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Spend hours exploring the detail or enjoy the bigger picture – Trove Wallpaper

Trove Wallpaper, detail

It is the detail that makes Trove Wallpapers special. New York-based design duo Jee Levin and Randall Buck create wall coverings which stand alongside work by Timorous Beasties, Black Crow Studios and Australian Wilding Wallpaper as examples of just how far the art of wallpaper has come. Maybe we should stop talking about wallpaper, this is wall art. The detail above is from Fuco, which is available in five different hues and full length, looks like this -

Trove Wallpaper, full lengthThere is something intensely romantic about Trove Wall coverings and we feel like we want to spend hours exploring the images in Fuco. Funny how such an intense, full on pattern can be strangely peaceful.

Trove Wallpaper, full length, pink

Nekkar is as feminine as only pink wallpaper can be.  And, as with all of Trove’s work, it benefits from a closer look.

Trove Wallpaper, pink, detailPossibly stylized cherry blossom and most definitely gorgeous. It’s soft, romantic, dreamlike and irresistibly feminine.  It also looks good as a wood veneer. Most of Trove’s designs are available on veneers such as birch and bamboo and take on a luxurious, deep quality when used this way.

Trove Wallpaper, birds, detail

But it’s the depth of the images that becomes apparent close up and that we find so compelling.  This  paper benefits from being seen at a distance. It is beautiful but also a bit eerie, wouldn’t you agree Mr. Hitchcock?  Seen as intended it is simply majestic.

Trove Wallpaper, birds, full length

So we nominate Trove Wallpapers as an addition to the people who transform walls from being the edges of a room to the focal point.  And we applaud the romance of their imagery and their close up attention to detail.

  • http://www.brucebarone.com Bruce Barone

    OH MY!!!

    Gorgeous. Wonderful.


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