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On quality, style, fashion and being green – a short Modenus manifesto.

People talk a lot of rubbish about Green Design. We’re going to talk about Green Design and rubbish. What something is made of matters.  What energy is used to produce it, how far the raw materials and, indeed, the finished product is transported all matter. But the single biggest factor is will it last?  And that comes down to two things, will it fall apart or look tatty quickly and will you still want to be looking at it this time next month, year or decade. A British politician described ‘sustainability’ as not cheating our children. So here’s a thought – would your children want to inherit your furniture?

So here are the two Modenus rules for being green

  • Buy well made furniture that will last
  • Buy beautiful furniture that you will want to last

And at this point, a quick word about the difference between fashion and style. Fashion is temporary, style or class is permanent. Fashion is designed to be bought, admired and thrown away. It is the antithesis of sustainability. Style or class is enduring. That’s why the market for antiques and vintage is so strong.

And with that, there follow five of our favourite pieces of furniture on Modenus, all items we believe some one’s lucky children will be delighted to inherit. American black walnut

Jonathan Field‘s beautiful free standing wardrobe in American black walnut with geometric groove design for opening. Bespoke to clients requirements. No reason why it shouldn’t last, and be wanted for generations.

solid cherry butcher block island from Jeremy Picket

Solid cherry kitchen with solid cherry butcher block island from Jeremy Picket, one of our favourite furniture designers who uses reclaimed materials. No one is going to replace these doors with something that will last a year or two from a blue and yellow store.

Stainless Steel Contored Bottom Soaking Bath from Diamonds Spas

Stainless Steel Contoured Bottom Soaking Bath from Diamonds Spas. It’s not cheap, going to chip or look dated. One of many beautiful tubs on Modenus. We have no idea why we find ourselves with such a wonderful selection of very high quality tubs, we honesty could have picked any one of at least a couple of dozen

Hand blown lights from Curiosa and Curiosa

Hand blown lights from Curiosa and Curiosa. When something is this beautiful you care for and keep it. This is the opposite of disposable furniture.

Original Victorian Hand Dyed Leather Chesterfield sofa, from The Origonal Sofa Company

I am itching to throw my sofa away, probably to send it to a landfill not unlike our lead picture. That said, I may find a charity which will refurbish it and sell it on. The point is, if I had bought the Original Victorian Hand Dyed Leather Chesterfield sofa, from The Original Sofa Company shown above it wouldn’t be heading to landfill and I would probably be lounging on it now.

work of Françoise Murat

And a final point, when it comes to sustainability lets reflect, for a second, on Interior Designers who use both newly made beautiful furniture, made to last but  reuse re-purposed and restored furniture in their work. For us the work of Françoise Murat is a perfect example who has re-configured a set of antique shop display cabinets to create this cabinet run. You can see some of her work in our before and after section here . Do you have other examples of exquisite craftsmanship that’s build to last? Or designs you’ve created with reused materials? Don’t hesitate to tell us about them!


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