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Scandinavian design from Muuto at IMM Cologne

Modenus is hitting Imm 2013 in a big way.  Modenus is taking BlogTour to one of the biggest furniture shows in Europe and we know we are going to see lots of interesting things to report back on. You can follow our bloggers here, and on the #BlogTourCGN Twitter hash tag . To get you in the mood we are previewing some of the companies we are looking forward to seeing.

We’re expecting to see lots of great Scandinavian design at Imm. Finnish company Muuto certainly set the bar high for their Scandinavian peers. Muutos, with an ‘s’, is the Finnish word for perspective and that’s what Muuto claim to add. In fact, rather more grandly, they boast of ‘Objects made sublime through new perspectives, enjoyed across the world, representing the best of Scandinavian design today’.

Muuto  - 'Unfold' light in rubber, by 'Form Us With Love On The Design'  table  - "Adaptable' by TAF Architects. Chair - 'RAW' by Jens Fager

Muuto - 'Studio Light' by Thomas Bernstrand, 'Rest Sofa' by Anderssen and Voll and  'Around' table,  by Thomas Beintzen.

'Connect' sofa by Anderssen and Voll.  'Leaf'  lamp by Broberg and RiddersraleMuuto ticks all the boxes for Scandinavian design and then some. Everything has very clean lines, its all a tiny bit understated but there is a quirkiness, a sense of style and humour in the details. From top to bottom, those lights are made out of rubber. Yes, the ‘Unfold’ light in rubber, by Form Us With Love On The Design’ a multidisciplinary design and interior architecture studio from Stockholm. And they are very proud of the fact that the light comes wrapped up in a neat little package ready to be, yup, unfolded. The table is “Adaptable’ by TAF Architects who describe it as an update of the classic Scandinavian wood dining table. There is a choice of  four different table tops, four frames and four types of legs, so  64 ways to create a table. Hence the name. The chair is ‘RAW’ by Jens Fager. Each one is hand carved by hand with a band saw.

The middle picture features ‘Studio Light’ by Thomas Bernstrand, aluminum this time, the extremely comfortable looking ‘Rest Sofa’ by Anderssen and Voll and  ‘Around’ table, made from ash and plywood by  Thomas Beintzen.

The very same tables appear in the third picture along with, if this is possible, the even more comfortable looking ‘Connect’ sofa by Anderssen and Voll. As you might imagine with a name like ‘Connect’ it is a modular system with nine components. That simple, elegant lamp is ‘Leaf’ by Broberg and Riddersrale, so named because, according to the designers, depending on viewing angle  it creates a leaf like shadow.

E27 light by Mattias Stahlbon

Muuto - Mingle Cushions  by Thomas Bentzen

Muuto - 'Stacked' sheleves by Julien De Smedt of JDS Architects.  'Hideaway' storage by Mika Tovanen

And here’s a thought. If we ever run out of things to show you, which is never going to happen, we can just go back to Muuto. Really, they have no end of lovely things. But for now, just a few more. Top picture first – The E27 by Mattias Stahlbon is simple, strong and elegant. Maybe the essence of Scandinavian design? The middle picture is a pile of ‘Mingle’ Cushions (pillows to our American friends) by Thomas Bentzen who says he wanted to create a series based on the simple idea of mingling texture and color.  There’s a lot going on in the bottom picture, but we are hopeing that no one has thrown those leeks away! The shelves on the wall are ‘Stacked’ by Julien De Smedt of JDS Architects. Available in various sizes and calling out for playful arrangements, the storage I so unforgivably mistook for a bin is ‘Hideaway’  by Mika Tovanen and , if you look very closely, the  elegant wooden spoon, complete with a split on the back so you can rest it on the edge of your saucepan, is called ‘ Hang around / Toss  around’ by KiBisi.


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