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Things Modenus loves – Alexena Cayless designs

Alexena Cayless upcycled Cheaney ChairSo I’m doing a little dance today. “Why” , you ask, “are you doing a little dance today?” Because it makes me happy when I find something I’ve not seen before, something that has a great look, great story and if it’s been placed in London’s Design Museum’s permanent collection then that’s an extra bonus point. The designer is Alexena Cayless and the ‘something’ that makes me dance is her upcycled Cheaney Chair, reupholstered with leather brogue patterns hand-crafted by Cheaney Shoes in Northamptonshire and Scottish Tweed

Alexena Cayless upcycled Cheaney Chair

Alexena’s website tells us, ‘The design is inspired by the traditional skills and materials of Midlands based shoemakers and saddlery companies. The companies work in areas of the UK renowned for these manufacturing industries and all of their work is made by hand by skilled craftsmen and women’.

I am forever a fan of tooled leather and love the nod to saddle design in the stitching and now hope sincerely that Alexena might consider a collection of armchairs and sofas, because that’s what I’d really like to see in this style.

Rosewood fish and chip caseAnd as if the chair had not been enough to make me dance, have a look at the “Fish and Chip” condiment case, that leaves me positively giddy with excitement. Made of Rosewood veneer, the case contains a ceramic flask, surely for malt vinegar and a silver chip fork. Ha! Love it! Can everyone say “Father’s Day”?

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