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Jake Dyson Lights at Design Junction London 2012 – precision and detail

Jake Dyson , yes, the son of  THE Dyson, controls every tiny aspect of the creation of his lights. The design is meticulous, every detail is precise and carefully calculated. Considering the attention he pays to developing a product, it shouldn’t be surprising that he is so involved in the manufacture. In some ways it is surprising that he doesn’t visit clients to turn their lights off and on.

Jake Dyson Lights

Motorlight, shown above with its proud inventor, was inspired by James’ frustration that it is impossible to adjust the angle in most up-lighters.  Previously, the only option for consumers was to choose between  a spotlight or a floodlight light bulb. Motorlight allows the user to pick either of those and anything in between. It is all done with an internal motor, hence the name, which can be operated with a remote control – indeed many lights can be operated at once.There are versions to sit on the floor and others that go on the wall. Lights are often designed for the aesthetic of the fixtures themselves, this is what happens when someone focuses on the light which is emitted – and it is fascinating.

We sometimes talk about attention to detail. This is obsession. The CSYS LED task light does just about everything an LED light could ever do, and, as you would expect from Dyson,  with great precision.  It is dimmable, positionable with great accuracy, incorporates  refined thermal management and electronics systems producing a bright warm white colour light and thanks to something called ‘ thermal management heat pipe technology’ will perform at its best for, says Dyson, 37 plus years. Now that is so very typical. Most people would say ‘ for about forty years’. That’s James – precision and detail.

 Jake Dyson CSYS Light detail

 Jake Dyson CSYS Light flexabilityIn terms of aesthetics, it is the very mechanism which gives the light its precise and flexible functionality that also makes it such a visually pleasing object. Maybe I am a closeted engineer but I find this to be stunningly beautiful.

James, his studio and workshop are all based in London’s Clerkenwell, home to much great design and, going as far back as the 18th century, home of artisan watch and clock making. And that feels appropriate. We are looking forwarded to meeting James at Design Junction in September  as part of BlogTour London. We promise to report back.


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