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Ochre at Decorex – effortless designs for stylish interiors

To me, Ochre is the equivalent of effortless and understated cool. This brand manages to pull off the impossible: fusing contemporaneity with elegance, classy with funky. They specialize in statement pieces without exclamation marks. For anyone attending London Design Festival (or participating in BlogTour London 2012) Ochre will be showing at Decorex this year. They’ll be launching some new products, including the four pieces shown below: The Moon table pebble, a new version of the Seed Cloud installation, the Moon side table with drawer, and the Panther chest of drawers. While that may have sounded like an excerpt from A Midsummer Night’s Dream I can assure you these pieces are decidedly modern.

Moon Pebble Table by Ochre

Rectangular Seed Bud installation by Ochre

Whether you’re looking for a conversation starter or just something to add a little chic personality to a room, Ochre is the brand for you. With their trendy, muted color palettes and luxurious materials, Ochre imbues your home with style and substance.

Moon Side Table with drawer by Ochre

Panther Chest of drawers by Ochre

Florence von Pelet

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