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McNabb and Co – losing yourself in wooden cityscapes

James McNabb is an intense person. He will tell you that. He is also exceptionally talented. His intensity and talent are evident in the remarkable Cityscapes he makes from scrap wood. And there is an opportunity for you to have a piece of his work for yourself, at a ridiculously reasonable price. But we will come to that.

James McNabb

For James, the city represents the land of endless possibilities, a place where people go to make something out of nothing in search of fortune and fame. He says “I aim to reflect those feelings when I put my headphones on, turn on the band saw, and make these objects. I observe the world around me, immerse myself in culture, and adapt to the challenges life presents to me.”

A trained woodworker and furniture maker, McNabb describes his Cityscapes as his “land of endless possibilities.  We found ourselves transported to other times and other places when we look at his work. It is as if we get lost amongst it.

James McNabb City Wheel

James McNabb City Wheel

City Wheel is made out of wedge shaped pieces of cherry, oak, ash, and maple. Every piece is individually cut and unique. You need to bend and twist to see it up close. Somehow, putting your head in the middle and looking down on the streets is irresistible.

James McNabb City Sphere

City sphere – a very different challenge when it comes to construction, is almost the opposite to City Wheal, and gives a fish eye lens view of the city scape. Eat your heart out Google Earth!

Now James is planning the next incarnation of his City Series, as illustrated in the video above. . He says he wants to double the size of the collection by the end of this year. While the raw material is scrap, there are many other costs to meet – pedestals, shipping crates, promotional materials and, presumably the occasional beer and sandwich for James. So he is turning to Kickstarter.

James McNabb buildings

And in exchange for support he is sending out a slice of the city. $10 will get you a single custom made building, $25 a neighborhood, $45 a borough, and then up in stages until an entire Metropolis with 125 unique hand crafted buildings could be on their way in fulfillment of your pledge of $475 plus a little shipping and handling costs. Details here, but don’t hang around – the funding platform closes on March 17.







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