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Things Modenus Loves – Terrific textures by Bleu Nature

A design client of mine once said:”You know, you shop as if you were blind. Before you even consider color or shape you have to touch every piece”. Accurate observation, it’s exactly what I do. I happen to focus for more on visual and physical texture than on color or pattern which provided my own designs with their fair share of rhythm and dynamics while rarely being colorful. So it’s no surprise then, that a design firm like Bleu Nature catches my attention and ends up on “Things Modenus Loves”.

French company Bleu Nature is made up of a team of talented designers and prides itself in working sustainably with driftwood and wood obtained through pruning or from certified forests. The results are an unconventional collection of flooring, wall cladding, furniture, lighting and textiles. The wall tiles (top) come in sheets, approx. 29″ x 45″ and are glued, saw cut and unfinished. The flooring (above) is grouted driftwood glued to particleboard, polished and finished with linseed oil.

Unexpected to find textiles at a company that’s so clearly focused on wood but the texture is a perfect match to all the other designs available at Bleu Nature. “The Ecrus” are a collection of leathers, faux furs, lambskin, knit, boiled wool and cotton and make up an almost fragile combination of glam and rugged, luxe and simplicity.

“The Grey Blues” are one other of eight color groups, so when you have a moment skip on over there and have a look around. Bleu Nature are also available in the States.

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