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Graypants at Decorex London – creating things, having fun

Based in Seattle and Amsterdam, Graypants are people we are looking forward to meeting at Decorex in London as part of Blogtour. We are, truth be told, as curious to see what they make of Decorex as we are to see what Decorex make of them.

Graypants at play

They clearly have boundless energy, bright ideas and carefully nurtured expertise. And maybe it is best to let their work speak for itself.

Graypants Moon LightsGraypants Moon LightsScrap lights are made out of reclaimed cardboard. Or, to be precise, old cardboard boxes. The Moon series, pictured above,  is inspired by Greypant’s love and fascination with Jupiter and its moons. And should you wish to buy the Jupiter light, and the  lights representing four of its moons; Ganymede, Callisto, Io, and Europa, they will give you a discount.

And, rather impressively, your lights will arrive in cardboard boxes which you can return to Greypants so that they can make more lights.

Graypants Slice ChairSlice Chair is, in the words of Graypants, ‘one cool chair’. Well it is certainly good looking and may well be very comfortable. Thoughtfully, it comes in a ‘cafe size’ which is designed for places where space is at a premium. But that’s not the reason for Greypant’s enthusiasm. They are proud of its efficient use of resources. Three chairs can be made out of one sheet of plywood. As they say ‘the only waste created is sawdust’. And Slice Chair ecological credentials are further boosted by its low VOC finish which is, apparently, a byproduct of cheese. We don’t know which cheese or what sort of process involving cheese results in something you can finish chairs with but we are aching to find out. And that is one more reason why you will find us at the Graypants stand at Decorex.


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