmas. Do not hesitate to go to our website http://www.vinoxconcept.com and i Will be happy to talk to you about our product if you have any more question.


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