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Fabulously fanciful, mysterious and dreamlike – lighting and furniture by Aqua Creations

Detail of light by Aqua Creations

Ayala Serfaty and  Albi Serfaty are Aqua Creations. Together they make somewhat unusual lightning and furniture. They combine traditional handcraft techniques with advanced lighting technology to produce lights which are reminiscent of floating sea creatures. Their furniture looks like a strange creation of nature, organic and flowing, dreamlike, certainly unlike anything else on the market. Pictured above is a detail from Apaya Limited Edition which includes unique pieces that are produced in a line restricted to  40 items, each numbered and signed by Ayala Serfaty. The pieces are  handmade of wool felting  with modern lighting technology.

Light by Aqua Creations

And that’s how it looks full length. Full length, incidentally, means either 90 or 120 cm long, roughly three to four feet. And there’s more.

Light by Aqua Creations

The Sahara Floor Lamp stands a spot over four foot high, is available in a range of colors and, once again, is unlike any other light we have seen. Except, that is, the other lights by Aqua Creations.

Light by Aqua Creations

The Horen Floor light, part of the  Morning Glory collection which, we are told, includes some of Aqua Creations’ best- selling products. They stand a spot over five foot tall and really look like they should be swaying slightly as brightly colored fish swim by.

Light by Aqua Creations
The  Blondie Zee Shelf Lamp is made from hand-blown, clear glass drops wrapped in specially treated, hand-dyed crushed silk. There is a pendant and a wall light in the range, both of which are pretty special but we love this. We love the way it seems to have landed.  And could you resist touching it, even though you knew it was going to be hot and burn your hand? Oh, just me then.

It is unusual for Modenus blogs to be much longer than this but please indulge me while I show you a couple of pieces of furniture.

Chair by Aqua Creations

We’ve seen organic / unstructured shape chairs and we’ve all seen bean bags before but we have not seen anything as inviting as this. The Gladis Lounge Chair is available in a dozen hand stitched fabric colors and is around four foot across. Apparently  ergonomically shaped polyurethane foam is involved somewhere within. We love these. That said, it really isn’t the chair you would want to be offered at a job interview.

Stool by Aqua Creations

And these, to be honest, are a bit frighting. But then not everything that lives in the ocean is elegant and graceful. They are Ears Stools described on the Aqua Creations web site as “the first of a ground-breaking series of three-dimensional, hand-crafted felt upholstered pieces”. Which leaves us wondering how we would have managed to sit on the two-dimensional hand-crafted or otherwise pieces. But we will forgive their slip into hyperbole because their lights and furniture are truly fantastic.


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