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Thomas Appleton, stone mason at the Craft Council Hot House

The Crafts Council, the British organization which has been supporting crafts people for forty years, has announced  its Hot House scheme. Thanks to the Craft Council, participants will be receiving six months of   intense creative and business support. We think you should know a little more about them right now and we will be featuring our pick of their emerging British craft talent over a series of posts. First up is  Thomas Appleton , a man who does interesting things with stone.

Thomas Appleton carved slate - 'grow one'

Thomas Appleton carved slate - 'pointing finger'

Thomas Appleton carved slate - 'letters'

Originally trained in stone masonry, Thomas Appleton is rightly proud to proclaim himself as a Yeoman Mason of the Worshipful Company of Masons. As he says, that’s not about handshakes and trouser legs, but continuing the craft of stone masonry. In addition to his remarkable work on stone, he has been been giving a new lease on life to old roofing slates.  These are a few of our favorites.  He also has a very enjoyable photo gallery of all sorts from London, Stockholm and elsewhere, well worth checking out.

More picks from The Crafts Council Hot House soon.


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